How to Install/Unroot Galaxy Nexus GSM to Android 4.0.4 OTA! [IMM76I]

For those of you who want to install the latest Android 4.0.4 OTA IMM76I update from Google, the latest stock ROM, here’s how to do it.  Also, this is an unroot method back to stock.  It will erase all your personal settings and apps so, be sure to make a backup of your ROM, backup your apps using Titanium backup app, and also make sure to backup SMS text messages (if needed) using SMS Text Backup app.

*Note – This is ONLY for Galaxy Nexus GSM, not for Verizon/Sprint versions.

Step 1. Take the battery out and put it back in.  Then hold down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power button together until you enter the fastboot mode.

Step 2. Connect a micro-USB cable from your Galaxy Nexus to your computer.

Step 3. Under Device Manager, make sure you have something like “Samsung Android ADB Interface”.  If you don’t, manually update the drivers.  If you have trouble, watch the video as I walk you through this part in the vid.  (Download drivers here)  For Mac and Linux, you don’t need drivers, skip this step.

Step 4. Download and unzip to your Downloads folder.

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Step 5. Open up a command prompt (or Terminal for Mac or Linux) and type:

cd Downloads
cd GalaxyNexusUnroot404
fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-maguro-primela03.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash radio radio-maguro-i9250xxla02.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot -w update

For Mac, replace fastboot with ./fastboot-mac.
For Linux, replace fastboot with ./fastboot-linux.

You can also do:
fastboot oem lock

to lock your bootloader if returning phone for warranty.

Step 6. Once done, your phone will reboot and you should be on stock Android 4.0.4.  Congrats!

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73 Responses to How to Install/Unroot Galaxy Nexus GSM to Android 4.0.4 OTA! [IMM76I]

  1. Chris says:

    Is this method will work for the US “takju” galaxy Nexus (currently available on the Google Play store for US customers)? I am asking this because your model seems to the International version AKA “yakju” Galaxy Nexus.

  2. Joe says:

    Worked like a charm. Thanks a lot, man.

  3. Seb says:

    Thank you! This worked perfectly! 🙂

  4. anas says:

    Hey why can’t I just flash the galaxynexusunroot404 with cwm.. I’m having trouble with my drivers.. I keep trying to install them on my xp comp and they just dont show up when i try to update adnroid1.0.. What am i doing wrong i tried everything to get samsung drivers to work on this pc.. again i have xp im pretty sure that has a big part with my problem..

  5. golan says:

    Youre the best. thanks a lot man

  6. JC says:

    Then how to root again using the proper su file for IMM76I?


  7. Mike says:

    Hi, just curious, is this ROM a pure 4.0.4 Stock ROM from Google or is it an updated ROM that was pulled from another device?

  8. GraceJC says:

    Is there a version for Verizon? If so, where can I get it?

  9. Newbie says:

    I am a noob to the nexus world and I’m stuck on 4.0.2. How do I back up my ROM before installing 4.0.4??

  10. Willy says:

    Hi Max, how do I do this on I9520XXKK1? It says update requires I9520XXKK6 XXLA! or XXLA2

  11. alireza Golzar says:

    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!
    my _ Nexus Prime _ have the new update now
    and work perfect!!!! :))))))) with this easy way for update
    sry for bad english
    thanks again 😉
    you save my time!!

  12. Liggliluff says:

    I have a problem,

    I followed this guide one step at a time, didn’t miss a step, didn’t receive any error (other than those shown in the guide). Everything went on as it should, I guess.

    I have a Google Galaxy Nexus phone, Android 4.0.2, Maguro.
    I used my windows 8 Consumer Preview and the built in Command Prompt.

    After this installation, which I think went trough without any error, the Google-logo was shown (I think), the usual colorful video was played, then it stopped on the last frame. The animation was almost completely faded and was frozen for a while, then it turned black. A small vibrate, then the Google-logo is show for a while, the screen turns black again and it vibrates again and shows the Google-logo yet again (hinting on a restart) and it continues on like that.

