How to Root Galaxy Nexus! [Universal Guide][GSM/Verizon/Sprint][Windows/Linux/Mac][GB/ICS/Jelly Bean]

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So, you want to get the most out of your Galaxy Nexus by rooting? (If you don’t know what rooting does, see Why Root My Android Smartphone.)

UPDATE: This root method works for all Gingerbread, ICS, and Jelly Bean!!! (and also works for latest Android 4.3/4.2/4.2.1/4.2.2!)

*Note: For Android 4.3, use the other SuperSU zip file in Step 9 but everything else is the same!

Well, whether you have a GSM Galaxy Nexus from Europe/Asia/USA, Verizon Galaxy Nexus, or even Sprint Galaxy Nexus, you can use this simple root method to root your Galaxy Nexus on any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

There are great 1-click tools out now but they usually only work on Windows and you can learn much more about the inner-workings of the Galaxy Nexus by following my root method outlined here.

Before we begin, please note, we will do simply 3 things:

1. Unlock the bootloader on the Galaxy Nexus – This will erase EVERYTHING on your Galaxy Nexus so make a backup before!

2. Install ClockworkMod or TWRP Recovery – We will not be using insecure boot images for this root method, so it will be compatible for Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4, and so on to 5.0.5.   (Yes, this root method will work regardless of Android version you have. )  Galaxy Nexus has a separate recovery partition, meaning it’s separate from the phone’s OS.  This is the most fail-safe root method that will last years and will keep working forever and ever.

3. Once we have unlocked the bootloader and installed Recovery, we can simply flash Superuser/SU binaries from Recovery which will give us root without messing with the boot image, kernel, and etc…(which can cause bootloops when Android is upgraded).

So, let’s begin.   Take a deep breath and if you follow step-by-step, you should have a fully rooted Galaxy Nexus in about 20 minutes.

Step 1. Let’s put your Galaxy Nexus into fastboot mode.  Take the back cover off, take the battery out then in.

Step 2. WHILE holding down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together, hold down the Power button.  You will hear a little “bleep” vibration and enter the fastboot mode.

Step 3. While in fastboot mode, connect a micro-USB cable from your Galaxy Nexus to your computer.  Also note that it says “LOCK STATE – LOCKED”.

Step 4. Download and unzip to your Downloads directory.
(Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip first.)

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You will find everything you need here to root your Galaxy Nexus on Windows, Mac, and Linux.  I’ve included ADB, Fastboot tools, Recoveries for GSM/Verizon/Sprint, and Superuser/SU zip file so you don’t have to install Android SDK yourself.

Step 5. For Windows, you will need USB drivers installed.  (Mac and Linux users can skip this step.)

Go to Device Manager and check that you have “Samsung Android ADB Interface”.  If you don’t see that, download Samsung USB drivers program and run it.

Download Samsung USB Drivers

After installing the drivers, if you still don’t see “Samsung Android ADB Interface” and see something like “Android 1.0” with exclamation mark, manually update the driver.

Step 6. Next, open up a command prompt or terminal and type:

cd Downloads

cd GalaxyNexusRootNew

fastboot oem unlock

(For Mac, replace “fastboot” with “./fastboot-mac” and Linux, replace with “./fastboot-linux”)

Step 7. Go to your Galaxy Nexus, hit Volume Up button to choose “Yes” and hit the Power button.

Step 8. Next, we will flash ClockworkMod Recovery for GSM/Verizon Galaxy Nexus and TWRP recovery for Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

For GSM Galaxy Nexus, type:

fastboot flash recovery optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-GSM.img

For Verizon Galaxy Nexus, type:

fastboot flash recovery optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-toro-VERIZON.img

For Sprint Galaxy Nexus, type:

fastboot flash recovery twrp-toroplus-2.1.2-SPRINT.img

(For Mac, replace “fastboot” with “./fastboot-mac” and Linux, replace with “./fastboot-linux”)

Step 9. Reboot your Galaxy Nexus and connect to your computer.  Copy the file “” to the internal storage of your Galaxy Nexus.

For Android 4.3, download this version of SuperSU zip and copy instead of the one above!!!

Step 10. We will need to reboot into Recovery so take the battery out and in again, then WHILE holding down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons, hold down Power button.

Step 11. In fastboot mode, you will notice that your phone now says, “LOCK STATE – UNLOCKED”.

Step 12. Use the Volume buttons to choose “Recovery mode” and hit the Power button.  This will enter you into ClockworkMod Recovery for GSM/Verizon Galaxy Nexus and TWRP Recovery for Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

Step 13. For GSM/Verizon Galaxy Nexus, choose “Install zip from sdcard”.  Sprint Galaxy Nexus users skip to Step 17.

Step 14. Then choose “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 15. Then choose “”.

Step 16. You should get the following message that you have successfully installed SuperSU.

Step 17. For Sprint Galaxy Nexus, choose “Install”.

Step 18. Choose “”.

Step 19. Swipe to flash the file.

Step 20. You should see successful message.

Step 21. Reboot your Galaxy Nexus and you will find SuperSU app in your app drawer.  Congratulations!  You’ve successfully rooted your Galaxy Nexus!

Step 22. You can run rooted apps like Wifi Tether and see Superuser request pop up.


Q: I can’t get into recovery, just shows Android robot.

A: If you can’t get into recovery, try re-flashing recovery (Step 8) then go straight into recovery.  What happens is that stock Android OS has a security measure that overwrites your custom recovery upon reboot.  If this happens to you, simply re-flash recovery(Step 8) and boot into recovery right away without reboot.

Q: I get “cannot mount sdcard” error in Recovery!
A: Reboot your phone once into system, then reboot into recovery.

Once you’ve rooted your phone, you can always just flash recovery using ROM Manager app (free on Play Store) and boot into recovery.

If you install a custom ROM, this problem will go away.

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503 Responses to How to Root Galaxy Nexus! [Universal Guide][GSM/Verizon/Sprint][Windows/Linux/Mac][GB/ICS/Jelly Bean]

  1. Marcio Carvalho says:

    Hi, thanks for a great tutorial.

    I have a GSM Galaxy Nexus bought in Brazil. It has Android 4.0.2. Build number is ICL53F.I9250UILA2 and
    Baseband version is I9250UIKL3.

    Do you know if I am good to go with this tutorial? After rooting I would like to install Franco Kernel with AOKP.

    • Max Lee says:

      Yes will work fine. This guide works for all Galaxy Nexus.

    • Amr Morsy says:


      Great material you provided and I thank you for your efforts. I followed your tutorials for my SGS2 and now I am doing so with my GN. Question, can the GN be unrooted and Re-locked (Bootloader wise) so that if it was sent to Samsung they wouldn’t void my warranty. I know it was possible for the SGS2 but don’t know about the GN. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Pankaj Gajbhiye says:

      Download link not working, pls help

    • Pankaj Gajbhiye says:

      Hi, Developers
      i have Gsm Galaxy Nexus, i recently update to jelly bean 4.1.1..
      Its rooted device, But Recovery mode not working (There is green android with red in top).
      Pls help me to get recovery mode from fastboot bootloder..

      • Max Lee says:

        Reflash recovery.

        • johnny says:

          hey man i have the same issue when i press recovery mode, it shows the android with a red triangle above it and u said reflash recovery, what do u mean by that

          • Paul S says:

            After you copy the file to your SD card as explained in the video (step 9), you need to reflash recovery (step 8) in order to prevent the android with the exclamation mark from popping up. I myself had this problem and it took me a few tries before I understood exactly what all the lingo meant.

            What this means is that you need to REPEAT step 8 I believe (which is where you put your phone into fastboot mode) and through command line prompt type the “fastboot flash recovery optimus… blah blah.img” command. Once you have reflashed recovery again you DO NOT boot your device, you simply select recovery mode right away from the fastboot menu.

            I hope this helps clarify your question. I know how exciting and confusing rooting is the first few times.

            Paul S

            • Jacob K. says:

              Paul S.
              Thank you so much for your explanation of the lingo. I was stuck on this and beginning to worry i wasn’t going to get it done. Did what you said and it worked just fine. Maybe the website should put the adding that file to your device earlier on so you don’t have to boot up then back.

              Again thanks so much,

            • pete says:

              thanks from stockholm – idiotic this is not written in instructions!

  2. Austin says:

    Hey dude my phone is stuck at the google page restarting over and over again any help please!

    • Max Lee says:

      On which step?

      • Austin says:

        i actually happen to fix it, the system wasnt letting me run on unlocked boot loader, but i restored it and put the original image back on it!

        • Vernon says:

          I am also experiencing some problems at this point, On a mac and all. Bootloader is unlocked but once I try to reboot i get stuck in a boot loop. I keep going back over it to see if I missed something but I didnt.

          • Max Lee says:

            you have to manually update android 1.0, do a right click then do update drivers you should be able to find adb driver and make it work.

        • Adam says:

          HOW DID YOU FIX IT?

  3. Chris says:

    I’m on a Mac and have a Verizon GNEX and didn’t have any problems going through the first 11 Steps (skipped Step 5 for Windows drivers).

    I’m stuck on Step 12. After holding down the volume and the power buttons, I am able to go up/down to select Recovery Mode but then the Android is laying down with an “!” icon in red above it. Did I miss something?

  4. ChrisP says:

    I am stuck on Step 12 as well, I was able to flash the recovery in Fasboot without any error message. But when I access the Recovery mode ClockWorkMod doesn’t show up; the stock recovery is still there.
    I have the GN purchased few days ago from the Google Play store.

  5. kgraphics says:

    hi, thnx for this tutorial , i want to ask u if this is better than use galaxy nexus tool kit? cause it seems to be easier than this. thnx for reading

  6. Matt says:

    ‘ERROR: could not get pipe properties’

    Getting this message when I try to flash recovery (verizon). I’m on a mac. What should I do?

    • Max Lee says:

      Probably an issue with fastboot. Sometimes it happens. Do you have another computer to try with? Maybe I will make another video with OSX.

      • Matt says:

        Yeah, I used my PC and it worked alright. Thanks!

      • Scythe1 says:

        Yo it would be awesome if you could make a Mac video. I feel like that would really clear things up for me. You do awesome and interesting work keep it up.

  7. GHOSTGYATSO says:

    I’m having trouble getting back into CWM recovery after I installed SU to make my system backup, Android is laying down with an “!” icon in red above it like the issue others had in step 12, I had the same problem but I got past it by going straight to recovery after flashing CWM, should I flash it again go straight to recovery before i boot up make a backup then reboot? Or am i missing something?

    • Steve says:

      Yes, this worked for me.. I *think* you have to do these few steps a few times in that you need the image loaded (the fastboot-linux flash recover twrp….img command in my case), and reboot normally so that you can load the su binaries onto your flash card (or doit via adb I guess – I’m on linux)… Then install the .img again, using fastboot, and when it’s finished, hit the up/down keys until you see “recovery mode” and hit the power button.. I think correctly end up at step 17 and I can install the su binaries.. Marching on 🙂

  8. Daniel says:

    Thx, works fine with my german nexus, too.

