Black AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus GSM! [Best ROM]

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I’ve been guilty of jumping from Jelly Bean ROM to another very often lately and one of the Jelly Bean ROMs I “really” like is the Black AOKP Jelly Bean ROM. Only available from GSM Galaxy Nexus, this ROM does a great job of being stable and bringing you the latest features of AOKP.

If you are on a GSM Galaxy Nexus (not Verizon/Sprint), give this ROM a twirl and let me know what you think, I think this is the best ROM out right now for the GSM Galaxy Nexus personally.

Download ROM:

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Download Black AOKP
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Credits – XDA

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57 Responses to Black AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus GSM! [Best ROM]

  1. jerone says:

    Max do I need to update cwm?before trying to install his I’m using the one in ur tutorial on how to root gnex. should I clear cache and partition? just.wanna.make sure. I’m from aokp 39 takes dude a lot of help. ur the reason I’m addicted to aokp haha

    • Max Lee says:

      You might have to update CWM using ROM Manager, you do need to do factory reset, install ROM, gapps, then wipe cache and reboot.

      • jerone says:

        Max give me link of rom manager thanks. I was just a little bit scared because some say the new cwm may corrupt the backup.. is the new cwm capable of restoring my previous backup??

  2. jerone says:

    step is clear.cache reset data factory clear cache partition and dalcic cache?? or just install the r0m?? thanks in advance

  3. Michael says:

    Hey Max,

    Everytime I go into recovery mode, I get the Android logo with the red exclamation mark. I get around it by reflashing the recovery every time I want to use recovery mode. I there anything I can do to stop this happening?


    • jerone says:

      if you want to stop that install the new from. coz stock from deletes cwm every reboot

    • Max Lee says:

      You can erase:
      /system/recovery-from-boot.p and /system/etc/

      once rooted.

      OR just use ROM Manager to flash CWM anytime you need to access it.

  4. erick says:

    I´m using build 40 of aokp! do I have to wipe everything?

  5. alienvartan says:

    Hi. Im on the ROM of stock of jeallybean rooted. I need wipe all data to install this ROM ?

  6. Silent Bob 23 says:

    is it just me, or is this new gapps missing a lot of google apps (maps, street view, play music, play magazines etc..)?

  7. Ruben Garcia (@alienvartan) says:

    Can i back to ics when i apply this rom updated?

  8. kazakvlad says:

    Good enough,in comparison with Milestone 5 or 6 very poor kit of features/options. ‘fast charge’ toggle not working.But all in all its rather than naked stock Jelly Bean.

  9. kazakvlad says:

    Ttanks developers,Thanks Max Lee !!!

  10. Who's SaNe says:

    Hey, i was wondering whether the guys at Volume + have figured out a way to make the app work in the new Jelly bean ROMs.
    I am currently using stock 4.1.0. rom and the app doesn’t work.
    Any other such apps which would help increase ringer volume.

  11. Murpher says:

    Max, I got this, it asked if i wanted to update to like 3.0.3 i think, so i did.
    that’s just to say there’s an update to what you’ve posted.

    the real question for you is this: is there a way to turn off the LED control? it’s not functioning properly for me, I can adjust the time/interval, but not the color. it’s always white. plus i can’t just turn it off to use the app light flow instead… help?

    Also, there’s one more thing: the Navigation menu claims (before you enter into the menu) that you can adjust the color… yet you cannot. Is this normal, or just me?

    thanks boss, as per the usual, Yer the man, and i look forward to more posts on the gNex JB roms, as well as JB roms for the GS3 🙂

  12. CY says:

    Can franco kernel flash to this ROM?

  13. Rich says:

    Hi how did you get that inverted keyboard I’ve tried allsorts but cant find it anywhere hhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllpppppppppppp

  14. Richard says:

    Mine just has the normal keyboard everything else is inverted I downloaded it from the link above! All I did was d/l it then flash it!

  15. Richard says:

    Yeah in both ROM settings and input settings but don’t worry about it I am going back to build 40 as its more customisable and I’m missing

  16. SaeiD says:

    good rom .. good battery life
    it has AOKP rom control under setting menu..
    but lack of many many customizations that coud very helpful .. such as … ( in PIN Security no need to press OK ) … ( VOL buttons wake the device ) and so many others !!!

    kernel version is also 3.0.31 … and is not the STABLE kernel !!

  17. orangeno says:

    Tried this rom, so far so good.

    The black look is nice, reminds me of the black ice rom.

    The auto update function is a good thing, never the less if it updates the hole new rom is downloading not only the parts that has changed. Updating the rom is best on wifi, if you have a FUP on you’re carrier.
    Last weekend there where 3 updates for the rom, maybe a weekly update is better then twice a day.

    Just like SaeID said, missing many features. Overall good rom, and probably the best out there (for now)

  18. Devin Sisco says:

    I like this from, it ran smooth and looked good. The problem was that when I flashed the rom I did not have any service, and would not let me activate my phone, so I unistalled it

  19. Asaf Moraz says:

    The only problem it’s just too black!!!

  20. Danielbby says:

    Which JB Rom did you choise? Or… Which rom did you keep in your device.

  21. Abubakar Saminu says:

    Hi guys out there. Please is Franco kernel for jelly bean available? Also which kernel version goes best with AOPK jelly bean ROM? Thanks in advance.

  22. plazma says:

    can i use this rom ? using rooted 4.1.1 JB JR003C will i get any problem with this rom because its based on AOKP 4.1.1 (JRO03H) and how can i ll flash it wit cwm ? thnx

  23. Abubakar Saminu says:

    Max pls help. Under kernel update of black aopk I saw list of kernels including Franco kernel 2.2.0 and some others. Are all those kernels compatible with the black aopk?

  24. Abubakar Saminu says:

    The updates are quite frequent. Is it safe to delete the old versions from the phone memory? Well I did deleted two old versions but then my googles apps stopped working for sometime.

  25. Abubakar Saminu says:

    Hi Max. Please which kernel are you using with the Black AOPK? Thanks.

  26. Diego says:

    The google+ app hangouts are not working, and it doesn’t accept the update.

  27. symon says:

    i tried installing franco kernel using update me, my phone got stucked in boot animation, hehe , i think, its not compatible, i love the blackness of this rom, if only i can change the blue accents into red,

  28. Paul S says:

    Anyone know what the swag (little fedora hat) toggle does? I don’t notice any difference

  29. Romain says:

    Since the last update 3.1.8 it’s not possible anymore to see the pictures you just took in the gallery unless you reboot your phone. What’s wrong?

  30. symon says:

    same situation as above

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