    I have taken out the battery (and put it back) and started the phone. Vibrate, logo, vibrate, logo… I have read that someone else has gotten this error and didn’t get any help either. Don’t know how usual this error appears but someone maybe recognize it and know how to fix it? Would be great to have my phone working again.

    This is all code I did receive trough the command prompt on my computer:
    sending 'bootloader' (2308 KB)...
    OKAY [ 0.227s]
    writing 'bootloader'...
    OKAY [ 0.464s]
    finished. total time: 0.691s

    E:\Users\Liggli\Desktop\GalaxyNexusUnroot404>fastboot.exe reboot-bootloader
    rebooting into bootloader...
    OKAY [ 0.006s]
    finished. total time: 0.006s

    E:\Users\Liggli\Desktop\GalaxyNexusUnroot404>fastboot.exe flash radio radio-magu
    sending 'radio' (12288 KB)...
    OKAY [ 1.190s]
    writing 'radio'...
    OKAY [ 2.577s]
    finished. total time: 3.767s

    E:\Users\Liggli\Desktop\GalaxyNexusUnroot404>fastboot.exe reboot-bootloader
    rebooting into bootloader...
    OKAY [ 0.006s]
    finished. total time: 0.006s

    E:\Users\Liggli\Desktop\GalaxyNexusUnroot404>fastboot.exe -w update image-yakju-
    archive does not contain 'boot.sig'
    archive does not contain 'recovery.sig'
    archive does not contain 'system.sig'
    Bootloader Version...: PRIMELA03
    Baseband Version.....: I9250XXLA2
    Serial Number........: 014994DD0C013002
    checking product...
    OKAY [ 0.007s]
    checking version-bootloader...
    OKAY [ 0.007s]
    checking version-baseband...
    OKAY [ 0.008s]
    sending 'boot' (4148 KB)...
    OKAY [ 0.404s]
    writing 'boot'...
    OKAY [ 0.784s]
    sending 'recovery' (4478 KB)...
    OKAY [ 0.438s]
    writing 'recovery'...
    OKAY [ 0.655s]
    sending 'system' (316111 KB)...
    OKAY [ 30.208s]
    writing 'system'...
    OKAY [ 34.962s]
    erasing 'userdata'...
    OKAY [ 0.547s]
    erasing 'cache'...
    OKAY [ 0.027s]

    finished. total time: 68.076s

    E:\Users\Liggli\Desktop\GalaxyNexusUnroot404>fastboot.exe oem lock
    OKAY [ 0.237s]
    finished. total time: 0.237s

    • Liggliluff says:

      Okay, I don’t know what I did, but my phone works now again. I started it just for random, and maybe in rage that it won’t work, and it did vibrate, logo and continued… showed the color-video… vibrated, logo and video and then the welcome screen. Don’t ask how I did it, I don’t know what I did, but my phone works now.
      I was a bit sacred that my phone was broken/bricked but I have only myself to blame, I did follow this guide, no one forced me to do it, but it works now.

  13. Max Lee says:

    Just do a factory reset in stock recovery after unroot, it will solve ur problems.

  14. Keith says:

    Hey Max does this work for the Docomo version ? yakjuxw

  15. Keith Tjen A Kwoei says:

    Yo Max worked like a charm. I made a backup with these commands:

    fastboot boot optimus_prime-touch-v5.5.0.4-6-GSM.img.

    I used the clockworkmod instead of flashing the stock recovery. That way i can still receive OTA updates
    after that i flashed the 4.04 OTA with your method. WORKED 😀

  16. vlad bucur says:

    my recovery doesnt seem to work after doing this. It just shows the android and the red triangle with an exclamation mark but no options. Any idea how to fix it?

  17. Roshmi Mitra says:

    I installed this stock rom. Now will my software update with the upcoming Jelly Bean 4.1 OTA?

  18. Sean says:

    i rooted my phone last night and i was wondering do you have to do all the backups as i don’t know how? i just want my phone to be pure google again 🙁

  19. PaulSK says:

    I have one quick simple question, do I need to unroot to upgrade to new firmware that my phone is unlocked and rooted with stock rom?

  20. hakan says:

    hi thanks for the post.

