AOKP ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint][Best ROM]

Looking for the best ROM for your rooted Galaxy Nexus?

Well, whether you have a GSM, Verizon, or Sprint Galaxy Nexus, we think we have found the best ROM, the AOKP ROM, which is a beautiful upgrade over stock Android 4.0.4.

Now with Milestone 5 (which means the ROM is completely stable), you get the best of stock Android, UI customizations, overclocking up to 1.48Ghz, and a whole lot more.

I’ve always been a fan of AOKP ROMs on many of my other Android devices and I have to say for the Galaxy Nexus, AOKP is near perfect in terms of performance, UI mods, and battery life.

Check out the latest Milestone 5 for your Galaxy Nexus and let me know how it goes for you!

UPDATE: Also check out Build 39!

The only thing missing? DSP Manager.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5
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99 Responses to AOKP ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint][Best ROM]

  1. Erik says:

    Flashed it earlier, very happy, super quick, seems more stable then gummy. We will see about battery life by tomorrow

    • Ronaldo says:

      Agree, was previously on Gummy which I thought was the most stable but did have tiny quirks in it i.e. won’t update custom carrier text, scrolling through home screen sometimes got a bit laggy but overall the ideal ROM. Flashed this yesterday and I’m easily sold. Better battery life, much more stable (most stable I’ve used so far) and has become my ROM of choice to-date. Highly recommend this.

  2. Ahmad Akmal Mohd Idris says:

    This ROM is really impressive. I like it very much. Very fast, stable and have a lot of functions compare to stock ROM. This is my first time flashing custom ROMs and I already fell in love with it. 10/10 stars and recommended to everybody using GSM Galaxy Nexus.

  3. Mario Cordova says:

    Just booted up. seems great. but seriously, wow a unicorn? damn!

  4. Mario says:

    um… no market?

    • Robert says:

      You have to download the GAPPS file from the AOKP forum and installing it via recovery mode

    • Fabio says:

      Excellent ROM. However, after install, I can’t install Google Maps (probably other apps too). I get a message “Not availabe in your country”. I actually had it installed (in my country, of course) with the previous (stock) ROM.

      Any clue ?

      • Andre says:

        I had the same issue.

        I found a work around by opening the phones browser and then doing a Google search for the app. I could install from the Google search results even though it was not showing as available in Google Play.

        Hope that works for you…

  5. Seckin B says:

    Battery life seems horrible so far. other than that, UI is perfect. Loved the Nova launcher.

  6. Allen Shashaty says:

    Constantly crashing… Tried playing around with the settings but doesn’t help. When it’s not crashing, I like it.

  7. lionel says:


    i am a complete noob. i have followed your videos and everything has worked flawlessly. other day i tried to use twrp 2.1 because people said the touch was cool and it is but now i don’t know what i am doing.

    currently i have fox hound running as my rom but i want to use LS. what do i do?

    i don’t know how to override twrp and use cloclwork.

    HELP (i am running on a mac)

  8. Raymee Yunus says:

    Help,found out theres no google maps apps, eventhough i tried to download it, it shows “not available in your country”.

    I was on m4 and just flash to m5 yesterday. Before this flash, the maps is there along with navigation. Now theres no more maps. I from Malaysia. I already installed the gapps-ics-29042012.

    Also noticed no more Google+ apps.

    Other than that, superb ROM at the moment. Thanx to AOKP

  9. Matt says:

    I love this ROM so far, BUT I cannot run Google Wallet anymore. I get a message that says “ account required” “To use Google Wallet on this device, you must first add a (Google Employee) account to this phone. WTF???

  10. Mario says:

    Good UI love the feel. battery kinda draining more but not to bad. Thing i don’t like, is one of the the key features of the Galaxy Nexus was shutter speed. This roms completely takes that feature away.

  11. Tim says:

    A little question here.
    It doesn’t seem like there is a dictionary in Dutch, please correct me if I’m wrong. Is it possible to add (personally) add the default Dutch android dictionary to this rom?


