Paranoid Android ICS ROM for Galaxy Nexus![GSM/Sprint/Verizon][Tablet Hybrid Mode]

Here’s an update on the Paranoid Android ICS ROM for Galaxy Nexus we saw couple weeks back. Now the ROM is available for all GSM, Sprint, and Verizon Galaxy Nexus and comes with a really neat feature that lets you adjust phone/tablet mode and DPI for each app you run.

In layman’s terms, you can now run phone of tablet mode of any app on the Play Store. Besides that, you get a nice phone/hybrid user interface you will not find on any other ROMs. I think this is one of the best ICS ROMs out there and gives you that special feeling when you run this ROM.

Try it out and let me know what you think of this awesome ROM!

Rating: 4.95 out of 5

How to Install Video:

Download ROM:

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Credits – XDA

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57 Responses to Paranoid Android ICS ROM for Galaxy Nexus![GSM/Sprint/Verizon][Tablet Hybrid Mode]

  1. samer says:


  2. John says:

    the navigation bar never appears ………tried reeboting several times and switching on and off the hybrid mode …..plz help

  3. nicholas whitney says:

    Help, I installed my gapps wiped cache in app and recovery, changed dpi, changed UI to phone, tried market enabler, but still cannot install most of my apps in market… it says your device is not compatible

  4. Hump says:

    Hey does the camera work now?

    Oh and also whats the fix for? O.o

  5. nick says:

    Nope along with others can’t even install

  6. Erik says:

    Tried it, dont love it, very confusing and a tougher interface, going back to Apex

  7. Michal says:

    After two days of using i think Paranoid is better than APEX. Looks like tablet UI or smartphone UI. I like it. Very stable, low battery consumption, very smooth.

  8. Morrie Fink says:

    I installed Paranoid on my Nexus it works great! But I can’t get the phone to ring on incoming calls. How do I fix that?

    • meteriso says:

      i noticed when i installed this rom …i didn’t have a ringtone it was set to silence by default when installed so i changed it 2 a ringtone under settings then sound ….it works

      • Morrie Fink says:

        Thanks meteriso!
        I only wiped the cache the first time around. After a Google search I found I needed to wipe the cache and the dalvik cache. And reinstalled Paranoid Android and it is working fine now.

  9. Mario says:

    Took some getting used to but seems great so far. Very cool to create a hybrid rom.

  10. Eric R. says:

    I have been watching the Paranoid Android boot animation for 5 minutes now… not a bootloop, its not bouncing back to the Google and going back to the boot animation, but kinda getting worried. Read somewhere else to wipe dalvik cache so I did. If I am correct, that is why I’m watching a long boot animation?

    • Eric R. says:


      Had to wipe cache as well. Working like a charm now.

      • Zach Ruben says:

        I’m having the same issue right now, how did you wipe the cache without being able to boot the phone?

        • Eric R. says:

          Power off, and reboot into recovery by holding volume down while holding the power button. Once there, wipe cache, wipe date, and reinstall the ROM and gapps from SD. That worked for me. But before doing so, search toward the end of the thread on XDA for the toro .09 and find the link for toro 1.1, not listed on this site anywhere.

          By far the best ROM I’ve used. AOKP is great, but this is what I had in mind when I got the GNex.

  11. Mario says:

    So I set a ringtone…but instead of playing the ringtone I hear a song from the music that I placed on the Virtual SD. not that I mind so much other than I am unable to set the ringtone. like it says it does play the music on the sd card as a ringtone rather than what I have set for it. I must say that would be a deal break. a phone with a mind of its own???? EFF that

    • Mario says:

      ok, So unable to use zedge to set ring and notification tones. however after you downlaod it you can use the android system sounds to select the downloaded tones. make sure to do it within the profiles. I used to be a BB user so when I saw the profile option I was very happy. will keep using it. Thanks Max

  12. bigga says:

    OMG!!!! This is the best rom I’ve used ever! I don’t think I can ever go back to anything else

  13. Mario says:

    This rom is not to bad but im still down with AOKP

  14. bigga says:

    I cant send pics. Anybody having that issue? And how do I fix it?

