Jelly Beans ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint]

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Jelly beans, jelly beans, jelly beans…. Jelly Beans ROM are FINALLY here for your rooted Galaxy Nexus, now available in all GSM, Verizon, and Sprint flavors.

UPDATE: Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 IS OUT NOW CLICK HERE TO SEE!!!

These are all fully functional Jelly Beans ROMs that will allow you to try the future of Android “right now”.

Many of the Jelly Beans features are “subtle” but vastly improves the performance of your phone including buttery smooth user interface, enhanced voice recognition, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Flash Jelly Beans and let me know what you think!

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Download for Sprint Galaxy Nexus

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182 Responses to Jelly Beans ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint]

  1. Vance says:

    Nice one Zedo!! Im your #1 fan! lol!

  2. rudy says:

    any chance of jellybean roms for galaxy note i717?

  3. Nova says:

    Thank you! All you do is much appreciated!

  4. David says:

    Pretty smooth rom overall. There was a problem with the gallery but other than that its buttery smooth. I tried flashing back to my old roms but now it just gets stuck on the start up screen.

  5. Mind says:

    Love your last sentence!

    by the way, could you please tell me how to flash this rom? Now I’m using 4.0.4 ICS rooted.

    Can’t wait to upgrade my phone to jellybean.

  6. daniel says:

    i was wondeering cuz im getting a galaxy nexus soon. is this jellybean rom thae actual ota update or is it some kind of leaked version cuz the ota update for the galaxy nexus hasent come out yet

  7. Mohan says:

    Hey guyz my nexus has very low loudspeaker sound is there any fix in this version for it

  8. Mohan says:

    hello kevin i tried it in my stock ics 4.0.4 rom but no difference in volume

  9. Lagnis says:

    Did you flash the root protect zip along with the radio posted at the XDA thread?

  10. Mohan says:

    Hey guys thanks for your help I don’t what I did but now volume+ works but when I keep the volume at 16 it is good but @ 20 it goes in not louder. Any how there is miss in quality.

  11. george says:

    do I need to wipe the ICS 4.0.4 to install JB 4.1

  12. Mohan says:

    Hey guys thanks for your help I don’t know what I did but now volume+ works but when I keep the volume at 16 it is good but @ 20 it goes in not louder. Any how there is miss in quality.

    Now about jelly bean
    Is this one features everything what jelly bean has.

  13. Erik says:

    Really liking this ROM, read some online reviews and seems great.

    Is anyone still running Franco Kernel on this?

    • casey says:

      I am running the latest 207 kernel that Franco released last night. Everything’s working smooth as far as that goes.

      I am having trouble with my signal indicator being grey all the time and google now not working.

      • Jon says:

        This is most likely because you are not connecting to the google servers. The signal bars (and/or WiFi) turn when the connection is made. That is why google (prob gchat) are not working. Most probable reason this happened is because you use titanium backup and restored some sys settings instead of just missing apps. Just reflash rom / data-factory reset etc… and when you use titanium backup round II, only restore missing apps + data… don’t restore all or anything that says system data. Should work like a charm πŸ™‚

  14. Lagnis says:

    Can people who flashed this day whether they also flashed SuperSU as noted on XDA (if SU is already installed is this needed?) and if the radio flash is needed?

  15. Joe says:

    After flashing this update, my phone locks up on the “rainbow colored X” screen and I have to run recovery and restore a backup to get my phone to work. Any ideas why it can’t complete the upgrade? I am running 4.04 on a rooted Nexus.



    • Ameer says:

      That usually happens when you don’t wipe the cache/data

    • james says:

      i assume you did a full wipe. this will mean the boot up time will be a lot longer then just a dirty flash. (no wipe) mine took a good min to min and a half to actually boot so just let it sit on the x screen as long as it is cycling colors around the x then you should be good.

  16. Myers says:

    Hey..I’m pretty green to the flashing world. I’m going to use Rom-Manager on my Vzw Nexus. I’ve got the image on my phone. Can I just use Rom Manager to flash Jellybean now? Assuming that I wipe cache during the flash?


  17. Chaos says:

    Does anyone notice that after flashing the phone gets hot fast…. Vzw nexus

  18. Helpmeplease! says:

    So basically i flashed this rom and worked perfectly fine when i first booted it up. I turned off my phone then pressed the power back on and now it either gets stuck on the google logo, or goes into the animation and resets the phone. I tried wiping all caches and reflashing the rom, but nothing seems to fix that problem. Please help!

