Codename Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Nexus![Best ROM]

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Looking for the best Jelly Bean ROM for your Galaxy Nexus? Well, the word around town is that Codename Jelly Bean ROM has been rippin’ up the road pretty darn well. I did get to be a first witness to this, Codename Jelly Bean ROM brings you stability, speed, battery life, and a ton of options (you would normally find on an ICS AOKP ROM).

First, Codename Jelly Bean ROM supports overclocking up to 1.8Gz (although I don’t recommend going that high unless you are playing 3D games), and settings similar to AOKP’s ROM control, bringing you the best of everything. This is the most complete custom Jelly Bean ROM I’ve seen so far and if you are not running this on your Galaxy Nexus, you are missing out.

Try it out (if you haven’t yet), and let me know what you think!


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Download Codename Jelly Bean ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus
Download Codename Jelly Bean ROM for Sprint Galaxy Nexus

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Credits – GSM, Verizon, Sprint

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101 Responses to Codename Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Nexus![Best ROM]

  1. Abubakar Saminu says:

    Lolz. Are you saying this is better than AOKP jelly bean ROM?

    • Burnface says:

      I am running codename jellybean for a week now. I love it fast smooth. I have encountered no problems. I’ve read a lot of posts for AOKP and saw many issues. Have you had any issues? I was thinking about trying it out.

  2. Mark Chapman says:

    I like BAMF Paradigm 2.2 running smooth and stable …..they always have good roms

  3. Blas says:

    Hi Max, does the google voice search work in spanish or like the ugly iphone 4s siri only in english? Now I’m on AOKP 4.04 I want to go to JB but I was wondering I could try this one waiting for AOKP JB..

  4. Steven Lowe says:

    hey some of my system apps are gone since i installed this rom.
    I no longer have play store, gmail, maps and all the other goolge apps that comes with android

    • Leon says:

      flash gapps after you’ve installed the rom. the rom doesn’t come with gapps. the download link is there beneath the rom links.

  5. Abubakar Saminu says:

    This ROM is simply great! Guys don’t forget to wipe cache and and install Google apps zip file after installing the ROM before rebooting. Good luck.

  6. anis says:

    i have problem with application the all stop working (youtube, gmail, music player….. and more) i intaled the rom normally. and i flashed the APP. but nothing woks idk why????????

  7. anis says:

    i have problem with application the all stop working (youtube, gmail, music player….. and more) i intaled the rom normally. and i flashed the APP. but nothing woks idk why????????

  8. Abubakar Saminu says:

    Yeah…you tube and music player are missing. Tried to download YouTube from the market but it wouldn’t install. Anyway overall is a good ROM I will say.

  9. Mark R. says:

    Hi Max,

    I have the Jelly Bean ROM you listed on July 18th installed now. Having some minor issues, but would like to try this ROM to see if the issues are fixed. Since I am already runing a JB variant, do I need to do a system wipe or can I just install this one over the old one?


    • Max Lee says:

      You can try without wipe but if you have any issues, do wipe after, make a backup of your ROM also just in case. Use ROM Manager, then it’s one click install for backup/install.

  10. Vance says:

    Hi! just downloaded the ROM. im just wondering.. is there some MOD to have the “google” in the searchbar to not have a black stroke or a black outline? thanks!

  11. Mark R. says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the suggestion on installing from ROM Manager. This was quick and worked fine without doing a full wipe. Everything seems to work OK after flashing the Gapps.
    Issue wtih new gallery shots showing up in Win XP Scanner & Camera Wizard still an issue with this ROM too. Pictures show up on camera, but when trying to download using wizard, they do not show up. If you look at the contents via Win Explorer they are there and you can move them. Must be some kind of strange .jpg format that …? Hopefully someone will figure this out as I use my camera alot for business shots.

  12. Junaid Ansari says:

    The AOKP Jellybean ROMS have been around. They are nightly builds but they work perfectly. You can’t beat AOKP. Its just amazing!

  13. usman says:

    Does this ROM have screen capture

    • Silent Bob 23 says:

      Any ROM for galaxy nexus includes screen captures. it has been a feature of stock android since version 4.0.0.

      just click power+vol – at the same time…

  14. Abubakar Saminu says:

    My music player is still missing. Download it and tried to install without success. Keeps telling me is on my device yet can’t see it in my apps.