  15. Janak says:

    I cant use facebook. Cant copy any data from my beloved LINUX.

  16. qsaifoddin says:

    Can i unlock verizon cdma galaxy nexus to use it with other service provider

  17. anton says:

    Battery sucks with this rom. with stock from 10 til 6 am i lost just 2-3 precent when i didnt use my phone. with this one o lost like 17 % doing noting.

  18. Sina says:

    Hey, please make a video of Rascream
    Thanks 🙂

  19. Jacob says:

    This Rom looks great and all, but almost every single app that I use are not compatible with this Rom. So, unfortunately I won’t be using it, and hope it gets updated sometime soon and make it more compatible.

  20. Alex says:

    I cant Set access point name! Can any one try!
    Setting > More > Mobile Network Setting> Access point names

  21. vovosparx says:

    Please…someone help me? Everything seems to work fine. Just that my wifi and gps wont respond. They are just not working.

  22. Alex says:

    For me WiFi works!
    I cant go here Setting > More > Mobile Network Setting> Access point names
    can any one try Setting > More > Mobile Network Setting> Access point names

  23. freddy Y says:

    i have a rooted sprint galaxy nexus once I started installing this rom it stops and got an advertisement and a message saying erroor sector 7. . can u guys help me please.. I dont know what that means or what actually happens..

  24. Alex says:

    I cant go here Setting > More > Mobile Network Setting> Access point names
    can any one try Setting > More > Mobile Network Setting> Access point names

  25. altamash says:

    hey i just flashed this rom but i can’t play games like max payne and gta3 it goes blank when i enter the app then returns to the apps tray is this a problem with the kernel? i am on the kernel that came with this rom

  26. SaeiD says:

    im using it !! thats awesome !! feeling like im working with a 4.7 inch Tablet 😀 very stable !! ( of course it has some TINY bugs… not so important .. surely fixed on future patch and updates ! )

  27. Ricky says:

    hi I installed this ROM and followed all steps to install this room, I am using a GSM galaxy nexus. Few days ago my phone was frozen so i took the battery out to restart the phone then it won’t turn on for few hours and won’t even hold a charge, then suddenly a few hours later my phone allow me to turn on and everything was fine. Then yesterday it happen again, my phone got frozen and i took the battery out since then my phone won’t turn on and won’t even charge….. is there a away I can turn back on the phone and solve the problem ? thanks

  28. Morrie Fink says:

    Is they a way to set more than one notification tone?

  29. brently says:

    I love this app but when I go to the market says that all the apps will not work with my device. If they fix.that I’ll use the app like no.ones business

  30. Beau says:

    Is there a way to make Hulu Plus work? It says Required DRM not Supported [93]. It works perfectly fine on some other roms. Has anyone found a fix for this?

  31. anthony says:

    Tried out 0.9b and loved it. All it needed was that jellybean quickness. Downloaded 1.7a last night and its absolutely amazing. No major issues, just a few mods that are usually there are missing(cm9 theme engine) but nothing that would keep me from loving it. I don’t think there’s another ROM out there to get me away from this until the next PA update. Stunning. Nothing like watching iPhone users (or stock android users) look of utter jealousy once they lay there eyes on this piece of custom ROM heaven. Knowing that after seeing this, their phone is no longer as cool as it once was.

  32. luis munoz says:

    I cant send mms in this rom and jelly beans. Only in aopk.why??????????

  33. Thakur says:

    hey man i am running this rom but dude im having a severe problem each time i connect to the comp it doesnt show as a device attached although my android debugging is turned on ………i cant transfer any data or do anything to my phone………….please help

  34. Bon says:

    I cant use Play store and i lost Line app on my device after i install this rom

  35. Faisal says:


    Could Someone please help my, i like the rom but i just cant get in settings.
    And yes i already cleared the cache

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