    I get the message below when I make fastboot -w update
    :/ any idea?

    archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘recovery.sig’
    archive does not contain ‘system.sig’
    Bootloader Version…: I9020XXKL1
    Baseband Version…..: I9020XXKI1
    Serial Number……..: —————
    checking product… FAILED

    Device product is ‘herring’.
    Update requires ‘tuna’.

  21. race says:

    It worked! thank you! but i can’t connect my nexus to kies now! why? it might be official rom, doesn’t it? why can’t i connect to kies? thank you very much!

  22. Amr Morsy says:

    Will this method re-lock the bootloader? I have asked the same question in the how to root page. Sorry for being repetitive. Thank you for your great work 🙂

  23. race says:

    thank you i will try!

  24. Avid says:

    It worked fine, but now I can’t seem to use data. When I connect to Wifi I can browse the web, but it won’t connect to my data. What could be the problem?

  25. Henni says:

    Have the GSM and was unable to unlock the phone but not able to root it …i have the IMM76I build …please help

  26. Henni says:

    sorry mispoke …was able to unlock the phone …not able to root it ….rom manager says i don’t have the su files needed …super user says i need to root the phone to use it …please help

  27. 7-Down says:

    Hey, what happened to your Youtube video/account?

  28. Roshmi mitra says:

    There the jelly bean update available!! Mine is rooted and unlocked as per the above instruction! Is it safe to install the update?

  29. Roshmi mitra says:

    O i tried installing! Didnt install .. showed the red exclamation mark! And now its not showing the update msg at all! 🙁 i dont know wats wrong!

  30. Tim Lee says:

    on my mac, got up to the fastboot w- update image part and it said “error:failed to load ‘’
    what should i do? :/

  31. Bobby says:

    Hi I tried using your guide to unroot my galaxy nexus to flash back to the original stock in an attempt to get Jellybean as all previous attempts to flash it failed. It also wasnt updating properly, and would show the green android with a red exclamation mark on reboot.

    When I went into command prompt to flash the maguro-promela03.img it would say and just hang there forever.

    I reinstalled the samsung driver you provided just in case mine was out of date and now the driver shows unknown device when I open up bootloader. When I turn my phone on normally it shows under device manager like it should and shows the Samsung Android ADB Interface… what am I doing wrong when I put on boatloader??


  32. Evan says:

    Im using a Mac and when I try opening the zip file it says “zip file can not be extracted with this program”. Can you help me out? Is there an additional program I have to download?

  33. sergio trejo says:

    Hi… i have a problem… my GN its updated with this metod, but I unlocked and rooted and flash the cwm recovery but my device dont have root permissions why??? How unroot my phone in 4.0.4? Thanks

    • Max Lee says:

      The root files probably didn’t go through, sometimes you have to flash it 2 or 3 times, make sure you see “successful” message with no errors, if not keep flashing until it does in CWM. It will work.

  34. Enoch says:

    Does this works on the rooted Jellybean Galaxy Nexus GSM?

  35. Lucas says:

    How can I restore to my original rom ?

  36. Lucas says:

    After I install this stock rom, could I root this stock rom, and flash other roms(ex.: AOKP, cyanogenmod,) ? and backup and restore this rom ? Thanks.

  37. Enoch says:

    Thanks Max, really appreciate that

  38. adamwyates says:

    I have used this process before with no problems, yet this time when I get to “./fastboot-mac. flash bootloader bootloader-maguro-primela03.img” it says no such file or directory. Yet this file is indeed in the galaxynexusunroot404 folder in “downloads”. Any ideas as to why this might be happening?

  39. Motiur says:

    Hey just wondering why the “screenshots” in this guide are taken with a camera instead of creating an actual screenshot. ~

  40. johnrose13 says:

    Is there an unroot for sprint version??

  41. KyoKeun says:

    Yo Max, you don’t need to type all these commands to unroot/go back to stock…

    You can just do “fastboot boot cwm.img” to just boot into clockwork and then flash everything from there 🙂

    I found this to be faster and simpler 😛

  42. sergio says:

    Hey Max… If i have a GN yakjuxw with 4.2.1 oficial, can I converter my phone to yakju with this metod?

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