  19. VikasNarula says:

    the only issue i am getting is cant get root permission to most of root access require app.
    (e.g root explorer and stickmount)

  20. Bill says:

    After flashing this ROM, I lost root privileges. I restored to my 4.0.4 backup without incident.

  21. Mohan says:

    Guys what is the efficient way to have charge for a full day in nexus mine stands for just 8 hours kindly reply because I tried many useless apps

  22. Mario says:

    when doing a voice search I dont get the google girl talking back to me. anyone else having this issue?

    • anon says:

      I had this issue. I got it to work by going to the lock screen and dragging the circle to the google at the top (as opposed to unlocking or going to the camera). It started a tutorial and the voice worked after that.

  23. Do you say it’s smoother than any current rom out there for the nexus?

  24. Mohan says:

    After installing jelly bean my push email in gmail app doesn’t work please help me
    Because I need push email

  25. Brad says:

    Installed fine. Lost superuser privelages… Titanium backup wont run and clockwork mod wont restore. Not sure whats going on.. anyone else have this problem?

    • Mario says:

      dud u install the CWMsu fix? this is V1 which needs the Su fix to prevent loosing root access. v2 does not need to run the Su fix

      • Jim says:

        Im a bit confused on what CWMsu fix is. Could you direct me to a guide?

        • james says:

          pretty much go to the how to root galaxy nexus post on this website and in the zip file that you download will be a super user zip file. put it on your phone and just flash it and you will regain root

  26. Mohan says:

    I installed it yesterday so long it works flawlessly
    But fsecure and mxplayer app were not working

  27. bsiders says:

    Its awesome, Google search doesnt work if you try to set up the thing for it, theres no camera app, cant send or receive pictures but ill just wait till the official release of it.

    • rishi says:

      if you google you can get the camera as others reported not having the camera. not sure why this is, but for me everything works smoothly

      • bsiders says:

        Weird, I tried 5 times flashing the rom on there, i did with and with out data, made sure i cleared the cache and still no camera, and on the lock screen if you go up to use the google and setup the google thing it wont respond any more, i really wanted to get everything to work because im on AOKP 40 and its having a ton of issues with bluetooth and wifi, and when i run jellybean they work perfect, but i needed the camera for my reception and i cloudnt get it to work, and i looked at rom manager to see if they had update google apps and what not, and theres nothing there, but other then that it runs very smoothly i think ill just wait till the real version comes along and install it that way. i dont mind waiting.

  28. steve says:

    Hey I just wanted to say u flash pretty much every rom from you and this one is the only one I have a problem with it doesn’t install properly it just sits on the Google boot logo and won’t go past it so I has to reflash liquid

  29. Legacyofboom says:

    Everything workes for me. Love it!

  30. Mario says:

    This rom SUUUCKS! its like no testing at all was done with this. Bluetooth sucks the response time is even worse than ICS stock going back to AOKP. thanks for the info though Max keep up the good work.

    • Micky Hunt says:

      Running for two days – trying to hold on to it – but think I will go back to AKOP build 39 until a customized JB is available. I found that my bluetooth range was deminished greatly and that my wifi drops more often than before – so radio issues I guess. Thanks for making it so easy to give it a try!

  31. Ernest says:

    Verizon – Really surprised at how well the look & feel blend with the interface. Google surprises again & again. Only issue seems to be the connectivity to my wireless network. Hope it is just a fluke, and I need to reset my equipment. It would be a shame to be treated to eye candy without getting a taste!

  32. James says:

    Hey MAX! Everything went well, I am running Jelly bean..Wanted to test and make sure CWMR worked and it did but when i reboot from there I get stuck on the black Google screen with the unlocked logo. Any reason for this??? Worried I won’t be able to flash any thing from here…

  33. Ken says:

    Just installed jelly bean 4.1 on an unlocked GSM nexus. Now I don’t have data? Did I miss something?

  34. David says:

    It is so smooth… but I came back to my liquid rom. I couldn’t live anymore without some features of custom roms. Making the menu buttons smaller and sometimes going full screen is just killer for me.
    Can’t wait for a custom jelly bean, though!

  35. Mike says:

    Amazing! After figuring out some kernel issues everything is running smooth as butter–project butter. Thanks for your work on this Max–great job!

    • Mike says:

      One minor issue I found: The mobile network name is set to “Roaming Indicator Off.” Any way to change that?