    • Max Lee says:

      i believe it is just matter of dictionary files but i will have to double check on that.

      • Tim says:

        I could really appreciate that, since now when I type only contact names show up as suggestions, which make for some weird corrections sometimes.

  12. shrinisudi says:

    hey im stuck at booting up and it doesnt go any further. it is stuck at booting up. Please help me

  13. JC says:

    Any ideas why I get an “installation aborted” message when I try to flash it?

    Using CWM Optimus Prime.


  14. vathna says:

    My problem with this roms is when it always stuck and restart when i’m using it.

  15. Jeremy says:

    This is a great rom however I keep coming back to liquid smooth 1.3.5. because most of the roms based on(my assumption) cm9 like APEX & AKOP well not let me boot into recovery from from manager. Not a big deal since I can do this the old fashion way or through the power menu but to me it screams not ready yet. Can’t wait for the official cm9 for CDMA Galaxy Nexus I just hope it let’s me change launch icons instead of just being able to add more since I like using random pics for my home, recent, search and back key just to watch people try to use my phone and not know what keys to press. 🙂

  16. Adam says:

    does anyone else have a problem with the clock in the right hand corner? mine seems to stop telling the time, for example, when i unlock the phone the time is right but after a few minutes it is still displaying the same time as when i unlocked it, is this just me?

  17. Adam says:

    i love using this site for the latest and greatest roms, do you think you could review OAKP’s ROM Build 35, released 09/05/12? thanks in advance

  18. Miguel says:

    I’m having the same issue as Matt with Google Wallet.

  19. Miguel says:

    …and I am having also issues connecting to BluBridge Home. I have read, perhaps out of context, that there are issues with this ROM and A2DP.

  20. Ronaldo says:

    Four days into using this ROM and still happy with it. Have not had one single issue with it. For Google Wallet its not available in my region yet so got rid of it. Will update again in a few days, battery is still great but do watch out for apps that are battery hogs, namely Zynga apps i.e. I’ve gone through an hour with wifi and GPS enabled while running plus playing music and only lost around 15% battery. I’ve played Scrabble for less than an hour and lost around 20% battery which is a joke. Other than that expect increase in battery consumption for any data-drive apps, just a fact with smartphones.

  21. Willie says:

    Uploaded the ROM so far so good, but I have noticed that for some reason I lose internet reception in areas in which I never did before does anyone else have this issue

  22. ernest says:

    Loving this rom. Respect AOKP. my Galaxy Nexus droop calles every ever so soften but it was doing that befor I rooted it so i know its not due to this rom. However this is HANDS DOWN the best Rom I have ever used
    thanks again AOKP

  23. Keith says:

    The only problem I have had is the Navigation keys went bye bye. I re-loaded this rom and it’s o.k. now. Anybody else with this issue ?

  24. Jason says:

    Love it. It works great for me. Toro Milestone 5, Franko Kernal 3… The only thing I find is the PANO camera doesn’t work. Great setup though. Thanks a ton!

  25. Brad Mills says:

    Constant data drop outs ….. been reading comments in other forums, who claim same !!!!
    Been fiddling around with Kernels and flashed Faux’s latest 17m Kernel, drop outs still seem to be quite frequent !!!!!
    I tried Franco’s latest Nightly’s r158/160, and Milestone 3 … much more stable. Rate of data drop out seems to be less. Any other people having the same problems with data drop outs ???

    Going to have a crack at AOKP’s build 36 ROM afterwards. Will let you know (if any) of data drop outs!!!

    Brad Mills.
    Melbourne, Australia

  26. I loved this ROM. But I believe the previous version (4) was more stable. Also, I agree that the shutter speed is lost.

  27. Miguel says:

    Yesterday Google Wallet was updated and the new updated version (from Google Play) works perfectly. Check!

    • Matt says:

      Still doesn’t work for me. It looks good, but if I restart and come back I get the unsupported device message again.