  9. Joe N says:

    Hi Max

    Thank you for this tutorial. I will be getting my Galaxy Nexus hspa+ GSM from Google today. It’s the unlocked version. Can I use the same steps to root this?



  10. Scott says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial. Just a comment and a question. My phone has recently run into some serious lag issues which I couldn’t troubleshoot. The problems were so bad that couldn’t get the driver to work on my phone (I tried the Samsung link and even installed PDAnet). My wife’s Galaxy Nexus connected fine. The only solution I was able to find was to perform a hard reset. After re-booting, the phone connected fine. I followed the instructions just fine thru step 12 but couldn’t get into the ClockworkMod Recovery (I got an android laying down with a red exclamation mark). The only mistake I made up until that point is that in step 8, I initially flashbooted the GSM img. Before rebooting (step 9), I simply used entered in the flashboot command for the verizon image. Could this be my problem? I ended up doing another factory wipe (samsung’s hard reset) which didn’t fix the issue. I even tried to delete /system/reboot-from-recovery.p using ES File Explorer (enabling “up to root” browsing) but the program wouldn’t let me. Any suggestions on what to try next? The only other think I could think of was to install Clockwork Mod and Flash CWM Recovery from the program. However doing this produced the CWM error “An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!”. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated at this point. Thanks.

    • Scott says:

      Ok – so with the help of some of these comments I figured out what I was doing wrong. I believe that the recovery image get’s re-written if you reboot. I would suggest folks copy over the SU binaries after unlocking the bootloader but before flashing ClockworkMod Recovery (step 8). Once you flash CWM recovery, just push the volume down button until recovery mode is selected and push the power button (to select). Hope this helps folks who are struggling like I was…

      • Anuar Jorge says:

        Thank youuuu!!!!!!1 it worked for me…after reflashing like 7 times….this actually helped! thnks man…

  11. jhatak says:

    the superuser app doesn’t seem to get installed. All the steps succeeded, and on reboot I was expecting the see the SU app. any ideas that I could try?

    I’m trying to get a coredump from an app that is segfaulting in NDK native code. I was hoping that rooting the device would let me get a core dump, but I don’t see a core dump in the /system folder. again, any ideas here would be much appreciated.

    thx much!

  12. Jeffro says:

    Awesome! Easy to follow, simple instructions!!

  13. brobert7 says:

    Worked first time around on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, using MacBook Pro.

    Thnx for this!

  14. Stu says:

    I Too get stuck at the recovery stage 12 with the dead android with a ! over him . I see where you indicate

    “You have to reflash recovery, sometimes if you reboot into system between flashing recovery, the stock ROM will write over the custom recovery until you flash a custom ROM. So, just reflash recovery (fastboot flash recovery part) right before you get into it.”

    Could you clarify this, I’m not able to rerun step 8 the cmd prompt says “waiting for device” and never reflashes the recovery? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  15. Steve says:

    I get stuck at step 6 on both windows and linux.

    sallen@base 585> fastboot-linux oem unlock

  16. Steve says:

    I get stuck at step 6 on both windows and linux.

    base> fastboot-linux oem unlock

    Device is visible:

    base> lsusb
    Bus 005 Device 007: ID 18d1:4e30 Google Inc.

    This is cdma/sprint galaxy nexus, which just started shipping a week or so ago, so it appears that sprint has changed something to break this… Zionks….

    • Steve says:

      Dang html :O After the “fastbook” command it says “waiting for device” surrounded by angle brackets…

      • galleon says:

        Steve i think you should review Max’s video on “How to install/Unroot Galaxy Nexus GSM to Android 4.0.4 OTA”. I’m having the same problem i’m stuck at the “waiting for the device” prompt for unlocking, like Max suggested in reply to my question update Android 1.0 and click on ” Android USB Devices”—Next—Samsung ADB interface. I’ll try that maybe tonight, though i’ve one concern that if Google update this version 4.0.4, do i’ve to do that “unroot” process just to get latest OS.

    • Steve says:

      Getting “dangerously close” 🙂 I think I’ve managed to reflash the recovery image, then go directly to recovery (no reboot), and hit “install from SD card” (it’s a sprint phone), and install the jelly .zip from my download directories.. It installed successfully (so it says), and I’ve rebooted..

      Now I see a new splash screen on bootup, rather than all the colorful boxes, I now see a google multicolored “X” with the colors morphing around a little bit (indicating it’s doing something I guess)… But it’s been on this screen now for 5 minutes.. I’ll leave it a bit longer, but it looks like it’s hung booting right now…

      Does everyone else see the google “X” on boot?? So at least I know I’ve gotten that far ??

      • Steve says:

        Hmm, so I finally got past the “X”… Some hints from the threads here I *think* were correct, except that I’ll add this: I have a gnex on sprint, and you should wipe *everything*, meaning all caches, do a factory reset, (and I think I saw some other clean button, but I don’t remember now).. And after running “fastboot”, I wiped the dalvick cache again… I also tried to load a few other stock images, but they failed (because I was trying to load .zip files not .img files I guess), so I don’t know if that worked or not..

        But now I see I am running 4.1.. Phew.. I guess it would be great to have a button that cleans “everything”….

  17. ian says:

    I too found that fastboot-linux oem unlock hung on “waiting for device”. Running the command as root, however, did the trick.
    As Max commented above, it was also necessary to reflash the recovery image after copying the zip file onto the sdcard, otherwise I saw the dead android icon.
    But all in all, it took only 20mins to root the phone, which is much less than some previous phones I’ve had!

    • Scott says:

      Thanks! your comment is what I needed to fix my problem.

    • Lauren says:

      My Verizon SGN 4.0.4 is having the same “waiting for device” error on Step 6. I am a neophyte but read everybody’s notes including where Ian says: Running the command as root, however, did the trick. But I don’t know what that means…Anybody know how to get past this? Tx

  18. rishi says:

    hi you say this works on any android version but you started with ics 4.0.3 onwards, and I have 4.0.2? just to confirm if this still works before i get into this rooting mess. thanks

  19. Nick says:

    Worked great on my sprint galaxy nexus! Only problem I had was getting win xp to recognize my phone while in fast boot mode. I downloaded PdaNetA300 for android and installed it on my computer and it recognized it after I rebooted. Other than that my phone runs great.

    Thank you so much for the help.

    • afraa says:

      u made my day man … i was deppressed for 1 week that i coudlnt do anything with my phone cuz fast boot in my phone was currepted and couldnt recognized my phone in fast boot .. but after pda now every thing is great now … thank u so much … so so so sos ……….much and

      thank u this site finnally end my nighmares

  20. Flemming says:

    You say that I need to backup my phone before I unlock the boot loader, but how do I backup the phone, when it is not rooted?

  21. Pingback: Stuck on Google logo for OTA updates, recovery mode, etc.

  22. Pingback: Rooting Sprint GNex on Mac? - Android Forums

  23. galleon says:

    Max, i’m running win 7 64bit, installed samsung driver as sugested but on Device Manager i only see Samsung Phone ADB when i connect the Nexus in regular on mode, i don’t see ADB device as shows on your screen. Anyhow driver installed fine no excalamation mark, but when i put my phone in safe mode my computer doesn’t recognize device and all i see in Device Manager is ADB 1.0, anyhow pressing forward i tried to do ” fastboot oem unlock” and all i’m sitting at ” waiting for device” prompt and nothing is happening, do i’ve to install the whole Android sdk?…

    • Max Lee says:

      You have to update the ADB 1.0, just manually update to Samsung ADB interface.

      • Jeremie says:

        Manual update not working for me

        • Karthik says:

          same here..:-(
          how to manually update? I have Win 7 Pro. installed the usb drivers from samsung site. But the system does not recog the device! the samsung bozos gave a file with a zillion drivers when the download was from a support link specifically for the GNex! WTF!
          anyway…would appreciate any insight on the ‘manual’ step repeatedly mentioned here…which file under that SAMSUG/USB drivers/ to select?

          • Karthik says:

            update: am on VZ.

            • Karthik says:

              ok, another update: hope this helps others:
              (maybe i missed it) enable USB debugging under Developer Options on regular boot of your device, connect and voila! you should see the device drivers installed correctly.
              Then you can continue the steps…will update again, if anything goes wrong.
              thanks for the detailed steps above…

  24. galleon says:

    Hi folks !!! here at high on Android, i’ve just Unlocked and rooted my Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250 which i purchased from Google play 10 days ago. As you guys can see from my post i’d run into some speed bump right in the begining of “unlocking” process where the ADB just hung on “waiting for device” i then checked in my Device Manager and saw Android 1.0 in my other device instead of Samsung Android ADB Interface so i hit update deriver then select Samsung Android Phone” in “your device ‘s type list”—next—Samsung Android ADB interface version 2.9.1**** — voilaa windows updated device driver and i gone ahead and finished the rest of the process…just put that super user zip file inside google nexus download folder first before you flash that recovery—-then just flash recovery and go right in install that super user file so you don’t have to fastboot recovery again…. enjoy….One very strange thing happened when i unlocked my phone and flash that recovery and reboot I DID NOT LOST ANY SETTINGS AND DATA !!!! everything thing is there as was before rooting … strange !!!.?. I do have one question ? ” will my phone update to new version of google ICS when available like it did after i bought it to 4.0.4? automatically??..

  25. galleon says:

    Hi Max can you tell me ?how to backup my unlocked and rooted Galaxy Nexus by your method cause all i get when i try to go in safe mode is “0din” on top in red and it says downloading updates and nothing else volume up and down button doesnt work but after a little while my phone bootsup in regular mode, i already flash CWM recovery couple of time and now i just get this “0din” screen.Also please confirm that i read it on many post that i’ll not get OTA updates after this root???..and how to go back to original factory state with 4.0.4 thankyou.

  26. galleon says:

    Max if your answer to my above questions are same as in your Backup and Unroot videos and screen shots then just let me know.Thankyou

  27. DatDude123 says:

    Worked on my Sprint Galaxy Nexus. The ADB driver had me spent for a minute but I figured it out by reading these comments.


  28. afraa says:

    damnt i need help getting crazy now .. really crazy , i did update my nexus to 4.0.4 with odin damn method and that method unlocked my bootloader by him self … my bootloader statusis unlocked ,

    can i proceed with your method so i can have a good recovery mode !!!!!!

    in my damn recovery mod i am getting tired of it , there is update from cache , not from sd card 🙁 …

    • afraa says:

      the problme i see now is my phone doesnt recognized by pc in fastboot !!! did it because that method(odin) unlocked my bootloader ?

      i am going to isntall PdaNetA300 … now

  29. manu says:

    Hi. I live in France so I should flash GSM Roms I suppose. Still LTE band is curently being implemented here. Is there a way to add the LTE radio band without afecting traditional EU bands?

