JBSourcery ROM for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Sprint/Verizon][Best ROM]

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Looking for the latest and best on the Galaxy Nexus? Well, in my humble opinion, JBSourcery ROM by Team Sourcery is probably the best on the market right now.

JBSourcery ROM offers nearly identical features to AOKP’s ROM Control settings and even more customizations.

Best of all, JBSourcery ROM is very stable, runs near flawless in my testings.

Especially for developers and hard-core users, JBSourcery ROM provides every little customization at the tip of your fingertips. For example, changing boot animations (choose from over 200+) is easy as one-click. You can find all of AOKP ROM Control settings plus much more with this little beasty ROM.

So, take my word, JBSourcery ROM may be the best Android 4.2.1 ROM out right now offering much of the same customizations provided by other ROMs plus much more.

Try it for this week and do let me know what you think!


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Download JBSourcery ROM for GSM Galaxy Nexus

Download JBSourcery ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Download JBSourcery ROM for Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Download Gapps

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To install, reboot into recovery, data wipe/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, then reboot!

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developers!

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16 Responses to JBSourcery ROM for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Sprint/Verizon][Best ROM]

  1. TravMan-C64 says:

    Been running JBSourcery for a few months now – great ROM and a great team…

  2. Phil Cooper says:

    How does it compare to Paranoid’s new PIE ROM?

  3. sadiqsamm says:

    Quite tempting. Will install it today.

  4. jerome says:

    hey max this is a nice rom. my question is how do u deal with storage/0/ storage/0/0 etc and so on and storage/0/legacy doesnt do anything but iwant to remove it now. i use twrp but doest help

  5. Eagle1967 says:

    Thanks for the review we appreciate it and 4.5 which will be out today will kick that in the butt.

    BUT…..site manager please link to our download sites , please do not have direct links. as things such as the poster above are answered on our release pages. and a lot of other sutff to make this experinece the best.





  6. chip johnson says:

    Finally a ROM with great battery life. Thanks.

  7. Eagle1967 says:

    if 4.4 was the best rom than not sure what to call this.

    4.5 released at those links i posted above.

  8. Murtaza says:

    Hi people..
    I am having some problems with this ROM..
    After installing the ROM , i came to realise that I have lost the Google Playstore application.. Then I downloaded the APK file from google site, but it doesnt seem to be opening after its installation.

    Please Help!!

    • Mike Nastick says:

      Did you flash the GAPPS zip file? What I did was flash ROM, flash GAPPS, skipped all of setup, waited for all apps to download and then rebooted. Hope this helps

  9. Having an issue flashing this says:


    I am currently running AOKP 4.2.1 and really like it, but thought I’d check out this ROM as its highly customizable. Now, before I flashed AOKP (was a CNA guy, but he’s no where to be found), I updated CWM to as it was needed.

    As of right now, looking at the folders in ES, I still have just the /sdcard and no ‘0’ folder underneath.

    I booted into recovery, made a backup, then ‘wipe data/factory reset’, wiped cache, wiped dalvik cache and then went to install this ROM. It was gone! In CWM, when I clicked on ‘install from sdcard’, I only saw a few files…everything else was gone.

    Luckily I backed up and was able to restore.

    Any ideas what I need to do? Thanks.

    • Having an issue flashing this says:

      Never mind…figured it out. After wipe data/factory reset, and resetting the cache, I went back to ‘install from sd card’ and when it listed the contents of my SD card, I didn’t notice the directory ‘0’. Went into that directory and found all my files.

      Loving this JBSourcery!!!

      By the way…has anybody heard anything about CodenameAndroid? I loved his ROMs and was so looking forward to a 4.2 version. Oh well…onward!

  10. chris williams says:

    Especially sprint users!
    because this rom is universal to verizon and GSM when this rom is flashed. it comes with a tab to set up your sim card under security tab. DO NOT TOUCH THIS. if you do God Help you! this is the point of no return. i tried a full factory flash back. restoring a rootless OTA firmware. locked the boot loader back to norm so sprint tech support could not identify the device was rooted.. 45 minutes of stumping sprints tech support. error at hand displays “No Sim Card:Sprint” wich of course the phone does not use sim cards. they said its a manufacturer defect. will just have to replace the phone. and of course i don’t take the insurance so there went $50 to a replacement. i think developers need to look into this. i dont believe many are aware of this. but it should get looked into and a possible fix for it. as there seems to be a lot of issues on forums about sprint users getting stuck with a sim card error. usually do to rooting. just warning ya. be careful

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