  36. Hans says:

    I am pretty new to all this…so here is my question….(G Nexus vzw)

    Flashed to JB np following the instructions. If I go into recovery mode now it still says unlocked; however, when I load Titanium it says I don’t have super user access Specifically, it says

    “Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This application will *not* work! Please verify that your ROM is rooted and includes BusyBox, and try again. This attempt was made using the “/system/bin/su” command.”

    Is it just that the bootloader is unlocked but I still need to go back and re-root this ROM?

    • Erik says:

      I’ve flashed about 10 different ROMs without problems, but with JB I had the same issue, I “lost root” even though the flash worked. It caused lots of problems, and I tried re-rooting, reflashing to other ROMs and nothing worked, my phone wasnt even turning on. So I had to reset to factory, and have been using that until a newer JB rom comes out.

      • Mike says:

        I didn’t lose root when I flashed, but looks like James answered your question above: “pretty much go to the how to root galaxy nexus post on this website and in the zip file that you download will be a super user zip file. put it on your phone and just flash it and you will regain root.” Should solve your problem.

    • James says:

      Gs people try reading the other comments before you post yours. Your question/problem has been explained multiple times. Just put super user zip on phone go to recovery and flash it boom you have root again

  37. Hans says:

    I re-ran the instructions for rooting the phone and its working fine now.

  38. Max Lee says:

    You can always reroot the phone in the worst case the ics root method still works on jelly.

  39. Rob says:

    Is there still a problem with weak Wi-Fi signal on the Jelly Bean ROM?

  40. Ken says:

    Hey all. I am new to this. I have successfully rooted my Sprint Nexus, I installed JB, rebooted my phone, but it got stuck on the X. I read above about wiping the cache, so I wiped the cache, rebooted again, but still gets stuck on the X. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do? I am at a loss.

    Thanks so much!

    • Mike says:

      Did you wipe the Dalvik Cache too? Just wipe both caches, reflash the ROM and you should be good to go.

      • Ken says:

        I did wipe both caches. Should I wipe both before, after, or both? πŸ™‚

        And thanks so much!

        • Mike says:

          The standard process is to wipe the caches before you flash the ROM. On your recovery tool there’s also the option to wipe the system. When I ran into trouble, I wiped all three, then reflashed the ROM.

          • Ken says:

            Well, I cleared both cache’s and the system, then reflashed the ROM, but I still just get the darn X. I am seriously frustrated and don’t know what to do.

            Any other ideas?

            Thanks so much again!

            • Mike says:

              I hate to ask a dumb question, but are you sure you’re flashing the right ROM? The Sprint version is called

              • Ken says:

                Yea, that’s the one I’m installing. Unless somehow I got a corrupt version… but then I suppose it wouldn’t complete, right? I am seriously banging my head against a wall. Should I wipe anything else? Or could it be a permissions issue?

                • Ameer says:

                  Recover back to your previous rom for now and Re-Download the Jelly Beans ROM and try again? Wipe cache before and after

                  • Ken says:

                    I apologize, but I am new to this. How do I do that?

                    • Ameer Khalil says:

                      Do you have CWM recovery installed? The way you flashed the ROM. There should be an option on that menu that says restore /backup. Get what I mean?

                • Ken says:

                  I just checked the box that says “Zip file signature verification” for the install and it fails immediately. So, now how do I get a good copy of the zip file and get it on my device?

                  • Ken says:

                    OMG, I think I am completely screwed. I didn’t know to make a backup before installing this new ROM and so I have no backup. Is there a way to get this back to the previous ROM another way? I wish I would have known cause I feel so stupid right now.

                    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


                    • Ameer Khalil says:

                      Yeah just go back to recovery mode and install/flash another ROM

                    • Mike says:

                      Don’t worry Ken. You’re not completely screwed, but you may have some work ahead of you. I don’t believe this file includes a signature verification so that check isn’t going to tell you much, but it does sound like there a problem with the file. You probably need another file on your device to flash. You should be able to add files through the android SDK, but there are a few steps to it. Do a search for the SDK and follow the steps to install and get it running. It might take awhile, but you should get things up and running again.

          • Steve says:

            Hmm, tried that also.. Still stuck at the google X.. I’ll wait a while longer…

    • rishi says:

      try waiting for atleast 15 minutes as some people have reported to wait quite a long while. not sure why tho mine booted at normal speed as any other rom but just in case before you flash another rom you might aswell wait

      • Ken says:

        I have waited like 1.5 hrs, and nothing but the X… I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?