  30. David says:

    I am using Ubuntu and on step 6 I am getting a command not found error:

    david@ubuntu:~/Downloads/GalaxyNexusRootNew$ sudo ./fastboot-linux oem unlock
    [sudo] password for david:
    sudo: ./fastboot-linux: command not found

  31. carlos says:

    i tried this method now my computer wont even recognize my gn for verizon please help

    • Steve Switzer says:

      I noticed this briefly with my GSM version. fastboot wouldn’t even recognize the device part way through the root, but after turning USB Debuging on (or one other time, off) it instantly recognized it. That’s it… just toggling it helped me continue. Dunno what to make of it, as I just tested it after a full root, and it works now. HTH

  32. Fabio says:

    Thank you from Panama!
    Very detailed and useful guide for rooting my Galaxy Nexus.

  33. Malcolm says:

    every time i try and go into recovery mode i just get a sleeping Android with an exclamation mark. I have to keep flashing recovery every time i want to enter recovery mode. Please help me urgently 🙁

  34. Zaker says:

    When I type following commend ./fastboot-mac flash recovery optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-GSM.img
    I am getting error message error : cannot determine image file name. How to resolve this.
    My galaxy nexus is GSM and phone is unlocked. Thanks

  35. chris says:

    hey I’m stuck in step 7… i hit the volume up button but there is no yes and my comand promt only says waiting for device..i installed the samsung drivers!

  36. root says:

    Max, what is the procedure then after we root the phone when the carrier releases an OTA upgrade?

    Do we ignore the OTA and upgrade manually somehow? Or can we do the OTA upgrade?


  37. Pedro says:

    Yeah..I’m stuck at 8. It says “Waiting for devices”. But I can see the device with:

    adb devices

    • Max Lee says:

      Manually update the driver in Device Manager, it’s probably saying Android 1.0, just update to Android ADB.

      • Hamza Gohir says:

        I’m stuck on this as well. Basically when my phone isn’t on fastboot the device manager says that its android ADB but when it is on fastboot it says that it’s on android 1.0. I really need help with this, I searched and I can’t find a solution.

  38. R.D says:

    I’m stuck in step 6.
    it say “The system cannot find the path specified”
    I need Help!!!!

  39. Malcolm says:

    Max plz reply to my comment. I really need help 🙁

    • Max Lee says:

      reflash recovery right before you get into recovery, the stock Android deletes recovery upon reboot, this will be gone after you flash a custom ROM.

      • Malcolm says:

        so every time i restart my device i need to flash recovery wid stock Android 4.0.4???

      • Keith says:

        When I reflash recovery and go straight into recovery it then just shows the Google log with the unlocked icon…….and thats it. If I reboot the phone and pull the battery and try to go into recovery it shows the Android guy laying down with the ! above is body…..not sure whats happening. I have a sprint Nexus s 4g ics 4.0.4
        please any help would be great

  40. Malcolm says:

    so every time i want to get into recovery i need to flash it???

  41. Ahmad says:

    Does this work with 4.0.2?

  42. Russell says:

    I need help fast. I followed the procedures up until step 9. i can’t Copy that file. my galaxy does not show up under my computer. phone says unlocked then at the bottom it states
    fastboot status-okay.
    please help

  43. Jenny says:

    my lock state is unlocked…can i still root it?

  44. Adam says:

    My phone is stuck in the boot…. Google Screen with unlocked Icon at the bottom… I using the pdf form as my guide… Went through all of the steps, now it wont go past the google screen… What should I do?

    • Adam says:

      Never mind, I figured it out…. Relocked…. Unlocked again… and reflashed everything… Worked like a charm

  45. jordan says:

    i’ve tried this a thousand times and this phone does not want to accept the recovery, if i try to reboot and go to recovery it shows the android with the red caution sign and then if I just push the recovery and try to boot into recovery it just gets stuck on the google splash screen…. any help?

  46. jordan says:

    I did and its gets stuck at the Google splash screen.. and I’m using Linux mint if it matters

    • Max Lee says:

      Google splash screen? Then try this:

      Put your phone in fastboot mode, connect to computer and do:

      fastboot erase cache

      Sometimes the cache gets messed up and reboots you into the splash screen over and over again.

      • Steve says:

        Hmm, I tried this.. I’m still stuck at the google splash screen.. Is there a way to have it print out what it’s doing (like hitting ‘esc’ when linux boots?)…

  47. mm06905 says:

    I have a GT-i9250 (GMS Unlocked) unlocked the boot loader, ran optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-GSM.img,
    copied to dounload dir. this model has no sdcard. I can only apply update from cache, how can i copy to cavhe, i cant see it from win7

    • Max Lee says:

      SD Card in CWM is same thing as internal storage.

      • mm06905 says:

        I can only apply update from //cache dir, how can i copy to cache, i cant see it from win7

        • Max Lee says:

          don’t mess with cache directory, just try again from the beginning.

          • mm06905 says:

            My dumb pebcak(screw-up). After unlocking the boot loader I forgot to turn on usb debuging. Starting over as you suggested made me think about the process in more detail. It all worked as u discribed. great site Thank you so much.

  48. jordan says:

    tried that and still didn’t work, i’ve followed these instructions to a tee, and it’s not boot looping it just freezes at the google screen, this is getting frustrating, do you think the old root method would work? i haven’t even looked at it yet but i saw there was one from like back in feb or something…

    • Max Lee says:

      do “fastboot erase cache” if you keep getting google screen instead of CWM.

      • jordan says:

        you already said that and i already did that and it didn’t work….

      • jordan says:

        i already did that as well as you instructed lol… it’s not working either… i’ve tried locking and unlocking then clearing cache then trying to push recovery and it didn’t work, i tried the old method you posted by booting the boot.img in your old “GalaxyNexusRoot” folder and that didn’t work either…

  49. Aminah says:

    I’ve tried it several times, and it won’t go past step 8. it will stop and sending ‘recovery’ (filesize)
    when i go to any of the menu options, (such as reboot or recovery) it gives me the message FAILED (data transfer failure (too many links))

    using a sprint nexus on 4.0.4, running windows

  50. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the article and vid, I ran the process on my GNex GSM int’l version and it went with only a little hitch or two, which I was able to get thru. Only issue now is not all apps were restored when I signed on to my google account. All the basics are there, but none of the extra ones that I added after getting the phone. Also having trouble accessing Google Market, I have to tell it to connect multiple times. Then apps that need updating won’t update. I also get an error when I try to restore My Apps. Any ideas?

  51. Ryan says:

    does it normally take over 30 minutes to update to driver?

  52. Janak says:

    What the Hell! :/
    I am using ubuntu 11.10
    Process aint working for me.
    Please help.
    When I put in oem unlock command, I get permission denied.
    Please help

  53. Weston says:

    Thanks! Followed the steps and it worked perfectly on my Verizon GN, MacBook Pro

  54. Ryan says:

    yeah the usb driver doesn’t work on my computer. Tried even the one off Samsung’s website but no go. It says it finishes after 30-60 minutes but the device manager says android 1.0 still. I think there might be something wrong with my computer. I tried manually updating the driver by pointing it to the Samsung folder under Program Files but it says it couldn’t find the files. That’s the location the .exe was pointed at supposedly when the MSS InstallWizard was chugging along. It seems the problem is with the computer…….

  55. Ryan says:

    got it to work you using the galaxy nexus root toolkit v1.3 and it’s trouble shoot instructions.

  56. David says:

    First of all, thanks for posting this. I’m new to Android and it’s awesome to know that I can root the Galaxy Nexus to do things like WiFi tethering and CPU throttling. Anyway, my issue is that my Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) came with 4.0.2 and your instructions worked perfectly. However, this morning I just got the 4.0.4 update announcement on my phone and I tried to update it, but when it restarts to install the update I get the Android robot that’s laying on it’s back with a red triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle of it.

    I thought I read in your instructions that all updates would run on the rooted Galaxy Nexus, but it’s not working for me. Am I supposed to “unroot” the GN before installing 4.0.4? If so, how do I unroot the Galaxy Nexus that has 4.0.2 installed on it? A link or instructions would be super helpful.

    Thanks for the help!

  57. Sting says:

    Max… need some help here bud. I went thru all the steps untill intalling recovery, the phone booted back up and I copied hte SU ZIP to the phone. Now when I boot up and go to the recovery option, a little android guys lays flat with a red triangle on its stomach. I cant access the recovery mod.

    I even tried to reflash recovery, here is what I did:

    C:\Users>cd ..

    C:\>cd GalaxyNexusRootNew

    C:\GalaxyNexusRootNew>fastboot oem unlock

    OKAY [ 23.411s]
    finished. total time: 23.412s

    C:\GalaxyNexusRootNew>fastboot flash recovery optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-toro-VERIZON.img
    sending ‘recovery’ (6504 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.748s]
    writing ‘recovery’…
    OKAY [ 0.451s]
    finished. total time: 1.200s

    C:\GalaxyNexusRootNew>fastboot flash recovery optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-toro-VERIZON.img
    sending ‘recovery’ (6504 KB)…
    OKAY [ 0.720s]
    writing ‘recovery’…
    OKAY [ 1.897s]
    finished. total time: 2.618s


    • Sting says:

      Im on 4.0.4… upgraded yesterday and tried to root today.

    • alxgomz says:

      I have the exact same behaviour on my GSM Galaxy Nexus w/android 4.0.4. At fast boot menu, the phone is stated “LOCK STATE = UNLOCKED” and have been flashed with optimus prime GSM (twice…) but when choosing recorery mode I get a layed down robot with a red triangle…

    • Bruce Burke says:

      You will have this problem as long as you stay on the stock ROM. You will have to flash the IMG everytime you want to go into recovery. The best thing is to install a ROM to your SD card and then flash then go right into recovery and install the ROM, once you do that it will take you away from the stock image and the security feature and you will not have this problem anymore.

  58. dylan e says:

    I got everything to work but when I download clockwork recovery I go to it and then when I try to go back its not their..please help

    • Max Lee says:

      reflash recovery then enter it right away stock Android overwrites it on reboot, it’s a dumb security feature.

      • Matt says:

        thanks, this worked. The second time I flashed recovery while in fastboot, it showed up as optimus prime instead of the dead robot 🙂

  59. Eric says:

    This, after a few drawbacks of having to reflash in recovery, TOTALLY WORKED. I, too, had issues with the step after 8, but again, after reflashing the fastboot. And honestly, what worked best was doing a ./fastboot oem lock in the terminal, and then another command to re-unlock, and THEN reflashing again. Once I did this step, I didn’t have any big issues.

    I had an issue going back into recovery as I was trying to flash CWM, but I just left my phone alone for an hour, went back into recover and blam – no issues. Didn’t even reflash and it worked fine – SU access was there.

    So…if you have any issues after you successfully unlock the BL, I HIGHLY suggest just relocking, unlucking, reflashing and then waiting a few mins before trying to install the CWM from zip.

  60. David Levine says:

    This is the best guide I’ve seen for rooting a Galaxy Nexus. It caters towards users of all models of Nexus, all computer operating systems, and is the most straightforward and easy to follow. Great job!

  61. Bruce Burke says:

    If I root using your method if I want to go back to stock image how do I get it back. Can I copy the Sprint Image from the phone to my computer and then put it back once rooted so i can flash back to it? There is not a image out there for the Galaxy Nexus LTE Sprint 4.0.4 ice Cream Sandwhich.

