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Foxhound ICS ROM for GSM Galaxy Nexus! [Android 4.0.4]

If you have a GSM Galaxy Nexus, you are in luck because you can flash the Foxhound ICS ROM. I’ve always been a fan of this ROM too, very stable ROM that runs flawless and now with Android 4.0.4.

If you want really great battery life and performance (with performance being a higher priority), give this ROM a go as I think you will like it very much and don’t forget to let me know how it goes for you!

Download ROM:

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LiquidSmooth ICS ROM for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon][Android 4.0.4]

Looking for a liquid smooth ROM that runs the latest Android 4.0.4 on your Galaxy Nexus? Well, I’ve been guilty of flashing almost every ROM out there for the Galaxy Nexus last whole week and this ROM is actually my favorite of them all. It also runs Franco kernel so you can overclock to 1.344Ghz.

UPDATE: See updated version 1.4!!!

Honestly, a lot of Android 4.0.4 Galaxy Nexus ROMs are looking very similar but for some reason, I keep

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ParanoidAndroid ICS ROM for Galaxy Nexus GSM! [Tablet/Phone Hybrid ROM]

So, you want to take advantage of every itty bitty space of 1280×720 pixel resolution on your GSM Galaxy Nexus?

Well, there’s a ROM for that, the ParanoidAndroid ROM brings you the best of tablet/phone hybrid experience. There are ways to tweak the screen DPI yourself to get tablet mode but why mess with the trouble when there’s a ROM for it?

This ROM is fully functional, the only thing missing for me is YouTube and Netflix apps, which I am sure will be updated in the future versions (I will have an update on this for sheezy).

In the me

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How to Install/Unroot Galaxy Nexus GSM to Android 4.0.4 OTA! [IMM76I]

For those of you who want to install the latest Android 4.0.4 OTA IMM76I update from Google, the latest stock ROM, here’s how to do it.  Also, this is an unroot method back to stock.  It will erase all your personal settings and apps so, be sure to make a backup of your ROM, backup your apps using Titanium backup app, and also make sure to backup SMS text messages (if needed) using SMS Text Backup app.

*Note – This is ONLY for Galaxy Nexus GSM, not for Verizon/Sprint versions.

Step 1. Take the battery out and put it back in.  Then hold down Volume Up, Vo

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MIUI ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/CDMA]

MIUI ROM is a fairly well-known ROM for Android, probably as famous as CyanogenMod ROM. I’ve tried this ROM on many other Android devices before but none like experience on the Galaxy Nexus.

First of all, MIUI ROM wasn’t supported well on other 4G smartphones (where 4G was never ever developed) but on the Galaxy Nexus it does indeed work fine even for the CDMA 4G LTE Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

One of the coolest features about MIUI ROM is that you can easily download hundreds of free themes and change themes on your phone. Other than that, you might li

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AOKP ICS ROM + Franco Kernel for Galaxy Nexus GSM/CDMA!

Looking for a great ROM with great battery life, UI tweaking, and performance? Try the AOKP ICS ROM with Franco kernel for your Galaxy Nexus GSM or CDMA.

This is probably one of the best ROMs out for the Galaxy Nexus, brings all of AOKP settings under ROM Control in settings where you can tweak every detail of your Galaxy Nexus.

If you are still on stock ROM or feel like flashing a new one, give AOKP ICS ROM a try and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

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CodeName ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/CDMA]

Want a good ROM with great batter life, performance, overclocking, and UI customizations?

Give CodeName ROM a try. The word around the street is that this ROM is the best out there. Let me know how you like it.

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Download for GSM Galaxy Nexus

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Apex ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/CDMA] [Great Battery Life][OC]

If you want great battery life, customizations, and also stable overclocking to 1.35Ghz, you might just want to give the Apex ROM a try, which I have been using for couple days now and simply love it.

First, battery life is great on the Apex ROM, you can expect full 2-3 days.

Second, there’s lots of customizations you can do with Apex Customizations option in Settings.

Third, you can overclock to 1.35Ghz with its native CPU settings without use of an overclocking app like SetCPU.

Overall, everything is built-in and again, I love the battery

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ClockworkMod Recovery Touch Review on Galaxy Nexus!

Want a really cool way to install new ROMs? ClockworkMod Recovery “Touch” is now available for many Android smartphones including a rooted Galaxy Nexus.

How to install ClockworkMod Recovery Touch?

Get the paid version of ROM Manager off the Market and you should see an option to install at the bottom of the menus.

My thoughts on the ClockworkMod Recovery Touch?

It’s simply awesome, you get the same thing as before but with touchscreen controls so you don’t have to mess with your Volume buttons to find a file and also scroll with

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Manhattan ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM]

Manhattan ROM is what I am using right now on my rooted Galaxy Nexus and I have to say this is a really great ROM that comes with 1.35Ghz overclocking (with SetCPU app), and also cool goodies like Manhattan settings, which allow you to customize your UI.

One thing I “really” like is that Manhattan settings include audio settings that can let you boost the volume and bass on the Galaxy Nexus.  This comes in handy for audiophiles like myself you like to listen to music super loud on my earbuds.

Try out this ROM, you will like it a lot, GSM versions o

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