JBSourcery ROM v5.2 for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out JBSourcery ROM v5.2. The latest version of JBSourcery ROM comes with a ton of more feature than the last time we saw this ROM, adding ability to change literally every icon on your phone, swap kernels easily, and a ton more.

Certainly, JBSourcery ROM has set a new bar for custom ROMs on the Galaxy Nexus (and also Android in general) by adding full AOKP-like ROM control features plus much more.

For UI customization, you can use JB Control Center, which is very similar to AOKP ROM Control, just slightly different menus.

The beauty of this ROM is with its JBSourcery Tools in Settings, which allows you to tune your screen, overclock GPU to 512Mhz, High performance audio + volume boost, change your Dialpad graphics, change battery/status bar/soft key/lockscreen circle icons, and just literally infinite number of options.

If it took you a whole day to familiarize yourself with AOKP ROM Control, definitely it will take you another couple days to try out all the features in JBSourcery.

Flash over this week(end) and do let me know what you think but I have a good feeling you will like this one a lot.


Download JBSourcery ROM for Galaxy Nexus GSM

Download JBSourcery ROM for Galaxy Nexus Sprint

Download JBSourcery ROM for Galaxy Nexus Verizon

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset unless coming from previous version of JBSourcery (make sure to make backup ROM/apps beforehand!!!), install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot.

If GoogleNow search force closing, simply update “Google Search” app in Play Store and it will work after that.

Credits – GSM, Sprint, Verizon

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26 Responses to JBSourcery ROM v5.2 for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint]

  1. Eagle1967 says:

    Again thanks for the nice review. But again as asked and ignored before.

    We do not want our rom hosted on another site.

    We dont put tracking statistic software in the rom like most others.

    We do rely on our download streams for information related to our roms usage.

    Having the rom posted here kills this ability for us as it makes it obsolete.

    Please link to our sites download links or or copy the link from our site and use it in your link.


    • sadiqsamm says:

      I like to disagree with you guys…

    • jerome says:

      shut up mother fucker. ! ok stay away from max. be thankfull then go out. we dont need you here.

      • Eagle1967 says:

        If this reply is to me my response follows if not than ignore 🙂

        ist actually i really dont even understand this post is that english and who is max.

        if this is in regards to my request for not hosting our rom on this site.

        1) we are bar far not the first group that asks that our material is not rehosted but pointed back to our site. this is not uncommon.

        2) we have good reasons for this not only including that we do have a care to know the usage of the rom without putting tracking software in the rom itself . could we do it of course cyanogen made it and its very easy to incoorperate its not something we care to use.

        3) while we have our rom extensively tested at times a major bug gets through we prefer to pull the rom so noone else downloads until its fixed we cant do this when its not hosted on our site.

        We give information related to the rom that is only available on our site.

        we match up gapps that work with out rom and at times put in part of things we consider part of the rom in the gapps we supply.

        And as you see this continues to be hosted on this site did i come back and complain no i asked. i cant force them nor would i attempt .

        I ask them not to do this and would expect out of respect for our work they would comply with our wishes, Which they havent which i dont understand actaully.
        Do i not want them to call us the best rom of course not. I really dont think there is a best rom there is just the best rom for you. That doesnt preclude our wishes that people who download our rom are given the information we would like them to have to have a good experience.

        We love the review and of course not only did they do a review which is great they liked the rom and gave a great review. We arent here to make anyone mad we are of course greatful for their time also and for the review. we have reasons we prefer the rom be hosted only where the information we want to give with the rom is given.

        this here doesnt link to our gapps doesnt link to our requested procedure for install for best experience. and wont be updated when a new rom is released as our main release site will.

        I pull all links from a previous rom when i release a rom..
        and 5.1 was downloaded over 1500 times after release of 5.2 so obviously there are others out there that are rehosting the rom. and many of those downloads did not know that bugs in 5.1 were already fixed and may not know where to go for assistance or questions regarding the rom..

        By your post i dont think logic would actually make any sense to you but this is our reasoning.

  2. raymond says:

    this rom looks awesome but after I flashed it I kept getting an annoying force close pop up
    “unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped”. I cant access contacts

    Please help

  3. Matt B says:

    So far this ROM is awesome! I’ve tried plenty of ROMs and this has everything I have liked in any of the others plus more. So much customization, plus speed and stability!

  4. John L. says:

    Installed this ROM and had to uninstall. Phone was working so slowly. Went back to Paranoid Android 3.15.