    • Bruce Burke says:

      guess im not going to get an answer to either question, is there a unroot process and the question above.

  62. arkar says:

    thanks alot for the clear instructions. realli glad.. mind if i tell you something… how can i change font on rooted galaxy nexus.. wonder if you answer me back… the font i want to change is ZawGyi_One.ttf … looking forward to your answer… thanks…

  63. Niczz says:

    Thank you very much on my galaxy nexus 4.0.4

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  65. Markb says:

    I spent hours using a different process yesterday (it failed), but that process got me through the unlock phase correctly. I then applied this process BUT the Q/A at the very end would have saved me at least 30 mins had I read it first 🙂 Total expense of time and “expense” for this method: 1 – factory reset plus about 90 minutes of focused work on device. Thank You! I am very grateful, having lived for several months with an un-rooted Droid 2 Global which was so hampered by bloatware it couldn’t actually function (Verizon seems to know this is a problem; had a rooted device but needed warranty repair and they sent back Ver 2.3.4 OS which had no root exploit avail; it may now). After 4 phone calls and 3 hrs phone time with Verizon they sent me a Galaxy Nexus and kept my available upgrade– I don’t recommend this since I saw a Nexus priced below $50.00 (with contract renewal) yesterday. And, no, mine wasn’t free. I had to pay CA sales tax on full retail plus Verizon sent a battery, cover, and cable (they had planned sending a refurb) for over $50.

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  67. Erwin says:

    When entering recovery mode, the red caution sign appears, tried the reflash it worked but how do i load the CWM trough the recovery?

    • Anuar Jorge says:

      first of all copy the CWM zip file to your phone, then flash the recovery and without turning it off, go to recovery mode and install CWM.

      • erwin says:

        Hey, thanks done that but is there another option? Instead of flashing the phone everytime trough cmd?

        • Max Lee says:

          You can use ROM Manager off Play Store once rooted.

          • Anuar Jorge says:

            or as Max said in another response…flash a custom rom and the problem is gone, i personaly reccomend the AOKP (ive used the resurrection remix for my S2 and AOKP for my GNex).

  68. erwin says:

    Tried that to one time rebooted and started recovery but it showed the droid with the caution sign

  69. Great tutorial, so you can use TWRP Recovery with the GSM version? It looks more user friendly than ClockworkMod

  70. Tony says:

    Just wanted to say thanks. I’m totally new at this stuff and you made it all simple. Plus I learned a lot! So thanks again and look forward to your success on this ultra useful site.

    Note to everyone else: if you get the dead android with the red “!” after flashing, just flash again and skip the reboot. Just navigate straight into recovery mode after flashing without rebooting the phone. That did the trick for me. 🙂

  71. Eli P says:

    Dude i need help

    “After installing the drivers, if you still don’t see “Samsung Android ADB Interface” and see something like “Android 1.0″ with exclamation mark, manually update the driver”

    how do i manually update the driver? What file do i go into?

  72. Matt says:

    I have an i515 nexus. I am having a problem with my computer communication with the phone. Right now if I try to turn it on it boot loops on the Google logo. I can successfully fastboot and it comes up in device manager as Android 1.0. The bootloader shows up as locked right now. I am able to go to CWM recovery and then it shows up as Android ADB in the device manager. I have tried re-installing the drivers several times. It takes like an hour and a half for the driver to install which doesn’t seem right. Anyway, I am trying to flash the stock 4.0.4 (imm76k) images so that I can start over from the beginning but the command prompt keeps telling me that it cant find the device or it is . In CWM I tried to mount USB storage but I got the message “E:Unable to open ums lunfile (no such file or directory)”. The phone doesn’t show up as a USB device under “My Computer”. I am running Vista (btw, I’m not a fan of Vista). Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Matt says:

      oops, somehow that one sentence got cut off. Should read: “Anyway, I am trying to flash the stock 4.0.4 (imm76k) images so that I can start over from the beginning but the command prompt keeps telling me that it cant find the device or it is “”.

    • Max Lee says:

      You have to update that Android 1.0 drivers manually, do a right click on it then select update drivers. Select “all devices” and point to drivers or you should find some Android ADB, use that.

      • Matt says:

        Holy cow! thank you. I have been phoneless for 24 hours and I was starting to worry and/or contemplate defrauding Verizon’s insurance for a new phone. I had been trying to update the drivers but I was just looking in the wrong place.

      • Lauren says:

        I had the same problem but that didn’t work – I already have the Samsung Android ADB Interface & updated the drivers & it said I already had them updated.

        • Lauren says:

          Nevermind, I got it. It appears there were multiple drivers in the device mgr so I found the one that had Android on it (rather than Samsung) & pointed it to the Samsung drivers.

  73. Jim says:

    When i boot in recovery mode, it says “lock state – unlocked.”

    I find this very interesting because I have never tried to do anything special with my Nexus. How should I go about rooting this?

    • Max Lee says:

      Skip the unlocking bootloader, start at Step 8, you are lucky since its already unlocked you won’t lose anything while you root.

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  75. Tom says:

    Unlocked bootloader ok, then I flashed recovery, when I went into recovery mode, The android with the open stomach had an exclamation point on his stomach. Please help

    • Max Lee says:

      reflash recovery then boot into recovery right away.

      • Rodrigo Bocanegra says:

        Hi guys,

        Sorry for the dump question, but when you say reflash… what am I supposed to do? I am not a native speaker.

        I am with my android with the open stomach and the exclamation point, the only thing I can do is restart removing the batery, I have done that and try again the recovery mode but again this appear, after some minutes it automatically starts the OS.

    • Tom L says:

      Thanks Max, it worked. So far I unlocked,rooted, flashed CM recovery and backed up.
      Now I’m ready to tackle some of those custom roms. And your right, I’m learning. It’s a slow process, but I’m getting there. And to think before I started all this I was actually thinking about getting an i phone. Now I love my Nexus it runs so much better.

      Thanks again

  76. jassem says:

    i’m stuck at step 6 it’s not appearing on the device manager plzz help the SAMSUNG ABD isn’t there
    i’m on windows 7

  77. engnr says:

    I’m being hung at step 6 repeatedly. I have used all of the popular and available tools out there, and my phone is just outright refusing to be recognised as being in FASTBOOT mode. I have reinstalled all of the drivers countless times, uninstalled all Android, Samsung, HTC and Java software and SDKs on all 3 of my PCs. Yet to try with Linux, but I really don’t want to have to.

    Do you have any suggestions as to what’s going wrong?

    P.S: Baseband: I9250XXKK6
    Build: ICL53F.I9250XWKL2

    • ttm94 says:

      I have the same problem I have uninstalled and re installed multiple times tried tool kit and pdanet still no luck getting fast boot to work I have even tried another device and computer

  78. M.C. says:

    Where exactly do I download “”?

  79. Ruslan says:

    hey guys, Im stuck on step 5, my laptop with win7 never sees my phone when i in the recovery mode, when the phone is just on everything works great but wheni put it into the recovery mode my win7 shows me “Android 1.0” with exlamation mark, i tried to follow the instruction but it didnt help ( can anybody explain me what to do next?

    thank you so much !

  80. adamwyates says:

    I have previously used the thread on your site to flash the stock 4.0.4 to my gsm galaxy nexus. this involved unlocking the phone. i never relocked it [as it still shows the unlock on startup]. do i need to follow all the directions above to get jelly bean, or can i jump in at a certain step? i’m relatively new to rooting and flashing roms, but have done so a few times before when provided with detailed instructions. thanks in advance for your help!

  81. Dan says:

    i am stuck on step five also.
    I have downloaded the drivers from here, the official samsung site and a few other (what looks to be) trusted websites and I can not get past the android 1 with the exclamation mark.
    When I right click it to say “update drivers” it tells me windows can not find any updates, so I direct it to where I have downloaded the versions and still nothing (I think it searches for the .zip extension).
    Please can someone help me here?
    I am running windows 7 home premium x64.

  82. T Kirkby says:

    what does reflash recovery mean? (i’m stuck on step 12; using a mac)

  83. Peyton says:

    So, everytime I want to go into the recovery, I get a little fallen over android with it’s stomach opened with an exclamation point. So if I re-flash the recovery, it will work that one time, then it doesn’t work anymore until I re-flash it… what’s up with that?

  84. dude says:

    is it normal for the driver to take like 7-8 hours to download..? it’s almost done, but nonetheless it shouldn’t take this long.. what’s wrong with my computer?

  85. crbin1 says:

    I read that to avoid stock android overwrites custom recovery everytime it is necessary to rename/delete the file /system/recovery-from-boot.p. Is this operation safe and correct?

  86. max says:

    I’m stuck at step 6, the device
    manager doesn’t show the adb samsung
    Plzz max help me it’s not working

    Windows 7

  87. Ati.nexus81 says:

    i have successfully root my Samsung galaxy nexus i9250.
    thanks for the post.

  88. Ati.nexus81 says:

    I have also update my Samsung galaxy nexus I to 4.1 jelly beam.

  89. Jenae says:

    i have some problems, with mac and on windows

    initially i tried mac, all was great until i get ‘ERROR: could not get pipe properties’, saw the comments here that maybe i should use windows instead.

    worse, i can’t even see ‘Samsung Android ADB Interface’ in device manager. HELP?!

  90. Jake says:

    I have tried absolutely everything to download the drivers (win7) and they will not download. I have downloaded from the link above, samsung and other websites and it goes through the installation process and then says that the drivers could not be installed. I have tried on 3 different laptops using windows 7 on all of them and Im getting the same thing every time. Shows up as Android 1.0 and will not allow me to auto update or manually update. I have tried some of the things I’ve seen listed in this thread like enabling usb debugging, did nothing. I am stuck! I rooted my Sprint GS2 with no problem but my Verizon Galaxy Nexus is being a b****!

    • Max Lee says:

      Just calm down first, then do a right click on Android 1.0, then update the driver, choose “all devices” then point to drivers. Will work.

  91. Scotty says:

    Can’t get command prompt to except “cd GalaxyNexusRootNew” the only thing that shows is “Google Calendar-files” What am I doing wrong?

  92. Scotty says:

    I did unzip. I even re unzipped which probably screwed it up further.
    I give up. Thanks any way. I suck!
    I think I just have to pay someone to do this for me. LOL

  93. Bailey Bootthanoo says:

    I’m having a problem. I’m using Ubuntu 12.04. Galaxy Nexus purchased from Google Play Store. Running Andriod 4.0.4

    cd Downloads/GalaxyNexusRootNew
    ./fastboot-linux oem unlock
    bash: ./fastboot-linux: Permission denied
    sudo ./fastboot-linux oem unlock
    sudo: ./fastboot-linux: command not found

    I then marked it as executable and it still didn’t work. Any suggestions?

  94. Rich says:

    I’m having trouble with doing the

    For Verizon Galaxy Nexus, type:

    fastboot flash recovery optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-toro-VERIZON.img

    my cmd prompt says “error:cannot load ….”

    How do I fix that?