  41. Richard says:

    Is it necessary to reinstall cwmr. Everything else worked great but I can’t reboot into recovery

  42. Ronnie says:

    So after reading all post here we go; I’m running aokp build 40 and Franco m4 kernal and It’s lightning fast. So if I understand correctly, I wipe everything, flash 4.1 which I downloaded through rom toolbox along with SU fix and wifi fix and I’ll still have free wifi tether which is a must and root access? Verizon Gnex LTE. I’m pumped on this rooting and rom and kernal stuff and I’ve had great success so far; I’m waiting for the proverbial brick though. What say all your rom heads?

  43. bsiders says:

    So, I noticed i was having more issues coming from AOKP to jelly bean, so did this as a test, and this might seem crazy! but, I installed paranoid, the paranoid fix, then installed jelly bean and everything works perfect, except for the fact i still cant send a receive pics, but thats what emails are for,

    • Ameer Khalil says:

      That’s weird, I came from Paranoid and the only thing wrong is the GPS. I been sending and receiving MMS all week

  44. Ahmed says:

    hey!!!! please help me yo upgrade my nexus to jelly bean, I’m really scared, is this a risk??? how could I back up this 4.0.4?? and restore if jelly beans not perfect in my phone… pls answer me

  45. Ken says:

    Mike – I couldn’t reply any more to that thread. You mentioned installing the Android SDK so I could get files on this phone since the current one seems corrupt and I hadn’t done a backup so I have no way of getting the new file onto the device. I have this installed but not sure how to transfer files through it? Can you please explain? I am really hoping I can find a good version of the file and transfer it and save my phone.

    Thanks again!!!

    • Erik says:

      Hi Ken, I have been rooted for a long time, my gNexus for months, and my OG droid before that. I had the exact same situaiton as you, I tried every combination of cache/data clearing, and re-flashing files, and abosultly nothing worked. I even tried reverting to my clockwork backup and re-flashing to older ROMs (a good habit, always leave the old ROM zips on your phone). And ocassionally it would turn on but even then would have trouble. Eventually I had to do a factory reset, wiped the phone, reverted to stock, un rooted.

      After that a day later I started from the begining, re-rooted, re-flashed and have been good since. Also when you hold volume and press power cant you transfer files from Fastboot if you are hooked to your PC? Or reboot into recovery and use the mount feature there?

      • Ken says:

        Thanks Erik… but when you did the factory reset did you revert to a backup? I didn’t do a backup (STUPID) and am paying for it. I hope there is a way to just get the phone back to its original state so I can try again. But this time I WILL do a backup first. lol


    • Mike says:

      Ken, I guess links are subject to moderation. QBKing77 has some great how to videos on YouTube. Search for “How to Unbrick Sprint Galaxy Nexus.” That should straighten you out.

      • Ken says:

        Mike, thanks so so much for all your comments… I appreciate it more than you know.

        However, his video to unbrick the phone is based on a backup (which I don’t have cause I am STUPID), so that won’t work.

        I am trying to find a way without a backup and I am not coming up with much.


        • Mike says:

          Are you sure you looked @ the right video? Qbking77 actually includes the Sprint files you need to get back to stock. I haven’t tried it myself, but it should flash the stock rom back to your device through Odin without searching for a recovery file.

          • Ken says:

            Mike – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I found that video and using Odin was able to set my phone back to normal. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

            However, after I got it back it was still unlocked, so this time I actually did a backup, then cleared both cache’s, then put on the, then cleared the cache’s again. But again, it is still just hanging at the X.

            Any ideas?


            • Mike says:

              Good to hear you got things working again. Did you download a new copy of the ROM zip file? You’ll also only need to wipe the caches once. Just boot to recovery, back up your current ROM, wipe caches, install a fresh copy of and reboot. You’re almost there.!

              • Ashwin says:

                Mike, I’ve got a question I hope you can clear up. Whenever I use the phone’s voice service, and ask what the temperature is -without specifying where- it automatically shows me that of Washington DC. I’m living in Toronto, and I’d assume the Phone should use its location services to figure that out. Know a fix?

                • Mike says:


                  I wish I could check that for you, but I live in Washington DC! Do the rest of your location services work (i.e. commute card in Google Now, etc.)?