  5. peter b says:

    Simply awesome. Best ROM I’ve ever tried on my phone. Super fast and smooth. For anyone having issues I suggest doing a Factory Data Reset to do a clean install. This will be my daily driver for a long time to come.

  6. eagle1967 says:

    Definately need a clean install .

    the user stating no contacts your most likely using a gapps that is not compatible and has a contacts app in it.

    this is why we prefer links go to our download links.

    We also have an new awesome gapps package called apps to check out.


  7. mikeZ says:

    I’m currently running JBSourcery V4.4…… Can I just install 5.2 over this version or do I have to reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset ???? What about GAPPS?

    • Shaun says:

      i am not sure, but if your old sourcery 4.4 is on JB 4.1.x…then you will have to do a full wipe and reset…however if it is based on 4.2.x…then you shouldn’t have to, but as a rule of thumb for me, when ever i flash a rom, i always do a wipe…no matter what…also…yes you will have to flash gapps….don’t understand why the developers don’t include it…makes no sense to me….

      • eagle1967 says:

        we dont include them for 2 reasons
        1 being google doesnt want it done.
        2 we have a basic gapps package as well as allow people to use what they want.
        and have a package called zebra which is still a work in progress but is getting cooler all the time.

    • eagle1967 says:

      each 1st number means a major revision of android. While we dont support dirty installs on any new rom we put out.

      We strongly suggest you dont try a dirty install form such as 4.x anything to 5.x anything
      You will end up with fc if not a bootloop.

      Thanks for trying the rom we hope you enjoy it.

  8. Shaun says:

    can some one tell me how to get the proper colors back?? i tried messing with the gamma stuff…not working…everything looks blue…biggest peeve is the text message icon is blue…not green, please help!

    • eagle1967 says:

      colors you can download trickster mod they have a android stock setting in there.

      in kernel settings there is a stock kernel that will also restore to stock screen colors.

      for mms take the mms app out of another rom and put it in the system/app folder either after installed or in zip before install.

      if you like our mms app just pull the apk open it goto the
      res / mipmap-Xhdpi folder in another mms and ours and exchange the png files.
      than just copy it back into system/app

      We prefer the blue

      Hope this helps.

      We have made choices with the rom we beleive are good ones but not everyone likes everything so we try to make it so everythign can be easily changed.

      Changing icons for apps is a little harder but of course you could always install a theme for apex and that will change it also.

  9. sadiqsamm says:

    Flashed it yesterday and it is working like a charm! Thanks.

  10. sadiqsamm says:

    My battery run down pretty quick!

  11. Raymond says:

    When I try to customize boot animations or pull down animations it just loads to a blank screen. It used to work. I wiped dalvik cache and reinstalled the ROM but the same thing happens. Any suggestions anyone??? Thanks

  12. enzospartan says:

    I’ve loved all the Sourcery roms but the lingering GPS issues keep me going back to alternatives. Hope they finally fix it soon so I can come back.

    • eagle1967 says:

      5.2 gps has been redone and although we had very few there were some that had gps issues for some reason but we have had no reports of this since 5.2

      But wait for 5.3 its coming soon.

  13. newbieofandroid says:

    Looks awesome. BTW, before i try this i would like to ask a question :
    My phone currently updated to version 4.2.1 and i rooted it, could me able to upgrade to version 4.2.2 ?

  14. Rob says:

    It always force close when I try to enter sourcery tools without wifi. Is sourcery tools app required wifi to open?

    • eagle1967 says:

      Sourcery tools is an online app.
      version 5.3 has fixed it to say data connection needed instead of the fc if there is no data.

  15. Mike says:

    This was my first time ever rooting and flashing a ROM. JBSourcery is amazing and it looks really good. One major down side I noticed is faster battery drain. Is there any way to tweak for better battery usage?

    • Shaun says:

      hey bro…since you rooted and have a custom rom, go into the app store and download “greenify”…its a great app…only allows your apps to run when they are opened….once you close an app it puts it into hibernation mode…i have a galaxy nexus (verizon) and now that i found that app, i can get a full day at work with the battery fully charged. i use mine quite a bit…and it works for me…now you might only have 10-20 percent left after an 8 hour work day, but thats why i have a car charger, and an extra battery, but haven;t had to use the battery since downloading greenify! hope this helps, and welcome to the the custom rom community!

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