  95. India says:

    Max I have used your guides to root three different android devices starting with my Nexus S! I have a mac and you don’t find too many detailed guides that give the step by step instructions AND videos on how to root!! I stumbled across your sites just by googling and the first time I tried I had sucess with no issues!!!! I wanted to say Thank You for taking your time to write up reviews, make videos and also making them not too complicated!

    On another note, I just purchased a galaxy nexus for verizon and my phone does not show up on my computer so that I can transfer files to it! I downloaded an app for my mac called “android file transfer” but I wanted to know is this the only way to xfer files or am I missing something??

    Thanks again Max!!!

    • Max Lee says:

      yes you can use android file transfer. I think that’s the only way for macs. You can also use AirDroid app to transfer wirelessly. 🙂

  96. Riley says:

    I am on a GNEX currently with no sim card. When i put my Nexus into fastboot mode, my lock state is already unlocked. Where do I start my rooting? After step 11, or from beginning?

  97. Riley says:

    Sorry, one more question. When I am in the clockworkmod, trying to install the CWM-SuperSU-v0.87, I do not have an option to install it. Only META-INF and system. Happens when I open the file in Windows Explorer too. Where did I go wrong?

  98. Andrew says:

    Scince the galaxy nexus has a separate recovery partition will I have to reroot after I upgrade firmwares?

  99. Nick says:

    Man I dont know how it happened, but I was trying to install a newer rom and deleted my recovery and wiped my phone totally. Since I cant boot my phone windows wont recognize my phone so I can copy a new rom to it. All I can acces is the bootloader and the team win recover project 2.1.2. WTH do I do now?

  100. manu says:

    Can I root my GN if I have activated encryption feature?
    Do I have to decrypt my phone before rooting it?

  101. Nick says:

    fixed it with wubs tools and the factory rom

  102. Diddybop says:

    I rooted/unlocked my Nexus and a few days later I’m now getting these weird codes (system codes) in the top right corner of my screen. Anyone know how to fix this?

  103. Scotty says:

    I finally rooted my galaxy nexus! Used the “Wug’s Galaxy Nexus root toolkit” Instructions were VERY detailed and easy to follow.

  104. daniel says:

    please somebody help me i cant update my driver and the device is not getting recognize i got the driver from sdk from the link above from anywhere i could but its just not working and also i tried manually but i couldn’t find adb interface as well. arghhhhhhhhhhh

  105. Pierre says:

    I have tried to manually update de drivers, but it is impossible to find the .inf file, where do I get the file ?

  106. Steven Yaffe says:

    Hi. So i just tried this process on my Verizon galaxy nexus with a mac. I got until step 9, but my nexus wouldnt boot. I yanked the battery, and now it is stuck in a boot loop where it only goes until the Google sign with the lock. I can get into fastboot. Please help i dont know what to do

    • Max Lee says:

      Make sure u flashed the verizon version can u do it again and post a screenshot of ur commands?

      • Steven Yaffe says:

        All of the commands went through properly, but when I unplugged the phone to reboot it, it wouldn’t get past the loading screen with all of the colors. I then pulled the battery, and its stuck in a boot loop.

        • Max Lee says:

          You can try reflashing recovery.
          fastboot flash recovery optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-toro-VERIZON.img

  107. Tai says:

    Hi, if I update to Jelly Bean could I use this same method to root it again? And is it even worth upgrading to if I already have the Jelly Bean ROM? Is there anything different?

  108. James A says:

    I’m having a problem with step 5. I installed the drivers, but I get an error saying “device not recognized”. When I go to the device manager it is listed as an unknown USB device. Any ideas?

    • Natalie says:

      I’m having that same problem! It’s telling my “You have connected a USB device that is not recognized or has malfunctioned”…what!?

  109. Henry Y says:

    My phone is also stuck at the black google screen with the unlock symbol at the bottom, after Step 8. I go to do the reboot but it is stuck in this screen. What do i do?

  110. Sid says:

    Does it work on 4.1.1 Jelly bean also.?

  111. Charity Y Williams says:

    Hello! I have a 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus. I just tried your steps using my Mac but am stuck on step 9, after the reboot. My phone seems to be stuck in a boot sequence loop. It keeps showing the Google screen, vibrates like it’s going to start up and then goes back to the Google screen again. I went back over the steps to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I know I haven’t. What should I do now?

  112. Muaze says:

    i have successfully flashed recovery

    But i still cant go in recovery there is a android exclamation there

  113. Zin says:

    Youtube video is down, could you put it back up please?

  114. Neal says:

    GSM on JB 4.1.1.
    I’ve made it all the way to step 12. After choosing “recovery mode,” I end up with the android with a red exclamation. I’ve already placed the in the internal storage and fastboot mode states “Lock state – unlocked.” I can’t figure out how to get into Clockworkmod recovery. Please help me Max!

    • Neal says:

      I restarted, starting from step 8, and I am now rooted. Thanks Max!

    • Gioba says:

      I have your same problem: i’m on jb 4.1.1 GSM, i keep getting the lying android with the red mark when goin into recovery mode.

      Made different factory resets, restarted from step 8 like you said different times… still no luck.

      Thank you Max for this guide that is making everyone happy; make also me happy and tell me what can i do!!

  115. justin says:

    need help. verizon galaxy nexus. when i try to go into recovery mode. it doesnt move on to step 13. red triangle with ! in it shows up. cant figure out why.

    • Max Lee says:

      Try reflashing recovery from fastboot then enter recovery right away it will work.

      • Bruce Burke says:

        Also if your upgrade to the new version of clockwork recovery then u will no longer have to flash every time u need to get into recovery

  116. Zin says:

    I also had to skip the reboot at step 12. But other then that, the guide work great!
    Thaks alot!

  117. Jared says:

    I’m using a mac to try and root my Sprint GN. I have it unlocked but can’t get into recovery. I have went back into terminal many times to try and redo this step. Every time I type ./fastboot-mac I get an error. I’ve tried locking and get and error saying fastboot-mac doesn’t exist. I don’t know what I am missing.

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  120. Azhar says:

    hi guys.. i’m stucked at the “Android 1.0” problem.. i tried to install the samsung drivers, remove the batteries and load back again after 1min.. still cannot.. can u guys help me on this please…

  121. Azhar says:

    That is the main problem.. i really can’t update it. When i plugged in my phone in normal boot mode.. it can read as Samsung ADB Device but when i switch to fast.boot mode.. it really can’t be read at all. I’ve tried deleting the drivers and reinstall but still the same

  122. pablo says:

    when i try to install the flash recovery it says waiting on device and my device is connected to the coputer in fastboot what do i do?

    • Max Lee says:

      update drivers!

      • pablo says:

        Thanks it work!

      • Tyler Glasgow says:

        Max Lee you seem to be a huge help to everyone on here. I am having a problem and I am hoping you can help me please? 🙁 I got to step 9 where I reboot after flashing the recovery but my phone will not reboot! I just keeps showing the same black screen with white “Google” written and an unlocked padlock at the bottom. I can’t figure it out, please help 🙁

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  124. lida says:

    hey maxx,
    i cant see anything in the device manager..there is galaxy nexus listed but no ADB interface or driver as such…should i ignore this and root it or is there any option??


  125. lida says:

    Yes checked usb debugging…still the same..

  126. Buz says:

    Hi! I am stuck at at step 6 because the USB driver does not seem to work properly. I have installed the driver multiple times and if I connect the phone when booted in Android, Windows recognises the device without any problem (“SAMSUNG Android phone”). However, if I am in fastboot mode, windows tells me it doesn’t recognise the device. Updating manually doesn’t work (no idea how to do that). I have switched debug mode on, tried several USB ports and even a different computer. I have more than one Galaxy Nexus (for work) and all have the same problem. What am I doing wrong here?

    • Max Lee says:

      Do you see Android 1.0 or something with exclamation mark? Try manually updating, double-click on that then hit update drivers.

      • Buz says:

        Thanks, I did that but I was asked for a driver location. I only have that exe file which isn’t good enough for windows.

        • Bruce Burke says:

          OK for the people that don’t know how to manually update their driver, here the steps for windows.
          1. Go to the device manager you should see a exclamation over thSriver
          2.Right click and then click on Properties.
          3. Click Drivers, then , click Update driver
          4. Click Browse My Computer for Driver Software
          5. Click Let Me Pick from a list if device driv.ers on my computer
          6. Click find Samsung from the left List then click it.
          7. Then find the Samsung ADB driver in the right column then install
          You be to go through the process now

  127. Tyler Glasgow says:

    I get to step 9 where I reboot my Galaxy Nexus after flashing the recovery. At this point my phone just shows the black screen with Google written on it and an unlocked padlock on the bottom. It will show it for a few seconds, then vibrate and go black, then show the screen again. It will keep doing this over and over again and never reboots. Someone please help me! I am using a mac and a Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Trust me I remembered to use ./fastboot and the proper file for the sprint galaxy nexus it just doesn’t seem to be working, help!

    • Max Lee says:

      I believe you might have flashed the wrong one otherwise that can never happen, but no worries, just flash the Sprint one using fastboot, it should fix your phone.

  128. Mosa Altalibi says:

    You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Honestly, thank you very much, and please continue to do what you’re doing.

    May The Force be with You.

  129. Aidan says:

    Will this work on jellybean?

  130. Joe says:

    I’m stuck on step 6, I have the driver installed, in device manager it looks exactly like yours where it says Samsung Android ADB Interface. When I type the commands, the first one takes, but then when I type in “cd GalaxyNexusRootNew” it says “the system cannot find the path specified”. What does that mean?

    • Kiernan says:

      Type “cd \” (without the quotation marks off course) then go forward from there like you would probably then type “cd users”. CD stands for change directory so its just moving through folders in a way

  131. martin says:

    how do install google play store? its missing

  132. Eric says:

    Problem with recovery I have a red caution symbol when I try to recovery my recovery I guess im not finishing my rooted nexus can u please help me with this. I unlocked my phone but no recovery was installed I watched the video and did everything on it but need help!

  133. Noel says:

    I dont my nexus along these step. But on step 9. i can’t reboot it and can’t copy the super SU into the internal memory .. so i stop on the half way. plz help how can i do?

  134. Gabriel says:

    I typed ./fastboot-linux and it said permission denied. What’s the problem?

  135. Andrew says:


    I am trying to upgrade to Jellybean from ICS 4.0.1.
    I am from Canada and my service provider is Bell. Can I use GSM image file in the zip file?
    Also, when you say the phone is “unlocked” does it mean it is OEM unlocked?
    I want to know if I need to unlock my phone further after fully going over this tutorial, because at the end I need to root the phone AND do an OEM unlock.


  136. Natalie says:

    Anyone able to help me? I am stuck on Step 5 because my computer refuses to recognize my device while it’s in Fastboot mode.

  137. kevin says:

    Someone please help. My phone seems to be rooted, but will not run some programs such as Rom Manager with superuser access. I followed these instructions exactly, but I am not sure why some programs don’t seem to request superuser access. I performed this root about 1 hour ago. Thanks!

  138. andrew says:

    Max, i also got the red caution sign when i was going into recovery mode after flashing but i bypassed it the way you suggested. My phone is rooted now, but i am still getting the caution sign whenever i try to go to recovery mode in order to install jellybean. How do i fix this caution screen permanently so i can go to recovery mode?

