Xenon HD ROM for Galaxy Nexus GSM/Verizon

For those of you who want stability and performance, do give this Xenon HD ROM a try. The Xenon HD is available for Galaxy Nexus GSM and Verizon flavors and many have told me this is the fastest ROM they’ve tried so far.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


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Download for Galaxy Nexus Verizon
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To install, wipe then install ROM, install GoogleApps and reboot!

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM? You will need a rooted Galaxy Nexus first. Please read our Galaxy Nexus FAQ if you are new to all this FIRST!

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11 Responses to Xenon HD ROM for Galaxy Nexus GSM/Verizon

  1. Silas24 says:

    hey max,

    only posting this question here as the tab site seems to get less traffic. Are there any new ICS roms out for the 10.1 tabs you’d recommend ?

  2. Justin Thomas says:

    Can you review BAMF Paradigm for verizon Gnex and Droid Junk rom? Also, what does zipalign apk and sd boost do in start up tweaks? Thank you. I really like enjoy your reviews of these roms. Allows me to see what i will be getting before a flash.

  3. Gsizzle84 says:

    Been on Android since Nexus One, but never rooted my phone ever. Although doing a bit of research online I ended up rooting my Galaxy Nexus for the first time with this Custom ROM and I gotta say it completely changed my perspective about rooting. Visible difference in the performance and battery from Stock version made me a believer.

    Would recommend you guys to flash the franco kernel with this Rom as well.

    Thanks for the amazing user friendly videos, keep up the good job!

  4. altamash says:

    Hey max i just flashed this rom onto my galaxy nexus but my gmail app wont work. is there a way to fix it? thanks

  5. mikidof says:

    I did the AnTuTu benchmark with the xenon and the aokp and with the xenon (1200MHz) i managed to get around 4980 points but with the aokp (1200MHz) i got over 6000 points:/ aokp had issues with losing signal though so i’ll keep this rom for a few days at least and see how it works in terms of battery life and signal. It’s looking good so far and i dont think the benchmark is really an accurate representation of the everyday performance such as smoothness and webpage loading speed etc.

  6. Bill says:

    Play Store was missing and I had to download the APK.

    • Bill says:

      Oops, didn’t read the above for the Google apk set 😉

    • Bill says:

      Been using XENON all day today. I haven’t measured performance yet, but I can perceive that its faster than stock. It generally takes about a 20% improvement before a user will notice it. Will let you know how the battery life fares. With stock, I get the standard 4 hours of heavy use per charge and the screen on full bright.

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