MIUI ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/CDMA]

MIUI ROM is a fairly well-known ROM for Android, probably as famous as CyanogenMod ROM. I’ve tried this ROM on many other Android devices before but none like experience on the Galaxy Nexus.

First of all, MIUI ROM wasn’t supported well on other 4G smartphones (where 4G was never ever developed) but on the Galaxy Nexus it does indeed work fine even for the CDMA 4G LTE Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

One of the coolest features about MIUI ROM is that you can easily download hundreds of free themes and change themes on your phone. Other than that, you might like the clean-cut user interface that turns your phone into something else.

Not everyone like this ROM but for those of you who love custom themes, you will fall in love with this ROM.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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Download ROM for GSM Galaxy Nexus

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Download ROM for CDMA Galaxy Nexus

Credits – XDA

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8 Responses to MIUI ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/CDMA]

  1. SaeiD says:

    Hi.. there is a problem on INCOMING CALLS …
    when somebody call me… every thing is OK but my phone only show his/her number ,,, the Contact Name is not shown !
    i ve check all settingz ,… nothing changed !

  2. ekmal says:

    is it ICS 4.0.4 ??

  3. Riyaz says:

    WiFi doesnt work on this ROM. im on ICS 4.0.2

  4. Mike says:

    I wish the review would let us know if everything worked or not. I don’t want to spend a whole day flashing a ROM only to find out the camera or video does not work. A review of known issues would be far more appreciated in my opinion rather then saying mostly everything works LOL. If the ROM is a total waste of time it takes forever to get my phone setup back the way it was even with TB and such 🙁 I remember flashing the ported ICS for my SGS2 because the review said pretty much everything worked. Later I found out that you could not power off the phone unless you pulled the battery, my stock ROM is so much better than that, it was a complete waste of time. I don’t think you should make a review unless you actually review the ROM and know what your talking about. I love this site for the unlock procedures and being able to return your phone back to stock I just wish the reviews had some insight.

  5. Ronaldo says:

    I used this ROM for a couple of days, I love the interface and the theme capability it provides. I did not have issues with calls now showing contact name etc, and camera and video recorder worked fine. What I didn’t like is that it got laggy simply gliding through the screens, it just wasn’t fluid like stock or the stock derivatives currently available. Another thing that I missed was the app drawer. I have close to 200 apps installed and performed the tedious task of sorting them into folders. Either that or just stick with 10 screens.

    My suggestion to the MIUI ROM devs is to polish this port even more and make basic navigation completely fluid. Interface is quite sexy and while I ran it on my phone I thought this is how iOS should have looked, mixture of widgets and icons.

    My suggestion to us common users, if you want something completely different from the stock look then this is a great option, just don’t expect the stock feel. I flashed AOKP because simple things like fluidity and the humble app drawer is much more important to me than eye-candy (not to stay the stock ICS look isn’t sexy, cause it is). If you’re coming from stock, backup your ROM before flashing. If you get disappointed with it and don’t have your expectations met then simply restore from back up.

  6. Len Kiat Leong says:

    I’m using MIUI 2.5.11 and i’m disappointed with:
    1) Sliding between desktops is laggy at times.
    2) Audio cues from RunKeeper app is stuttering while listening to TuneIn concurrently. Stock 4.0.4 seems to be ok.

    However, i’m very happy with:
    1) Hundreds of Themes
    2) More desktops (seems like unlimited)
    3) Able to hide selective notifications
    4) Beautiful transition effects, e.g., page, rotate, 3D, falldown and etc.
    5) More power controls from notification drop down
    6) Able to lock specific app
    7) Direct launch app (phone, message, camera and etc.) from lock screen
    8) Weekly (Friday 1700hrs) update
    9) So far, everything else is working as stock except those two i mentioned above..


  7. Jackfruit says:

    This ROM sucks on the Gnex. Graphics aren’t high res enough to fix the screen without being stretched. Also, ICS 4.0.4 drops service constantly. Every time the phone goes into sleep mode the signal drops. Don’t install this yet. Its not fleshed out properly. Maybe in a few months.

  8. Saeid says:

    Bullshit rom… somehow it’s feeling of ios iphone.. hey buddy it’s Android

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