  139. plazma says:

    what about 4.1.1 root ?

  140. Max says:

    Hello, I succsesfully Unlocked the bootloader (I have the litte lock unlocked on bootup) but the problems start when I attempt to go into Recovery mode, an android lying down with its chest open and a triangle above it appear.

    I can still boot the phone fine and everything works as normal but i’m not rooted, can anyone help me with this issue?

    I am on Yakja, 4.1.1

  141. marlon says:

    hi.. just happen this afternoon,.,, my phone is already unlocked but it became lock again.. i am reading the forum and trying to follow the steps but it seems i cant see the samsung adb,, when i upgrade the driver android 1.0.. only samsung usb.. and it is not compatible.. pls help me.. how to unlocke bootloader.. it will be a big start for me..

    • Max Lee says:

      update the Android 1.0 manually, try googling how to install windows drivers if you have trouble.

    • SlimeTime says:

      marlon I had the same issue, you need to search around the device manager for SAMSUNG, not sure if I right clicked android 1.0 and searched to update drivers or if it showed up in portable devices. Once there click update driver, search for driver on my computer, and install the newest SAMSUNG ADB interface driver you see.

  142. marlon says:

    there is no ADB driver.. only USB driver.. pls somebody help me
    i am getting frustrated.. :((

  143. Bruno says:

    Awesome guide… works great, fast and easy mode…thanks a lot for that man! You rock!

  144. marlon says:

    i already sawthe ADB interface.. but when i click next,, it notifies me.. that.. “if the upgrade is not compatible it will not work” sir max.. will i gamble for it… tnx.. just a step by step procedure, i dont want to mess all things up.. that is why i always ask you

  145. Eric says:

    does anyone know how to unlock a verizon galaxy nexus so i can use it to another carrier? i’m new to this.

  146. Holman says:

    I have been able to follow steps 1-12 successfully without any hiccups. At first I had difficulties entering recovery mode for step 12 since it gave me an android with a “!” on a red triangle. So I tried reflashing the phone and entering straight into recovery mode. I have already C&P the zip file into download. When I enter recovery mode, it shows optimus prime and all the options. But it also displays in red letters, ”
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/command
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log

    I am not sure what to do now.
    btw my phone is a unlocked GSM Nexus that is running on AT&T with google wallet.

  147. Abubakar saminu says:

    Thanks Emperor Max. I just got it right after several attempts. I have to confess reading these comments/questions helped me a lot…especially the re-flashing and without rebooting thing. I was stacked there since yesterday until now. My regards.

  148. salvatore says:

    ragazzi non riesco ad entrare in recovery mode, tutta la procedura è andata bene il boatloader risulta sbloccato ma non riesco a flashare la cwm….mi da il robot con il triangolo rosso…Aiutooooooo

  149. kamal faouzi says:

    ok so when i try to go into recovery mode i get the android with his stomach open and an exclamation point i already tried reflash recovery and it wont work what do i do please hellp??

    • Max Lee says:

      reflash recovery and boot into CWM right away, newer software versions overwrite it with stock recovery upon reboot. That is why it’s happening.

  150. WLKMANIST says:

    my notebook do not see my phone. i install drivers. i did all right. help please!!!

    I am from russia.

  151. lida says:

    Hi I rooted my nexus n flashed jeallybean how do I download the paid apps for free…please help

  152. paing says:

    hey max,
    my glaxy nexus build num is IMM76K …. GSM model
    what type of nexus can i chose?

  153. blacknumbers says:

    So my computer won’t installed the ADB drivers whatsoever. I’ve tried everything. It just simply won’t. Doesn’t show any sign of the drivers in Device Manager. So technically, this is impossible for me. Thanks for making the guide though.

  154. Aaron says:

    For those who could not install the driver, the following tutorial work for me:

  155. SlimeTime says:

    Couldn’t have been easier. I had to reflash the recovery after unlocking the bootloader as well, but you cleared that up in the comments. Thanks Max!

  156. cygnus says:

    Hi, I’m having a slight issue. I have a verizon gnex and I have followed all the steps up to flashing the recovery img. I flashed it and I was able to successfully boot the phone back up but now when I’m connected to my pc it doesn’t recognize it as a device and I am not able to move the to the the internal storage. I checked my drives to make sure they are correct which they are. I am attempting this on a PC but I also have a macbook which I used to try and move the file to the internal storage also but no luck.

    • cygnus says:

      Also when i connect my phone to my PC i get a message saying Hardware ID Missing and to please contact the manufacturer. Am i able to lock the bootloader and attempt to start over even after i have flashed the recovery?

      • cygnus says:

        So i tried entering recovery mode and got a red ! like other people have so as per the suggestions I reflashed the recovery img and was able to boot again but am still getting the same error? how do i flash back to the stock recovery and lock the boot loader to start over?

        • cygnus says:

          OK!!! i know im annoying lol but i fixed my issue where my phone wouldn’t be recognized by my PC, I uninstalled my device drivers and reconnected and it now shows back up with no ID error. BUT i still have a red ! when i attempted to boot into recovery, should i try to flash the recovery again? this will be my third attempt to flash it :/

  157. cygnus says:

    ignore ever post from before i got it finally rooted. I got the drivers working again then i placed the SU zip onto the inter storage, booted into the bootloader reflashed the recovery and went directly into recovery to flash the zip instead of rebooting first. EVERYTHING WORKS! Ty so much for the guide.

  158. KP1877 says:

    First…thank you very much for this tutorial…..worked like a charm.

    Only question is how to I get rid of the transformer pic in CWR? I am used to the default pic.

    I know this is trivial…I was just wondering.

    Thanks again!

  159. LinuxETC says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I am attempting to root my Galaxy Nexus running JellyBelly under Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 if it matters, but probably not 😉 ). I received the following issue (running this via “sudo” on the Linux system):

    $ ./fastboot-linux flash recover optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-GSM.img
    sending ‘recover’ (6504 KB)… OKAY
    writing ‘recover’… FAILED (remote: Unknown Partition)

    Feedback on how to proceed from here is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

    • Max Lee says:

      recovery not recover!

      • LinuxETC says:

        “Doh!” on my part. That seems to have done the trick for that portion.

        What is the typical mount point under a Linux system for this as a USB device? I am not seeing the G-Nexus coming up immediately under Nautilus (the file browser), so I am digging some now through /proc to see where this might be hiding.

        TIA once again!

        • LinuxETC says:

          Found the follow link on configuring Ubuntu 10.04 for MTP mounting:

          However…it seems that once I mount the Nexus, I am not able to copy of the ClockworkMod file in full though I can explore the directories here via the command line.

          Will advise on this further, though thoughts and feedback are welcomed.

          TIA again.

        • Max Lee says:

          Not sure on Linux, it should come up but if you have trouble, use AirDroid app from Play Store for temporary fix.

          • LinuxETC says:

            Was able to install and use the ES File Explorer app to mount the Nexus to a network share (i.e., my Linux system ala Samba) to copy the ClockworkMod SuperSU file over. This app is indeed a nice alternative if one cannot mount the Nexus via the USB to a Linux or Mac system.

            HTH someone else a bit in the event similar occurs.

            Thanks for the feedback and help Max. I now have the Nexus unlocked and rooted in full! Excellent video tutorial as well once again!

  160. Cryus says:

    Hey dude…..dah….I have a problem with my driver….it doesn’t show up abd……….it only shows like MTP…..Pls help me

  161. orlando says:

    when I try to the flash recovery it says failed on my computer and my fastboot status says download: 0065a000 what could this mean?

  162. Garry says:

    Hi Max,

    Love the instructions….flawlessly explained by the way. Quick question not asked on the forum threads. I have the galaxy etc. and upon entering cmd and finally selection yes on the phone to unlock bootloader, the process took a very long time….hours.

    Then I got the message on cmd screen “Failed. >”. “finished. total time 32700.615s”.

    Question, how do I resolve the error. I reviewed some other websites that suggested rebooting pc and taking battery out, but in event this does not work, I was looking for more suggestions. Thanks…….

  163. James says:

    I followed the guide and got to the part where you copy Superuser to the phone. Tried to get in recovery mode. When I do that, I get the Android guy laying on his back, front hatch open with an exclamation point in a red triangle. Please help.

  164. Nicolas Ibarra says:

    Thank you. It worked for my Nexus =).
    Cheers from Colombia, South America

  165. Syamil says:

    Max i really need to know why is my google voice ans me back?im using galaxy nexus rooted n using codename.

  166. Francois says:

    Hi Max,
    I love your website! Good job, very well explained.

    I’m having problem downloading and Samsung USB Drivers. It says: nginx error! on the download website.
    Are those files still available? I’m really interested in trying this. Can you tell me where to get them files if they are not available on that website please?
    Thank you very much.

    • Max Lee says:

      sorry my servers are on and off tonight as we are upgrading servers, been working on it for last 2 days, just keep trying until it downloads, it should be working right now.

  167. Francois says:

    Sorry, nevermind the download website seem to be back online now, Thank’s anyway

  168. jesus says:


    So i Rooted my Phone and i Got The Android Dude with the exclamaition mark when i tried going into recovery, so i reflashed TWRP and went straight Into Recovery and it was a success, i flashed SU and booted my Phone……Now When iTry to go into recovery it gives me the Android Guy Error Again…….

    What did I do Wrong? how do i Get to TWRP and Avoid the Error Again??


  169. jesus says:

    Zedomax i tried flashing the recovery time and time again and it will work only once then when i remove the battery and try to get into recovery it will error out with the caution sign on the android dude

    sprint phone btw

  170. ashutosh says:

    thanks so much…………
    all things are realy helpfull

  171. Kelvin says:

    Is it safe to use this method to root and Australian Galaxy Nexus? More specifically, a virgin mobile one. If so, which one do i use?
    Thanks. I’d really appreciate if someone replied.

  172. Paul S says:

    So this is my second time trying to root my galaxy nexus and I am unable to because I cannot update my drivers :(. I downloaded the drivers from the link provided but none of the available options say Samsung ADB like in the video. I have several Samsung options to choose from on the Manufacturer side for some reason but the correct driver is not available…. Help? Anyone :/

    • Paul S says:

      Ok, I figured out how to get passed my previous problem and was able to unlock my phone. But now when I try to go into recovery mode the android dude has a red triangle with an exclamation mark? Now help me? I’M SO CLOSE!!

    • Max Lee says:

      See the last FAQ part on this page for fix!

  173. jesus says:

    I’m having the same problem. I’ve been waiting for a while now. Good luck

  174. Pino says:

    Hey zedo was wondering if you going to downgrade the galaxy nexus from sprint to receive the OTA update today… supposedly thats what there talking bout….but if you do would you please make a video..

    thanks in advance

  175. bepe says:

    hey i have followed your guide and it works perfect!

    but im wondering if i do factory rest that will erase all data, will the supersu app be deleted too? if its deleted means im losing root access right ?

  176. Dan says:

    Will this work on stock sprint JB? I’m sorry if that’s extremely noobish I’m brand new to this

  177. Brent J says:

    I was not able to download the zip file. I got my phone unlocked though. Help.