  15. syamil khan says:

    Hey max. This rom is awesome smooth as u said.but im having a trouble.whenever i lock the screen it will take few sec to lock n same goes when i wanted to unlock them.i already check the settings.n my google voice she wont speak, only gave me what i wanted.hope you could reply me soon.thanks

  16. Data says:

    Does this ROM have LED Notification options like frequency and color?

  17. MattSwe says:

    if you overclock the cpu to the max. dont the cpu burn if you stay in that setting?
    excuse me english;)

  18. Craig says:

    I installed mine today, instead of the Jellybro rom which was working fine. This new one seems to have a lot more options, but on mine it seems to have slower response. I even tried upping the clockspeed. And when trying to wake it from screen off, just get to the lock screen so u can unlock takes a good 1 to 2 seconds. Any ideas? Do you get this delay as well? Should I do a full wipe first, not just dalvik?

  19. SJ says:

    Flashed CNA 3.3 + incl GAPPS on full/clean wipe coming from stock JB…works great except the CPU Max freq. keeps reverting to 700 even after I specify 1200 – tried reflashing, same issue….can feel the lag creep in…. any ideas? I’d like to keep it with the included Kernel and not flash a new one like Trinity.

  20. jeremy says:

    isit me or does it seem that after flashing this rom the power/unlock button seems to be less sensitive?

  21. Mohan says:

    Hi Max,
    *Does this rom support adhoc wifi
    *Is the volume issue rectified
    *My Nexus now connects to wifi but the signal is grey and i cannot browse at all
    *Does this rom supports usb mass storage because it is much useful to use double twist….

  22. Cryus says:

    Can someone help me with my NEXUS????I can’t turn on my wifi..since I’ve made it to version 4.0.4!!!!!Please help ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ken says:

    Installed rom and gapps. Now I get messages -Google movies and TV has stopped, Gmail has stopped and YouTube has stopped. I wiped cache and dalvik cache. Were did I go wrong? Help please, thanks!

  24. Jaywrayson says:

    Gapps won’t install after many failed flash attempts. I’ve tried multiple flashes…I’ve tried re-downloading the zip file to my computer. I have flashed dozens and dozens of roms over the last 2 years, so I know the issue has to be something “outside the box”. Yes, I did a full wipe….Yes, I flashed Gapps after flashing the rom. I’ve tried multiple times, yet none of the google apps will flash….except Play Market. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

  25. Willie says:

    im having trouble having ROM work on my phone, I wipe both factory and cache, up install the files, my apps reload and then i use titanium backup to bring back my missing apps after it downloads the apps, titanium request to reboot the phone, i do and then it gets stuck in the boot , i did this twice

  26. DB says:

    After flashing the rom all I’m seeing is a multi-colored X. The OS is not loading. What’s the deal????

  27. KL says:

    wow all these issues and problems. You guys must be scaring max from replying lol. You guys should revert back to your old backup (if you have one) since so many issues

  28. Wuddupma says:

    Does anyone else have the issue when you set your Max CPU to something like 1350 then after a while it will automatically set the max to 700? I had the issue with the previous Gummy ICS rom too and flashed to this one to see if it would fix it.

  29. Jack says:

    There was an incremental update posted last night on xda-developers thread for this ROM. Change log says it fixes the lag some are seeing.

    • Wuddupma says:

      Thanks Jack. I am now running Codename 3.3.2 and it seems to be a lot more stable than 3.3.0
      I have my Max CPU set to 1350 interactive and it has not reverted to 700. so far so good.

      • I’m currently running Codname 3.4.1 and am still having the same issue on my Verizon Gnex. I really like this ROM, but am getting frustrated with the clock speed reverting back to 700 MHz. I am also having a tough time finding a definitive answer to this problem. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. My processor speed is set to 1200 MHz maximum CPU frequency and the CPU governer is set to interactive.

  30. KyoKeun says:

    This is nothing compared to AOKP Jelly bean build 😀 it is stable, fast and smooth! It is pretty good on battery life too!

  31. Miek says:

    So I flashed this ROM on my sprint GN and it was acting all weird….Like it wasnt stable…the screen was all distorted..kinda like static…Last time I had this happen was when I was trying different kernels for another ROM…I heard this ROM was the best out for the Sprint GN…but if its gonna have my phone not working well I will have to pass on it….does anyone have any suggestions?

  32. wuddupma says:

    Well I just checked my max cpu speed and it reset to 700 by itself again. I hope they release a fix for this as it is quite annoying to have to set the max cpu all the time.

  33. H-Town says:

    This is s pretty good ROM. had to restore to factory. Tried to do it without the factory restore and it loaded but when trying to reboot stuck on splash screen. this ROM also made the phone louder. MY lowest volume setting for notifications is still super loud.