                  • Ashwin says:

                    They seem to work fine, its just that one issue πŸ™ I’d assume the official version would have it all sorted out, just curious to know if anyone else is having a similar issue.

  46. jacky says:

    Good evening I want to know when I install the rom Jelly Beans 4.1 the camera is gone and the application to start a search with the sound of my voice does not work or can come to this problem is? THANK YOU

  47. okd74 says:

    very nice rom i tried it

  48. Ashwin says:

    Tested on WIND Mobile Galaxy Nexus, works great, snappy and virtually bug free.
    Great work, and thanks for sharing,

  49. ram0889 says:

    Been using this ROM for a couple of days now.
    It’s been working great!

  50. Jye says:

    I’ve been using Jellybeans for a while now, and only have one issue. The ROM comes with superuser, and I’ve gotten myself access to root. but I keep getting a popup message:
    “shell has been granted superuser access”
    I get this message about 200 times in a few minutes.


  51. Nate says:

    I want to offer help to anyone having the “X” screen problem. ONe thing that I tried and it helped me was to not only wipe the cache(s)but to also do a factory reset. It would not load on my Sprint phone past the “X” screen without doing this first. I have done the same process a few times and it never goes through unless first doing a factory reset. Hope that helps someone! Also, is anyone having issues with sending pictures via text message? Mine wont go through.

  52. Hamlet says:

    It’s been working great so far, I just have a question. Can I go back to custom roms with 4.0.4 without any kind of trouble like Paranoid Android or AOKP? Thanks!

  53. ilker says:

    I am fan I love this web side.
    I have Galaxi Nexus. It has message notification and email notification but it doesnt missed call.
    I need missed call nofication. Could please tell me how I can do?

  54. matt says:

    Flashed JB rom, turned off phone and when I tried to boot up my phone again, it got stuck in a bootloop. Tried booting into recovery, wiped data, cache and dalvik cache, re-installed the rom and still stuck in a bootloop. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I am kind of on panic mode! Thanks guys!

    btw, i’m on an old CWM prime…could this be the problem?

    • Mike says:

      There are a couple of suggestions further up in the post on getting things up and running. I’d try the factory reset first. If that doesn’t work restore your old setup and start from scratch with a newly downloaded copy of this rom.

  55. Jenny says:

    hey…i used this for about 2 week, and it work flawlessly … then suddenly my phone stuns and shut down it self…and i can’t open it already!!!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • Mike says:

      Can you get it to recovery mode? You may want to try to reflash the rom if you can. If not my advice to Ken above in regards to restoring through Odin might work for you.

  56. Jenny says:

    what can i do now…. i took my battery in and out and it just can’t even go into recovery or download mod…i did’n do anything to my phone, and it just shut down it self… i think my phone is dead?!?!?!

    • Mike says:

      Wow, that’s not good. Have you tried rebooting while it’s plugged in? I’m not sure you have many options to restore if you can’t get it to power in.

      • Jenny says:

        will it possible to be the battery problem???

        • Mike says:

          If it boots up while plugged in then it’s a good chance that the battery is the problem.

          • Jenny says:

            when i took my battery out and my computer recognize me…but after a few second it disconnect…but when i put my battery in, it don’t even have respond…. so it is the battery problem?

            • Mike says:

              Sounds like a good possibility. Can you get your hands on a spare?

              • Jenny says:

                no…i don’t have a spare…): will get it on ebay.. will reply you when this works….hope that it is a good news….(:

                • Mike says:

                  Check it out @ a Sprint store. They’ll have a battery for you there to test it for free.

                  • Jenny says:

                    if i change my battery and it still can’t open then what should i do?

                    • Mike says:

                      What’s your insurance status? Sounds like you may need a new phone. Anyone else care to weigh in here? Can a galaxy nexus that fails to power on be resurrected?

  57. daniel says:

    Well if u can somehow get ur computer to recognize ur phone u could push the correct files to ur phone and that would fix it. U can also look on google for how to fix a bricked galaxy nexus.

  58. David Butts says:

    i need the stock recovery img for the galaxy nexus

  59. Ameer says:

    How do I regain root access?

    • Ameer says:

      Do I do the same thing I did when I rooted ICS?

      • Max Lee says:

        yup same root method.

        • Ameer says:

          After I’ve done that I had root access then used ROM Manager to flash recovery but then it took root access away. I re-rooted but it doesn’t work anymore.