  178. Matt says:

    I am trying to root my verizon galaxy nexus. After unlocking the boot loader and loading the verizon optimus recovery file, i try to reboot my phone and it gets stuck at the splash screen. Why is this happening?

  179. Matt says:

    Nevermind on my last reply.. But now the phone will not let me start in recovery mode. I get a picture of an android with an orange triangle with a “!” in it. What is going on? Why is this so difficult?

  180. Steije says:

    After step 12 (entering into recovery mode) i get a picture of an android with an orange triangle with a “!” in it.
    I see Max Lee’s reply on the same issue “Try reflashing recovery and enter it right away, newer ICS/JB versions may overwrite custom recovery on reboot” but i don’t know how to perform that.

    I have tried several times but i keep getting stuck on the same place……..

    • Steije says:

      method will not work on 4.1.1 i have done it with WUGFRESH and it worked the first time!!!
      forget this……..bye

      • jerome gonzales says:

        lol funny you are.. dont listen to this newbie all of zedomax post here are workiing i tested all of them in my gsmversion. the cwm will be deleted if you reboot when you are in stock rom. so use rommanager to flash it back or the fastboot. after rooting flash custom rom right away if you dont want to experiece this

      • Max Lee says:

        works fine on Jelly.

  181. Caleb Sizemore says:

    Just rooted with this method on a Sprint Gnex running Jelly Bean. Worked almost flawlessly. The only thing I did different which was already mentioned was flashing recovery and then going directly into recovery without rebooting. Worked like a charm. Thanks!!!

  182. Oonie1118 says:

    I Successfully rooted my phone but my data from phone didn’t wiped out after unlocking bootloader .Is that possible ?

  183. Josh.g says:

    I can’t tell you how many times I have gone through all of the steps in this tutorial. It works fine as long as I don’t restart my phone (Verizon Gnex). Why do I lose my root access all the time? Also, now that I have upgraded to 4.1 JB, my lappy won’t push files adb wise, it just says or something like that in the cmd screen. Suggestions?

  184. Gehan says:

    Fantastic, this was detailed and gave me a good sense of what I was doing when rooting. Can’t believe I was so nervous about doing this. Thanks! Great job! Now on to flashing custom ROM’s…

  185. Fabi says:

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial. I used it to gain root access on Android 4.1.0 and now again on 4.1.1. It worked both time like a charm.

  186. Would you be kind enough to send me your RSS feed link please?

  187. Sunil says:

    I don’t get it. It is given in the beginning that this procedure will erase everything in your phone. But after looking at the steps in detail, I see that phone is simply booted into Android OS just like before. Is it that all your /data is erased? Please give some clarity.

    I had rooted an HTC Desire sometime back and nothing got erased. All my apps and associated data stayed. Will that be the same case with this procedure too?

  188. York says:

    hi i am at the part where i suppose to reboot in to cwm recovery but i get android with the red exclamation mark. i was tryin to root my gsm nexus which was on 4.1.2 stock

    • Max Lee says:

      try reflashing recovery and enter recovery.

      • mohsein says:

        i tried reflash recovery, still get android with red sxclaimation mark… ;(

        • Paul S says:

          Did you reflash recovery and enter recovery immediately afterwards?

          • Gordon McCoy says:

            I’m getting the same problem, any time I try to boot into recovery I just get the red exclamation point, no matter how many reflashes and reboots I do. It boots just fine normally, I just can’t get it to boot into recovery. Is there a different recovery image I should be using? This is a Sprint GN.

  189. Nero'Kc says:

    Hey Max , im using windows 7 , and i currently stuck at step 5
    I already installed samsung USB Driver For moblie phone
    but its still shows ”android 1.0” at the device manager page
    any way to figure it out ?

  190. Chai says:

    I’m having problems with step 5. I installed the Samsung drive but it still says Android 1.0 even after I restarted my computer.

    I tried to enter in fast boot OEM command but it said, ‘waiting on device’ and nothing happened.

    Is there anything else that can be done? Thank you.

  191. Nemanja says:

    Hi guys,

    I’ve rooted my unlocked GN by instructions provided here. This morning I’ve recieved OTA update to 4.2 and that messed up my root. I understood that my phone will remain to be rooted eve after this kind of update?

    1/ What shoudl I do to rot my phone again? Is all of the steps listed above reqired or not? Is this root method safe for unlocked GN on JB4.2?


  192. JK3 says:

    Just followed your tutorial on a Galaxy Nexus GSM “Takju” on Android 4.2 with unlocked bootloader.
    Root worked perfectly, no data loss.

    Many Thanks!

  193. Steve says:

    Great tutorial. I have rooted my Xoom and other tablets before. WHen you say unlocking the bootloader is going to erase everything, please elaborate. Does that mean all my installed apps are gone? If so, what type of backup do you recommend? Thanks

  194. Imran says:

    hey i flashed the recovery on my galaxy nexus gsm version but i am stuck on install zip from sd card it just aborts the operation please help someone everytime it jst aborts the operation please help

  195. H S N says:

    Max bro i have a problem with my galaxy nexus i rooted it about a month ago an flash official 4.1 jelly bean rom but now i want to flash 4.2 rom but its not loading the recovery mod what can i do now? its showing exclamation mark with red triangle

  196. samer says:

    hello Max
    i received ota 4.2 and i installed it. there no developper option in setting!! how can i get into debug mode???? any idea

  197. Nemanja says:

    Developer options are hidden now i 4.2 Go to “about phone” and tap 6-7 times on “build number” and you will get access to them. Do yuo have Galaxy Nexus? Let me know if everything worked well for you…

  198. Joseph Campbell says:

    I LOVE YOU MAN! Aside from God…’re my Hero! You have saved me countless hours…..We all should BUY a T-shirt from you for your outstanding service. Thankyou for all you do and stay high on Android!

  199. James says:

    Thanks for this rooting guide!
    I bought a used Nexus on eBay and found out the power button is worn out and has to be pressed in a specific way to work. After rooting I installing PGM pro so I don’t need the button.

    A quick note – step 8 much be done twice or it will not go to the menu where you choose what backup to use. Also, the list of folders did not show up so I can to click on the top folder called “” to find the list of memory folders in there.

  200. Will says:

    Hey Max.
    I have a question,I bought a GNex(verizon) from craigslist. Will it work with with Chinese SIM card after this rooting guide?

    Thank you so much!

  201. ksabee says:

    Hey I’m using a GSM Galaxy nexus, already unlocked boot loader to flash it with yakju, but didn’t root it, so what steps exactly should I skip in this process to root my nexus? And will I still end up erasing my memory if I attempt to root?

  202. Jacob K. says:


    How would one go back to the original settings after doing a root? Do you just do it from the reset feature with-in the phone, or is it a little bit more complicated?


  203. Kannagi Desai says:


    Everything worked fine for me and my phone got rooted and i even got super su. then i rebooted once again and thats it. it has been stuck on the reboot sign forever. i did flash recovery. i even restored and wiped data. nothing seems to be working. it is just stuck on that screen. the boot screen. how can i get it switched on? is there a way i can switch my phone on like NOW.

    please please help me!

    thank you

    • Adil Hussain says:

      Hey kannagi
      I guess your only had to wipe the cache and dalvik cache….get in your recovey mode flash the rom and gapps again and make sure to wipe cache and dalvik cache and you should be good to go..

  204. Zindha sha says:

    Hi Max, Thanks for the tutorial. I bought my Galaxy Nexus from UK.
    my phone is already in UNLOCKED state (step-3) should i skip the step or still i need to follow?
    Please advice.

  205. Scottie says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’m stuck at step 6. When I type in “cd GalaxyNexusRootNew” is can’t find the path for the file although the .zip files are in the downloads folder. Any ideas?

  206. erick says:

    thanks.. it works fine on my GSM galaxy nexus…
    nice tutorial!

  207. Ewei says:

    Hi guys, I need help.
    I just bought a 2nd Galaxy Nexus GSM version (maguro).
    Originally it already unlocked, and at JB 4.2.1 using original ROM.
    I want to flash it to custom ROM but always fail to go into Recovery Mode.

    When from bootloader to recovery mode, it always showing the RED triangle and ! mark.
    I tried few times but still the same.
    Even though i tried to flash the recovery, recovery successful but still not able go into recovery mode.

    Please help!!
    Tried flash RWK, still cannot.
    Tried RooManager and ROM Manager, still cannot.

    Es-MacBook-Air:GalaxyNexusRootNew ewei82$ ./fastboot-mac flash recovery optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-GSM.img
    sending ‘recovery’ (6504 KB)… OKAY
    writing ‘recovery’… OKAY
    Es-MacBook-Air:GalaxyNexusRootNew ewei82$

  208. usku says:

    hey samsung usb driver don’t showed in control panel of my computer. My computer is sony vaio i5

  209. usku says:

    max after unlock my devise in fastboot mod – recovery mode there is an picture android that on the android !

  210. Ewei says:

    For those who recovery mode there is a picture andriod having ! mark.
    Please note that after you flash the recovery .img file, DO NOT reboot your phone.
    Instead you just straight go into the recovery mode…
    Hope it help.

  211. jimmyworld says:

    hey can someone give me a link to download a next fastbooter i have to keep repeating step 8 to enter recovery mode.. thanks

  212. Jose says:

    My device won’t even show up in the device manager. What is wrong? I installed the drivers and it’s not even there.

  213. David says:

    Hey Max, when I got up to step 13 and I press Recovery Mode it just goes straight to the Google logo and then to the same image of the android guy by fastboot mode but with a red triangle warning sign. I’m unsure what to do, any help would be great!

    • Ruben says:

      Check out the step 8, maybe you didi something wrong there

    • montanalou says:

      I am getting the same results. My fastboot-mac flash recovery  optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-toro-VERIZON.img failed. It looks like it’s due to there not being a “recovery” partition present. Not sure how that went away. Is there any way to get it back? Is there a tool for modifying the partition table? Can a new partition be created out of either unused space or stolen from another partition? ROM Manager doesn’t have that capability.

  214. Richard Cory Jung says:

    HI MY galaxy nexus SAYS
    android version 4.1.1
    baseband version 19250UGLH1

    KERNEL VERSION 3.0.31-G6FB96C9
    #1 SMP PREEMPT Thurs Jun 28 11:02 PDT 2012



    R Cory Jung

  215. Luis says:

    hey there, is it possible for me to use Clockwork mod on my Galaxy Nexus? for sprint?

  216. yufj says:

    thanks sooooo much

  217. Phil Whortoooon says:

    thanks for the great tutorial!
    I ran through the process once and updated to 4.2.1. This is a nightmare rom if using bluetooth and I don’t recommend it to anyone!
    As a result, I now want to return to 4.1.1 and copied the zip from your site onto my phone and installed this image.
    Now, after hitting “reboot” the phone just shows the multicoloured “X” and doesn’t seem to want to go any further (30 minutes).
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

  218. Brandon says:

    I unlocked the boot loader with no problem, then flashed the recovery with no problem, but when I try to reboot, it stays at the Google splash screen and never goes into the boot sequence. I can get into recovery but I cannot get into my phone. Help?