  34. johann says:

    Hi, very good ROM ! But… bluetooth didn’t works… Any idea ?

  35. Daniel Sferra says:

    Hi Max,

    Sorry this is a little off topic, but I was wondering if you might know of any way to update the stock messaging app based on developers integrating a “reply all” functionality similar to the iPhone, BB, Windows 7 capability to receive group texts all in one thread and reply all so that you can have more of a group chat type interaction as apposed to the fragmented way that this app currently receives responses to a group text. I’m on Verizon with my GNex unlocked and rooted so I do have Verizon Messages as a work around, but the UI is pretty much garbage.

    Having done a bit of research on this in the forums it is surprising that google hasn’t addressed this in the last 4 years with so many updates to the Android platform. I get that they may prefer that people use G+, Gtalk, or other currently available apps that allow for group text, but obviously not everyone is gonna just convert to google apps no matter what phone they have and stop using texts. Being that texting is a standard across platforms and carriers, I gotta believe that these amazing developers out there have already gone ahead and updated the stock texting app or that there is some logistical impedance that does not allow them to do so. This seems to be one of the few weird areas where Android is behind the pack!

    Please let me know your thoughts, advice, or tips on this issue. Also my apologies if I’ve missed another thread where this has been address on the site…



  36. Jeffrey says:

    how do we get over the market compatibility issue with the different density, once changed the density, no matter what to do, change it back, force top, clear cache of hte playstore, nothing works, still shows not compatible.

    do you know what to do to fix it?

    • Max Lee says:

      Not sure on that, you might have to stick with stock density…

      • Jefrey says:

        Guys, those who stock with the market place incompatbile after change the density, and even swich back, wont help.
        here is the solution.

        switch back to 320 density (default), go manage apps, select Google Service Framework, force stop, clean data, then go to google play store, force stop, clean data, restart the phone, market will back to normal, and from that point, you can change to any denstiy, market will still work without any problem, key is to force stop the Google Service Framework first, then changing desntiy wont affect your market anymore.

        fixed it last night.. thought to share with you guys.

  37. Aarias says:

    So just a quick question, the cpu for the GNex is 1.2ghz right? Cause idk why the default for this rom made the maximum cpu 700mhz, so maybe that’s why this rom has been a little laggy on me? So if anyone knows if this is the right frequency plz comment

    • H-Town says:

      1.2 is stock. They may have set that speed in the code for maximum battery life. The iPhone is capped at 800mhz, thats why its battery life is so good. But you should be able to change it to 1.2 or overclock at 1.3x . but i wouldn’t go beyond 1.3

  38. Ahmad says:

    Yo Max! hows it going?

    I see comments of people giving positive feedback on AOKP for Jelly Bean.
    As far as I knew there wasn’t a Jelly Bean version yet.
    Is there one? If yes, it would be amazing if you put it up here.

    Thanks 🙂

  39. H-Town says:

    Do you know why the notifications for FB, G+, Instagram do not work now with this ROM. Also why do messaging lock up?

  40. Asaf Moraz says:

    I tried using this rom and it was just horrible! absolutely a nightmare!

    At first look, it looks like very smooth and i really liked the settings/options of this rom and how they feets perfectly in the settings while they are seperated into sections for each setting this rom is offering.

    But: The dialer is crashing and also other apps crashing all the time, sometimes the phone stuck and the only way to get it free is to remove the battery.

    After this rom i installed my favorite rom (AOKP JB Build 1 – not the preview!) and it run perfect with tons of new features like changing the Notification Center wallpaper, much good looking toggles and much more…

  41. Ray Pegel says:

    has anyone else been having problems downloading the GAPPS?

  42. H-Town says:

    This Rom is really terrible on battery life.. i can go from 100% to 90% in a matter of 15 minutes without even doing much.. also the battery drains quick while phone is sleep. I think there is some leaks in the code that has some kind of running process that continually run in the background. I switched to liquid toro beta 2 JB and the great battery life is back…. so i rather have the liquid JB than this..

    • Dan says:

      yeah I agree, plus it seems to have a bit of a lag to the interface at times. I had Deep Chocolate Beans from P3Droid and while it didn’t have as many options it definitely was faster and better on battery. I’m gonna try liquid toro beta 2 JB too…

      • H-Town says:

        Just a warning on liquid – right now there isnt a fast charge option currently. that’s one thing its missing.. other than that, its almost the same options available as this one.. but its smooth and has great battery life..

