LiquidSmooth ROM v1.4 for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [Verizon/GSM]

Here’s an update on LiquidSmooth ROM v1.4 for rooted Galaxy Nexus users.

For version 1.4, many features have been updated like Music Player Playback, Hotboot, Bluetooth, MMS(includes outgoing Timestamp accuracy fix), GPS, Deep Sleep, NFC/Google Wallet, and also now comes with Franco kernel.

LiquidSmooth ROM is certainly one of the best ROMs for your Galaxy Nexus so give this version a go if you haven’t already and let me know what you think of this ROM.

Download ROM:

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See previous versions:

Version 1.3

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51 Responses to LiquidSmooth ROM v1.4 for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [Verizon/GSM]

  1. Sayed says:

    Do i have to install Google apps with it ?

    and when i go to the download page for my GSM GNEX , i see two files, should i install the first then install the second extras’ file ?

  2. Sotiris says:

    Some say that LiguidSmooth is faster and has more performance than AOKP. Would you agree with that? And which would you consider to be more stable/less buggy? I am currently on AOKP, which I like very much.


    • Sayed says:

      I agree, this ROM is much faster than other ROM i’ve ever tried,

      been using it since last night, i just needed it to read arabic characters and i did it by installing a mod from Liquidsmooth’s old threads.

      i don’t know what they did that made it that fast, really it made me think i’m holding a different phone.

  3. Richard says:

    Any idea on what the extras are about. Just downloading now but didnt want to add additional stuff I dont need.

  4. atomic says:

    Liquid 1.4 comes with GAPPS built in. What the extras contains can be found on the bottom of the first post here:

    Note, that post is for the VERIZON gnex only.

    Additionally, I suggest you get the lastest franco kernel with this. Go ahead and get nightly version 175, and get the one with the full 512mhz gpu, not the 384mhz gpu version that comes with liquid 1.4. The 512mhz gpu has BETTER battery life… and the signal drop issues are pretty much gone with franco.kernel 175.

  5. Hawk says:

    You didnt rate this one, I trust your rom rating dude

  6. Lagnis says:

    I still believe AOKP is better for the GSM Galaxy Nexus. I noticed that Liquid has a small overall file size when downloading the ROM package, which means they have removed something. One big deal breaker for me was the loss of the smooth screen rotate animation. When you rotate in Liquid, it just goes directly from landscape to portrait in a choppy way. It is quick but I prefer the smoothness of the animation which you keep in AOKP. One of the main reasons I will stay on AOKP M5.

  7. Petr says:


    Google voice recognition not working for other than English because of missing Foreign language packs

  8. Kurtie_R says:

    Hey Max thanks for posting an updated Rom review. Fantastic job as always! What’s your personal fav? I haven’t been able to find a rom that performs as well or as fast as this one.

  9. Frank says:

    First attempt at flashing a custom ROM. On the Verizon version I see Toro and Tuna versions. Currently using TUNA stock. Do I need both files or just Tuna version? I ask because of the first comment. Thxs a neophyte noob!

  10. Frank says:

    Phone is rooted

  11. Just moved from AOKP B37. Liquid 1.4 is a very stable, performance based ROM. I can see myself staying on Liquid for a long time if the updates roll out frequent enough. Plenty of customization features & themes. This ROM gets alot of love

  12. Richard says:

    I’m trying to view an email attachment that’s in a RTF file does anyone know of a viewer which will open it

  13. Erik says:

    My Screen lighting has gone extremely dark. I turned off Auto, and have it at the max and it is barely visable. When I reboot it comes up normal and bright, then as its loading it goes dark. I was running AOPK but now have this ROM and use franco kernal. Any ideas?

  14. zuppo says:

    Noob here…just flashed Liquid Smooth v1.4 on my gsm galaxy nexus and I am unable to connect via bluetooth. Would replacing the bluetooth.apk from a previous version (or stock ICS?) solve this? Tried reinstalling the rom and ensured wiped, tried several other BT devices yet none recognized…any ideas?

  15. Andy says:

    does gps work on 1.4? it doesnt seem be working well for me

    Running Liquidsmooth 1.4 with Trinity Kernel

  16. leaveMe says:

    I just wonder why every file .apk has date modified 28-Feb-08?

  17. David says:

    Tried to set my APN again… but can’t find the option in the menus! Does anyone know why’s that?

  18. Trevor says:

    Hey there – noob here, first time rooting and ROM’ing – so far everything is awesome and love this, BUT, my bluetooth sometimes has issues reconnecting once I’ve gotten out of the car. Usually have to reboot the phone. Is this something I’m doing wrong or just a quirk of this particular ROM?

  19. rebretz000 says:

    After I install the toro file, do I immediately install tuna or reboot first. Let toro load up. do i need to factory reset before flashing tuna in then since its just extras or can i just flash it.

  20. Akhtar Rind says:

    This ROM is very nice but I am facing problem therefore going back to AOKP. Please help me as I wasnt to use this ROM. There is no URDU, or Arabic or Persian language/fonts support. All three languages are based on same scripts. Is there any solution? I can read Urdu Language fonts very easy on APEX or AOPK.
    Looking forward feedback.

  21. Nick says:

    Is the bluetooth fix on LiquidSmooth ROM v1.4 adding Bluetooth MAP Profiles? Looking to hook this phone up to my Ford Sync. (Text Messages) If not, can you recommend a ROM that addresses this?


  22. Jesus A says:

    Is their any type of equalizer built into this rom cant seem to find it?

  23. Riley Swanson says:

    Should I be worried about the fact that my Galaxy Nexus is saying I only have 695MB of RAM?

  24. rishi says:

    great rom. great battery life especially with the franco kernel. the only issue with liquid smooth roms is the last panel on effects in the camera editing section dont work ever for instance face glow etc.. not too bothered, but what i am bothered with is that when u take a picture and click in the preview section, this version has taken out the delete button.

  25. Pingback: [AOSP]LiquidSmooth-ICS-v1.4 ROM[5/18/2012][Maguro] - Page 3

  26. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the post Max, but I random into a little bit of problem. I installed the ROM and my camera seems to have stopped working entirely. I’ve tried rebooting and restarting my phone but it still doesn’t work. Can you help me out?

    • Ralph B says:

      Did you install the extras with the ROM?
      You gotta flash the ROM, then flash extras, then reboot. I forgot the extras the first time I used this ROM

      • Kevin says:

        This is my only ROM. But the weird thing is that everything was working for a couple days, then the camera stopped working. I’ll give it a shot to see if it’ll work.

  27. Darrell says:

    just wonder if anyone knows when Liquid version 1.5 will be out? I saw a link and downloaded 1.5 but I don’t think it was for Verizon CDMA

  28. Kousha says:

    Hi there,

    I installed this ROM, first Maguro, then Tuna, but now my phone does not turn on! It shows the Liquid ROM ICS animation, and it is stock on that screen!! What do I do?!


    • Max Lee says:

      Try another rom or do a fresh install.

      • danny says:

        I had this problem when I first flashed the rom. I realized that I forgot to wipe the phone before the install. Without doing that, my phone would sit on the boot animation forever. I went back into recovery mode, wiped the phone, reinstalled the rom, and it was fine. Try that if you haven’t already.

  29. pat says:

    Having problems getting GPS to work.

    I’m in OZ on Telstra gsm. Any ideas?

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