          • Gerald Prado says:

            What’s not working anymore? The recovery?
            I had an issue where the recovery would freak out, figured it was the rom so I went ahead and put all the needed files on the storage, then went back in to fastboot and re-flashed the recovery from terminal then once that was done I flashed the cwm superuser and the rom and wipe then it was workng.

  60. Gerald Prado says:

    I’m having an issue with mms messages not sending. text’s go through fine and I don’t have any issues with data, but they will not send through. Already did a complete wipe and still no luck. Any ideas?

    • Ameer says:

      That’s been happening with me too but my 4G/3G drops sometimes, that’s probably why

      • Gerald Prado says:

        I just threw down the AOKP milestone 6 and my MMS worked without any issues. The problem is with the rom.

        Jumped back and forth just to make sure and AOKP is working every time. I’m sure soon here everything will be functioning. Especially once sprint releases an official rom.

        • Mike says:

          You have to replace the telephony files. It’s posted in a bunch of different places. Just search for it and you should find what you need to get MMS up and running.

  61. wtf says:

    I’ve installed this FW a week ago and i received an update notification today. I tried to installed it, The phone reboots and when it tries to apply the update i get the Android Robot and an exclamation mark in yellow triangle. Any ideas why this happens ?

  62. Jim says:

    I have a question (concern/problem) with my rooted Galaxy Nexus.

    My Email and Gmail app was working fine on this ROM up until last week. They both took a crap on me and they haven’t been sending me notifications when I get new emails.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    Any solutions?


  63. Pino says:

    So I noticed in the video you said sprint will coming out soon with Jellybean but I see in your link that you have one….did you mean the OTA update from sprint?

  64. Ronny says:

    hello, i have a problem with this rom, my wi-fi signial is very low, Does anyone else have this problem?
    Any solutions?

    • Pino says:

      Are you well connected through any of your other devices? If not then try unplugging your wifi and turning back on to see if that helps…

      • Ronny says:

        the wi-fi fun ready with 4.0.4, the problem come when i install jelly bean!!!

        • Pino says:

          I was getting a bit of the same issues and noticed that the closer i was to my receiver the better it worked….but as soon as I went to the next room it i only had two bars….but still worked fine…..I have sprint galaxy

  65. daniel says:

    is there a difference between this jelly bean and the jelly bean that i got an update officially from Google today.(stock rom) is the stock one more developed.

  66. daniel says:

    Anbody knows how can I stop the ota notification I know that i should change a line in the build.prop but I don’t know what to change it to.

  67. daniel says:

    Anbody knows how can I stop the ota notification I know that i should change a line in the build.prop but I don’t know what to change it to.

  68. Mohan says:

    Guys I am a regular visitior to your site it seems you haven’t updated your site since june 28.
    Android jelly bean 4.1.1 is out. AOKP milestone 6 is out but no sign here please do update something.

  69. Wawotz says:

    I have problem flashing my clockworkMod Recovery after installing JellyBean in my Nexus. Is there any way that i can do so that i can flash or update my clockworkMod?

  70. pino says:

    Anyone having battery drainage only having there phone only lasting them about half the day ? I just got my nexus today’s ago rooted and flashed. Or would anyone have tips on how to customize of so it won’t use my battery so much?

  71. Shiv says:

    Hey i’m sorry to be a bother but my friend has a galaxy nexus and he has a huge problem.
    The parameters are as follows:

    It was running 4.0.2 ics initially from the uk and a friend brought it here for him (Toronto Canada).
    He had another friend of ours root it and it worked great.
    He uses it with Moilicity.

    The Problem: On boot, the splash screen will freeze and all of the colored shaps on screen stop moving. This last approximately 15 seconds. Then the phone reboots. The power button is also non responsive.
    SO we were hoping if it wouldn’t be too much trouble if you could just tell us how to fix this when you get a chance. Thank you so much

    • Max Lee says:

      If power button isnt working u need to take it back for warranty they will fix or u can try dissecting the phone for access to it. Does it not work at all?

      • Shiv says:

        Well the phone turns on, goes to the screen with the shapes then freezes and reboots. I was wondering if there was a way maybe using backtrack linux. access it through command line and mess with it from there. Just an idea. I guess we will try the warranty first lol.

  72. Darwin Ruiz says:

    Hi have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Sprint with the Jelly Beans Rom. The problem is that I don’t receive multimedia messages (pictures). Do you think that there is a solution for this problem?
    Thanks you

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