        • Dan says:

          Thanks. I think I can survive with out that. I have plenty of extra batteries since i’m alway out and about…

          • Dan says:

            Liquid is vastly superior to Code Name Jelly Bean!! Thanks again for the Req. Only thing that stinks is that Light Flow doesn’t work at all, but that’s pretty standard for 4.1.1 builds at this point. Otherwise not complaints.

            One question I had for you is if you have heard of any upgrades to the stock Messages app that allow for Group Texting and “Reply All” functionality. I tried to ask this guy Max about this but go no response above. I’m just looking for a updated version of the stock app from Developers which addresses this simple functionality. Any help would on this would be great! Thanks again!

            • H-Town says:

              um not that i know of.. I use Go SMS Pro for messaging. I dont use the stock messaging app at all. and I dont recall having any kind of issues with it.

              • H-Town says:

                Oh hows the battery life on liquid.. much better isn’t it…

                • Dan says:

                  Yeah battery life is great and all the customizations are pretty much the same or better than Code Name Jelly Bean. Plus is so stable and super quick. Definately sticking with this one for a while!

                • Dan says:

                  Yo, wanted to return the favor since you introduced me to liquid so check out this brand spankng new awesome ROM:

                  It’s called Affinity and it has been pretty much flawless on all accounts. Similar battery staying power to liquid, but none of the launcher errors I was getting when installing new apps from the market and amazingly, even Light Flow works with this one! It pretty much has all of the same customizations as Liquid with non of the bugs.

                  One of the major reasons I switched is because a bunch of the developers from liquid seem to have jumped ship and are now working on Affinity. Thus, any further updates to liquid may not be forth coming. Also, I figure that if the liquid kernel is better on battery life that we could just flash that kernel with Affinity and then it’ll be even better!

                  Check out the link and let me know what you think.

  43. JR says:

    Just rooted and installed the codename android 4.1 rom. Great straight forward process, had a little trouble getting my pc to recognize the phone with the samsung drivers so I ended up using some third party ones. I also kept having to re-flash the clockwork recovery because every time I would try to re-boot into recovery I would get the little android dude with the caution sign. After wiping and installing the rom I think that issue went away.

    My one issue now is I frequently am having my display go pixelated, similar to when a display goes all glitchy. It will come and go and once I swipe the screen or click something it ususally goes away. Has anyone else had this issue, I haven’t been able to find much on this. after messing with some settings in kernel controls > zRam I set it to 18% and that seemed to reduce the pixelation a bit but it is still there. Any suggestions?

    • wmoore862 says:

      I had the same pixelation problems with this ROM. Especially when I opened the camera. I love this ROM, went to AOKP but missed all the customization with this ROM so I am back. I downloaded the Franco Kernel Updater and flashed the Franco Kernel Milstone 5. No more pixelation problems. So I am running Codename Android version 3.4.1 with the Franco Kernel overcloaked to 1420. My phone is so smooth and it flies!! I hope this helps. I believe it must have something to do with the stock kernel.

  44. s13 says:

    hi i was hoping if anybody can help me. my wifi was working (802.1x) when i updated to ics roms. then when i went to jellybean it stopped. it shows connecting and then says saved. i went back to ics and upgraded ota to stock jb. it does not work anymore. any solutions?

  45. Wesley says:

    Hey, I need a little help with this.

    I flashed the rom and Gapps, the rom is working fine, but I seem to hardly have any Google Apps. I have the play store and Talk, which are both Gapps, but I don’t have a few others, like Gmail and Youtube.

    Did anyone else experience this? Is it normal?


  46. erick says:

    Hi Max!
    I´m runnig AOKP jelly bean built 1! do I have to wipe it all?

  47. Kevin says:

    Hey guys, any of you know how to get rid of the google search bar at the top of all the screens? I tried disabling it but I’m still left with a blank space bar at the top. Help please.

  48. JD says:

    Ok, i followed the tut on jailbraking the phone, everything worked. However when i went to clockwork mod, i kept having to reflash clockwork mod to get into it. I finally got codename jellybean and gapps installed in one go and restarted (wiped cache also) now I am just stuck looking at that fancy X for the jellybean boot screen. What do i do now?? its just hung there… the usb cable is not connected btw…

    • edjones says:

      What version GNex do you have-GSM, Verizon or Sprint? Also, what type of recovery did you flash? You said you followed the tutorial to root (jailbreak) your phone. I’m assuming you used the tutorial provided by Max on this website–same one I used to root my phone (Verizon) btw. In his instructions he uses an older version of Clockwork Recovery. I had the same issues when flashing a JB rom with the optimus prime touch recovery. Try manually the newest build of TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project). Search in Google for the .img file for your phone and install it into your phone while connected to your computer in fastboot mode. After that, try flashing the rom and gapps again. Hopefully you’ll get passed the boot animation. All the best!