    Thank you.

  219. Omar says:

    i followed the tutorial very closely, but after flashing and copied “” into the phone , then entered fastboot but when i select “recovery mode” it does not take me to the clockwok mod recovery . what do i do ???

  220. Dawood says:

    I have done all steps until step 12. then a picture showed on the screen which is an android laying horizontally and a red triangle with an exclamation mark on him..

    I tried to redo all the steps and i ended with the same result

    Please help, how can i proceed to root my phone!!!!!!

  221. Pedro Liberal says:

    How can I restore root after receive an OTA update on my unlocked and rooted GN?

    Thanks a lot!

  222. Mat says:

    Same question as Pedro Liberal, just got the OTA update of 4.2.2. My phone is not rooted anymore! I thought the root will stay even after updates?

  223. Mat says:

    Any help here in regards with my phone getting UNROOTED after updating to 4.2.2 with OTA update?

  224. boudyboud says:

    how can i root my galaxy nexus without using USB port (broken)??

  225. Kazerio says:

    Hi, does this tutorial work with latest Android 4.2.2??? Thanks!

  226. Jordan Orick says:

    I can’t find the zip file, Am I just not seeing it, or is it gone?

  227. Caslav says:

    i have a question… at step 3.
    instead of LOCK STATE – LOCKED it says LOCK STATE – UNLOCKED
    can i proceed with other steps?! o.O

  228. Vivek Salyankar says:

    Thanks a lot for this method, i have rooted my gnex by this method n also got that “!” thing which i corrected by the method u suggested. Now i wanted to get back into recovery to instal new soft keys but that “!” sign is still coming…so if i redo the steps from 13 will i loose my phone data…or i can directly put in the recovery without loosing my data. Thank u.

  229. lazcoupe77 says:


    thanks for the great rooting guide.

    I have some questions below:

    -my gnex recently got the 4.2.2 OTA update. Can i use this guide to root it?
    -i have problem with the Samsung USB driver. After installing it, the “device manager” window writes “android 1.0”. I tried to manually update it but it cannot find any update on my PC. I think something is missing.

    I run windows XP sp3.

    Please help

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  231. Shawn says:

    Max you are a G!

    Great tutorial and write up… cant get any easier.

    Thanks again!

  232. lazcoupe77 says:

    The “difficult” part is finding and installing the correct drivers for XP.

    Then it’s a 2-click job.
    It took me 5 minutes to root.

    Thanks again!!!

  233. Anthony says:

    I unlocked and rooted my verizon galaxy nexus when I had the 4.1 software, and recently accepted the system update for 4.2. My phone is now unrooted (I think) since my tethering and other root apps aren’t working. Would I be able to follow this tutorial with no issue, or should I be cautious? I’d greatly appreciate any help!

    • Ann says:

      It’s been a while, but in case anyone else is wondering: When you get and OTA and install it, you lose root, but you can easily get it back following the same last steps:

      1) Flash custom recovery (In GSM’s case: fastboot flash recovery optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-GSM.img – step 11, I think)
      2) Entering Recovery and finding and choosing the .ZIP containing the necessary files to root the phone and which you previously saved somewhere in your phone.

      I have done this since 4.1.x ~4.2.2) and no problems whatsoever. 🙂
      Also I like that with these steps Recovery is not permanently flashed (you can do that with an app in the Play Store) and since I haven’t installed any custom roms, I like it more this way. 🙂

  234. Ryan Stephens says:

    This works 100% with 4.2.2!!!

  235. Priyank says:

    I’m on stock rom with root.
    OTA update is available on my nexus but when I try to install it goes to recovery asking to install it.
    When I press install, it says failed to verify.Installation failed.

    • Ann says:

      I’m not sure why that’s happening, but usually when an OTA update fails it’s because you have modified a system file in your phone (perhaps you removed a system app? Or replaced/removed a system file?). I had that problem after I installed the Beets drivers found in Play Store. That replaces the stock audio drivers and so the OTA failed. What I did (since I hadn’t made a backup of that file) was to flash the 4.2.2 stock image I download directly from Google through fastboot. Be aware that that completely wipes data in your phone so you should prepare accordingly.

  236. Rodolfo says:

    Obrigado thankyou

  237. Sathish Kumar says:

    i have a problem with booting back up can you help me up pls?
    i had done an mistake during your tutorial, i didn’t use ClockworkMod or TWRP Recovery in some tension i skipped that step and then i did other steps pls help me up
    it says in boot menu fastboot status- download 00559800
    what i want to do?

    • Ann says:

      Hi! Did you fix your problem? Because if you didn’t flash a custom recovery (CT) I dont’t think you made a mistake; without a CT you just can’t get into recovery and flash the .zip file to get root access. So just turning off the phone should be fine and try again (if as you said, the only step you skipped wad flashing CWM).

  238. a person says:

    please sombody help im stuck at step 5 i downloaded the android driver thing but it doesnt show up in the device maneger all i get is
    android 1 but no “!” so im not sure what to do somebody please help me i really want to root my phone

  239. Dave says:

    It took me a little to get the nuts to do this…but I did. The first thing I did was copy the .zip file to the phone first before I did all the other steps, and it worked fine. Thanks for the guide, it was scary at first but worked just fine!

  240. Ridge says:

    Hiya, Im usually pretty good at rooting my phone, but it’s been forever. Once I had it all unlocked, I tried to use that kSkip dude’s program (which I should know better) to get it unlocked, kept getting some msg. saying “waiting for device” everything is installed correctly on my puter, & phone. So I tried you’re way, and it got me more than stuck. It’s when I get to the “CWM” part that I get confuckulated. I’ve followed your instructions, somehow, I cant access my galaxynexusrootnew prog.from Command prompt and when I installed my CWM into the storage of my phone, it’s telling me that it’s a corrupt file. Now I feel like Im stuck in limbo here. Can you help please?

    I have a sprint galaxy nexus with JB, 4.2.1 and im using a windows 8 laptop. Im SO confused!! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  241. Paymon says:

    Hi Max –

    I’m getting stuck right near the beginning when you load into fastboot mode . . .hook up GNex to USB and go into Device Manager to make sure it’s coming up as ADB Interface. Mine is coming up with Android 1.0 with yellow ! – I try to update manually and select Samsung ADB driver, but the option doesn’t show up. I also downloaded and installed the Samsung drivers and still nothing. What’s interesting is that when I have the phone on in regular mode and hooked up to computer, it shows up correctly in Device Manager. Do you have any other suggestions on how to get past this? Should I try a factory reset? Mine is Unlocked GNex purchased from Play store. Thanks!

  242. Jefferey says:

    Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author. I will make certain to bookmark your blog and may come back from now on. I want to encourage that you continue your great work, have a nice evening!

  243. ibrahim elattar says:

    i rooted my galaxy nexus 4.3 and worked good

    can i install any custom roms although i on android 4.3 rooted ?


  244. gilbert walker says:

    Hi, u am havinf trouble getting to show up in my device manager. I have downloaded and install drivers but it still doesn’t show. Even tried manual method.I am using window 7 and have a Sprint GNEX.

    • gilbert walker says:

      ok still having the same problem, if connecting it as a media device is reconoizes the phone, but when put in fastboot, it know it is there but, shows it as other device. i have tried different cables with the same results.

  245. Evert says:

    I wanted to root my nexus, but wen I got in fastbood mode it already said lockstatus: Unlocked. I have never been in fastbood mode before, this is the first time I am trying to root a phone. I’ve got the gsm version, I bought it in the Netherlands.

  246. Darrell says:

    Followed instructions, run root checker snd says rooted. Had to change battery and reboot. Lose root. So it only stayed rooted unless I turn off?

    Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4.3

  247. Jordan says:

    hey i rooted a while ago it was working perfectly fine but all of a sudden its not rooted when i cheacked again i check like once a day what should I do?

  248. Nexus User says:

    Hi, i rooted my Nexus i9250 and flashed it. I put KitKat on it, it worked. After few days i turned the Phone off and wanted to turn it on but it was then in a bootloop. I wiped the cache and it start to wor. It loaded some apps at the start but after that it tells my “Apps get started” it dont finisch yet. My Handy got hot too. What can i do??
    Sry for my bad bad English im from Germany 🙂
    It would be nice if you can help me 😀

  249. Patrick says:

    Hi there,
    I’m stuck on Step 9, after unlocking the fastboot mode (and so “wiping” all the data”) I did a reboot as you instructed it and *nothing* was wiped at all. I also tried to wipe it manually via the recovery mode – nothing happened. Also my phone wasn’t recognized at all by my computer (Win7).
    Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    (Android 4.3) GSM phone (from Germany)

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Max Lee says:

      Are you trying to wipe using stock or CWM recovery? Try using CWM recovery to do data wipe/factory reset, that should boot it.

  250. kourosh says:

    silly question : where is download link of the files you’re explaining in the video? i cant find them.
    thank u

  251. Kevin says:

    I need help with the samsung adb thing.When I open the device manager it doesnt say a android usb devices it say other devices then when i click it ther android 1.0 i double click it and click update drivers .Then I click browse my computer for device manager then i click let me pick the list of the devices drivers but then i dont find samsung galxy nexus devies driver

    Please help me!

  252. Imran says:

    Hello Max can you please help me out my phone already has the bootloader unlocked but wehn i try to flash teh recovery tools it says access denied in Linux.

  253. Areesha says:

    my galaxy nexus is already showing that its unlock. what should i do ?? should i skip all those unloking steps and star from recovery mode?? please help me

  254. curren says:

    so i unlocked the phone and moved the zip file for 4.3 but it doesnt go to the flash phase? what did i do wrong?

  255. Gosseyn says:

    Hi !!!
    thx for this awesome tutorials !!!
    i have a little problem… everything go fine till the end… but the binaries dont update on supersu !!! and i installed a root checker it tell me that its not rooted :/ ?? could it be because i already unlocked my phone so i didnt have to full erase everything ??? if i have to “full erase” i will… but if i could pass this i will be glad !!!
    sooo… ^^ ???

  256. Prankur says:

    Thanks a lot dude!!
    Thanks for all the comments also , It helped me in troubleshooting 🙂

  257. James Jackles says:

    How do you Copy the file “” to the internal storage of my Galaxy Nexus?

  258. iorgabeni says:

    I cant install the Samsung mobie phone driver I tried manualy too it says : you must to unlock this editor for your computer

  259. Rajan says:

    Hi Mr. Lee,
    Thanks your wonderful tutorial!

    I’ve a Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250(GSM Variant) mobile phone with frequent restarting problem right after the ‘X’ logo i.e. it is not at all entering into the home screen.

    So, I’m not able to implement your tutorial procedures right after the step9(Copying“” to the internal storage) as I’m not able to find the MTP drive on the explorer. Moreover I’m not able to enable the USB debugging now.

    Also, after the step8, I’m not to able see the “unlocked” symbol below the google(at the bottom of the screen). Meaning, it is getting restarted at that time too.

    I don’t know how to solve this, kindly suggest.

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