Gummy ICS ROM for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint] [Best ROM]

Here’s an update on the Gummy ICS ROM, it’s been updated to version 1.2, now with support for all Galaxy Nexus variants including GSM, Verizon, and Sprint. Gummy ICS ROM is probably one of the best stable custom ICS ROMs you can get for your Galaxy Nexus with similar customizations like AOKP with DSP manager.

If you are looking for great performance, battery life, and tweaking, give the Gummy ICS ROM a try and let me know what you think of this ROM.

Download ROM:

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Download ROM for GSM

Download ROM for Verizon

Download ROM for Sprint

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To install, reboot into CWM Recovery, install ROM, then install GoogleApps, then reboot!

If you have any problems like bootloop or force close, reboot into CWM Recovery then clear cache and dalvik cache and reboot.

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install a ROM? You will need a rooted Galaxy Nexus first. Please read our Galaxy Nexus FAQ if you are new to all this FIRST!

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42 Responses to Gummy ICS ROM for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint] [Best ROM]

  1. John says:

    i need a kernal for performance ………could you tell me a kernal with which i can overclock my phone to 1.6 GHZ

  2. Kurtie_R says:

    I am running the Franco kernel that came with LiquidSmooth Rom. I get 3400 on quadrant without over clock and almost 3700 with it. And that’s only at 1350!

  3. Richard says:

    Been running the new gummy since you posted it and love. Took me a min to figure all the cutomizations but its been phenomenal. Keep up the great work.

  4. hamed says:

    thanks for the rom
    but i’ve found some bugs
    the first and the important one is that when you detaching a usb flash drive it says “sd card removed ” since you restart your phone , and then its gone.
    and the second one is gps , its too weak

  5. Steve F says:

    Installed today over top the stock ICS. Awesome customization options. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  6. edmund jones says:

    Thanks for all your help! Unlocked, rooted and rom’d my GNex wit Gummy just now. Things are working fine except that when I connect my phone to my mac, it’ll open at first but then say that my phone is locked (but it’s not) and cannot connect. I’d really like to drop some files in but it won’t allow me to. Any help, please?

    • Max Lee says:

      Not sure on this, this is most likely a Mac connection problem but maybe someone knows a solution?

      • edmund jones says:

        Hey Max, thanks for replying. I ended up restoring my backup and got my media device connection back. I then flashed AOKP which runs perfectly! Thanks for your vid on how to root my GNex and setting it free! All the best!

  7. Jesus A says:

    Hey so i know this is a longshot but i was wondering how much you use your galaxy nexus and if you only use it for testing would you mind trading me for mine. i bought it off craigslist and it turned out having a defective flash and the person never answered a phone call. so let me know i remember you saying your from SF in from hayward i can go to you. Sorry for the random post btw i love your vids extreamely helpful ive sent alot of people to your websites.

    • Max Lee says:

      Yeah sorry I can’t. I run around all day long trying to answer emails, make videos, nevermind not having time for myself. But I can certainly help you online via email, comments, etc… Staying online at least helps me efficient enough to get back to everyone or at least I try.

  8. mm06905 says:

    This is my first ROM install, I like it alot. 0ne problem, can not get the HOME buttom to work, does nothing no mater what it is set to. thats a must have for me. I have look all over and just can’t figure it out GT-i9250 Gummy

  9. kek says:


    After I flashed with AOKP my Wifi won’t work. I get an IP-adress, but cannot access internet. Have the same problem with this rom. Any suggestions?

  10. rishi says:

    Definitely the best ROM so far! Greating great battery aswell!

    • rishi says:

      just noticed since i don’t use my camera often, but is anyone else noticing a reduced performance on their camera? when i click a picture it captures the image when its only halfway focused resulting in completely blurry pictures everytime.

  11. Ato says:

    Would you recommend rooting the galaxy Nexus and does this rom significantly improve battery life and performance? Also could I use ssLauncher the original with this rom?

    Thank you in advance for your help,


  12. Michael says:

    Not sure what the issue is but I’m getting horrible battery life with this rom. At best I get about three hours. It’d be a great rom if not for that. And before anyone asks, no I’m not overclocking.

  13. Richard says:

    I’m running gummy with popcorn kernel I’m a very heavy user with 4G. Is there any kernel/ROM combo that would work to extend bat life. I can get about 6 hours streaming Pandora on wifi and web browsing, NFL network and games. I have my brightness turned down but I’m wondering if I turn down the clocking if I would notice major lagging or overall performance.
    Thanks all

    • Mike says:

      you could also try turning off the gps when it’s not in use (unless you’re constantly using it). I have mine underclocked to 920 mhz, granted I’m on Sprint 3g, but I have zero issues with battery life on heavy use with the underclock and gps turned off most of the time. I also notice minimal lag at 920, but my gaming is also minimal, just maybe something like cut the rope or so for half an hour a day.

  14. Mike says:

    Any word on if NFC/Google Wallet works? I know I tried using it a week or two ago on a different ROM (maybe AOKP?) and it didn’t work (could have also been the receiver too, I guess). It’s been 5 weeks since activating my Wallet so theoretically I should have an extra $40 to spend sometime soon and I’d rather not flash to stock or something else just to use it since this is my favorite ROM I’ve run into.

  15. jnance85 says:

    Anyone else having trouble with the home button not working? Everything else is great!

  16. jnance85 says:

    Also, no lock screen after changing settings…

  17. Jorge says:

    Hello! What is the best definitions for the best baterry life? I have install Trinity kernel… Thanks!!!

  18. jnance85 says:

    So after flashing every ROM available for Big Red’s Gnex, and also running multiple launchers. Gummy with running Nova Launcher over it is AMAZING. I don’t have to over clock for performance and battery life is great!

  19. Legacyofboom says:

    Installed rom fine and i like it alot..
    but my home button doesn’t work.. i can press it but no function.. is there some setting for it??
    please help..

  20. Jesse says:

    First time I’ve ever flashed a ROM, very steep learning curve for me, Rooting it and all. Thank god for YouTube videos (thanks HighOnAndroids)!! Had troubles with getting into ClockWorkMod thru recovery mode, kept getting a red triangle with “!” in it. (any ideas what caused this?) Was finally able to bypass it by installing Rom Manager, anyway all seems good now, excited about exploring other roms but still not sure how to go about it, like do I have to wipe all data before I flash a new rom? cause then it takes ages to reinstall all my apps from Google (120 apps). Any help or advice you could pass on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you use Titanium Backup app? Get the PRO version if you plan on installing lots of roms, makes restoring apps a click away and no I have zero affiliation with the creator of that app other than they make great apps.

  21. Richard says:

    Gey max, thanks for everything but question, the gummy rom or jellybean?

  22. Richard says:

    Hey max, thanks for everything but a question, the gummy rom or jellybean?

  23. Eric says:

    Does anybody knows how to unlock a verizon galaxy nexus phone?

  24. Ray Pegel says:

    are anyone else having problems downloading the gapps?

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