      • jd says:

        I also have a gnex Verizon. I used the tut on this website as well. The problem was somewhat remidied by one of two ways: I heard that I should wait after flashing the recovery and two: I did a factory reset after the code jelly bean install in the recovery menu. This got me passed the boot screen.

        Question tho: it activated again, does that mean I have to pay an activation fee through Verizon? Or is that more of a billing thing?

        Another ?. What build would you reccomend for prolonging this horrendous battery life?It is horrible. Drops 20% overnight not using it…

        • edjones says:

          Activating it is just logging into your google account so that you can sync all your apps, music, gmail, etc. Has nothing to do with Verizon billing.

          As for battery life, try using a different kernel (search on different forums for a kernel) and play around with settings using an app like setcpu or something similar. With this you can customize the cpu clock and over/underclock. This should help with battery.

          • Paul S says:

            Do you have a specific “best” kernel in mind? I too have noticed that although this Rom is beautiful! The battery life is pretty bad compared to stock.

  49. gnexfan says:

    I really like this rom… love the options in the settings menu… but its a major battery drainer… any suggestions on how to improve battery life???

  50. Dani says:

    Hey guys,

    I think this is an amazing ROM but is it better than XenonHD?


  51. ilkay says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have some problems with this best rom. I and my brother have downloaded this rom and flashed our nexus. After a while, we realized logginess in our phones. When we checked the performance settings, we saw that the maximum clock was automatically set to 700mhz. Even if we set it to 1800mhz, it decreases to 700mhz again and again. What are we doing wrong? Is there anyone who faced this problem?

  52. Kristoff says:

    Hey everyone, t
    When i first downloaded this rom it was BEYOND amazing, too fast , great features, and till managed to keep a decent battery life. after almost a month of having this i definitely realized a strong difference in Lag & battery life! after about a week of confusion and after a long drive my phone died. In my mind, i thought, “this is normal i will just give it a nice good charge when i make it home.” After charging my phone for an hour or two there was no power source to turn on, meaning it was fully charged but the power button WOULD NOT WORK! i tried launching into recovery mode (Both volumes + power button) STILL NOTHING. last, i did the whole “sha- bang bang” ;took of the battery, sim card, looked up applications, softwares, and even tried giving it a shake or two. it was final. My galaxy neus had BRICKED beyond a unbricking point. the biggest problem was most softwares for unbricking needs you into bootloader mode, which i could not reach and other softwares either were non compatible with the samsung galaxy nexus cdma, lte, Verizion, sprint,ect… or it only working on certain OS. Sad day for me, if anyone may know of a way of fixing this issue please let me know. Otherwise, verizion will be my next visit for maybe a motorola razor replacement phone. Something Free…….~____~

  53. Guy says:

    Does it have auto hide nevigation bar?
    If not, then it be really cool feature to have.
    The problem with the nexus is that it have 4.65in screen but it’s feels like 4.3.

  54. Mack says:

    I am having the same problem as some other people i guess i have a verizon gnex. Phone keeps reverting back to 700mhz and screen unlock takes awhile also. Just wanted to know if anyone knows a fix for this or if max has also had or seen the problem.

    • ilkay says:

      When set the minimum clock to 800mhz (or other than from 350mhz) and maximum clock to 1200mhz, i have not faced this problem again. I advice you to try it.

  55. adil hussain says:

    Hey max
    I have the same problem with the performance
    It just wont stay at the desired clock speed
    It jumps back to 700Mhz all the time
    Do i need to change the governor(as its interactive for 700Mhz) or the i/o scheduling….
    Waiting for your reply

  56. Rahman says:

    So.. is this ROM still the best around?

  57. Paul S says:

    Alright, so I’ve had this Rom for a while on my gsm gnex and I absolutely love it!! I haven’t even gotten around to trying out any others because from what I’ve seen this Rom has some of the most features for customization, and that’s exactly what I like.

    My question now is what is the best kernel? I was wondering what is the best, or most recommended? I have not yet tried any other than what came stock with my gnex but I would like to try it out. I just wanna know what’s the best from those out there who have tinkered around 🙂


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