CM10 M1 ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint]

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The big news this week is that CM10 “M1” ROM is available for your rooted Galaxy Nexus. These new “M” series are stable versions of CyanogenMod10 Jelly Bean ROM that will be released once a month.

The good news? This means more stability and also more great ROMs to come, especially since my favorite ROM like AOKP is built on CM10.

Latest CM10 brings a lot of little things here and there, I really like the fact that they’ve added weather and calendar widgets to the lockscreen, something I tend to use very often and what I liked about AOKP when Jelly Bean versions weren’t out.

But definitely give the M1 version a go and let me know how it works for you. If you are coming from another Jelly Bean ROM, you can try installing the ROM without a data wipe/factory reset as I was able to flash fine from AOKP Jelly Bean ROM without losing settings/apps and also no errors. Lastly but not least, make sure you flash Gapps after the ROM!


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Download CM10 M1 ROM for GSM Galaxy Nexus

Download CM10 M1 ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Download CM10 M1 ROM for Sprint Galaxy Nexus

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Credits – GSM, Verizon, Sprint

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41 Responses to CM10 M1 ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint]

  1. KyoKeun says:

    hey Max! What do you prefer? AOKP build or CM10 M1?

  2. jerome says:

    max please review the paranoid the latest 1

  3. Mohan says:

    guys i am sorry to post it here…my phone doesnt turn on or shows me any indications of charge…when plugged into mac it disables the usb ports saying that some device is usig large power so they are disabled to prevent computer from damaging…pls help me

  4. Mohan says:

    i even tried that pulling battery out then connecting and then inserting the battery but nothing seems to work…i am totally out of ind because i live in india so cant even get a new battery todo something it really hurts

  5. wich kernel do you recomend it?

  6. Mike says:

    Love this rom but where can i find your Red Theme ? Looks awesome!!

  7. Zafar says:

    where do i get this red theme?

  8. S.Machado says:

    For themes simply search the ply store for “Cobalt”. Ive had the orange grow on me… I do love how the download link points to a file called ‘Experimental” LMAO

  9. gregg says:

    hi just installed new rom CM10 M1 ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus for gsm works fine only one problem have no camera app any help would be very helpful love the app but need my camera thanks gregg

  10. Ayaz says:

    i have a question
    does cm10 m1 support ad hoc wifi network connection?? i mean can it connect to an ad hoc wifi network? if not, then does aokp jb rom built 1 has this feature??
    thanks in advance

  11. shredrex says:

    Flashed this and applied cobalts blue theme….love it! Can’t wait for M2 and beyond

  12. JRH says:

    Hi, just installed CM10 M1, had to do a wipe and clean install. Everything went well except I cannot get data to flow without being connected to wifi. I’ve tried every network setting to no avail. Flashing 411 radio’s didn’t help. Rooted Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Thanks

    • toni says:

      hello, as tested APN settings, “settings, wireless … more, mobile networks, APN.” in the menu should appear … example your operator Yoigo, Vodafone, etc …, and if you have it set, you can ask your operator data,
      Your smartphone might be configured automatically, maybe you just have unchecked the box for your carrier.
      I mention this because it happened to me to change operator, the box was unchecked and I worked until data check box, hope I’ve helped, greetings.
      sorry if there is something you do not understand, I used the google translator.

  13. toni says:

    hey Max! What do you prefer? Codename Jelly Bean ROM or CM10 M1?
    thanks greetings from Barcelona.

  14. Asaf Moraz says:

    Thanks for the review. BTW: AOKP is not based on CM10.

  15. Mohan says:

    its very sad that my nexus is dead now going back to f**** nokia e5 bye max ;-(

  16. psychedelus says:

    Great ROM but I recommend using CodenameAndroid above this one. It has a lot more features to choose from. Has everything that this ROM includes and so much more. Hopefully they will catch up soon as they will most likely have the most stable ROM out of the lot.

  17. Siva says:

    I flashed this rom. But my “themes” from settings is crashing. Anybody has this problem? Cant change any themes I downloaded. please help.

  18. shlomy says:

    please make a video about how to fix the wi fi signal on galaxy nexus i have a bed signel

  19. Jez says:

    I know some people were interested in what Max’s red theme was called and it’s called Red Blast in the play store

  20. KyoKeun says:

    Hey Max! Please review AffinitySeries ROM! Looks really nice and a bit different from others 🙂

  21. Sal says:

    Max this worked perfectly!

    thank you for teaching me how to root! (I used your galaxynexusrootnew pack) and how to flash roms… and which roms to flash haha

  22. Andrew says:


    I just flashed M1 on my galaxy nexus, and everytime I boot my phone, A LOT of messages pop up saying that so and so apps crashed. Also, when I go to settings -> Themes, my ‘setting’s also crashes.
    Part of the reasons why I went from ICS to JB was because my apps were crashing, and now I almost feel like I am back to ICS..

    Any known problems for CM10 M1 rom? Any idea how I could fix this crashing problem?


  23. Nick says:

    Thank you. Great video Max! But please, I dare you to stop saying “ummmm….”

  24. Chintan says:

    hey max,
    after flashing this rom i am unable to access google play from my nexus.
    it jst flashes and closes but….and it is still active in the active app list
    but i cannot open the app and use it…
    please Help


  25. Julian says:

    Just wanna say thanks for the site and reviews Max! This is a great community – KUDOS TO YOU!!

    +100 awesome

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