  28. JamrD says:

    I would love to tell this ROM is great but it is stuck on pink unicorn load screen after a fresh root. Any tips?

  29. Andre says:

    Have just arrived in Hong Kong and set up data roaming, purchased the package from my carrier for 5 days but am not able to get a data connection… Tested the SIM card in my iPhone data worked right away. I’m thinking its this ROM that is hindering my efforts of using data on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I used data roaming on this phone last time I was in HK about 7 weeks ago with no problems, but that was with a different ROM too…

    If this is the case, not a good ROM for International travelers…

    Has anyone else had this issue as well?


  30. Dmitry says:

    Hey! Thanks alot for your efforts doing all these videos and different devices

    I just got my Galaxy Nexus, and got it Rooted, installed this rom, and its amazing! just lets you squeeze out every bit of potential from your phone! now its awesome i love this rom! especially the Navigation Bar tweak where you can reduce its size and get more screen space!

    the only thing i had problems with is the How to Root Tutorial i had alot of setbacks\issues even though i followed every step to the point, and i ended up using the galaxu nexus toolkit just a few clicks and you’re done.

  31. Richard says:

    Just started running AOPK but for some reason when I run the quadrant benchmark I’m still only scoring in the 2200 range. Any suggestions on what I might be missing?

  32. Brad says:

    Love this rom. Its using old radios though for Verizon LTE. Does anybody know if I can flash the new radios to this build? If so can I just flash on top?

  33. Hump says:

    Awesome Rom, the one rom with most customization! everything works. Now i just want even moar!
    Want to change system color (the light blue one) for everything in the god for send phone.

  34. Richard says:

    So I’m sure I sound like a complete noob, but what is it that the franco kernel updater does and how important is it to constantly be updating your kernel. I’ve been looking on the web, but I’m not following all the fancy lingo. Any info on kernels, radios, and which apps like rom manager, kernel updater and things like those would be greatly appreciated. You guys are awesome and love the website.

    • Max Lee says:

      Franco kernel updater updates Franco’s kernel to the latest version. You don’t have to update unless you want the latest features. I would stick with Franco’s milestone versions, which are stable. Radios are the things that control the internet connection to your phone so with a better radio, you might get better reception speeds. ROM Manager is similar but you can install a whole ROM.

      • Richard says:

        Thanks for the quick response. I can’t tell u enough how awesome this is. “Don’t be an Iwhore” telling every iPhone user.

  35. Michael says:

    Was on Apex yesterday, then I decided to try this ROM.

    Wow. I absolutely love it . So customizable I get lost and forget where I was or what I was adjusting. But once you figure it out, it SMOKES. I love the weather updater in the notification pulldown and how you can link it to open with a certain app, and how I can add a quick toggle hot-spot, or flashlight.. Change the colors of nearly everything. Haven’t got to try out the battery life, as all this customizing and rebooting and such kills a battery regardless of the ROM runnning.

    I have to admit that I changed out the to the Galaxy Nexus Intro one. I just couldn’t keep the pink unicorn on the screen. I rebooted a few times to see if I would get used to it……….um……nope.

    Though I did kind of think that maybe it ain’t too bad. Maybe he’s just an unlucky male unicorn, that happened to be born pink. That’s why he has the scowl. I mean, come on. First, you are born a unicorn. And a male one to boot. All the other horses laugh at your horn. But when you walk into the stables for the first time, around strange horses and you are PINK…….well no wonder he looks like he wants to groin kick a mofo.

  36. Wei says:

    My first rom and I love it. Does this change the stock kernell to? Will changing kernell help improve performance?
    (Franco kernell seems the most popular stable choice for many).

    p.s. I just upgraded my old blackberry phone to galaxy nexus and having much fun with it. However, still pretty new with android 😀

  37. ban says:

    i also am stuck on loading / pink unicorn. left it for like half an hour, goes nowhere. i tried “fastbooting” (i think) by holding power and volume down, and that says “downloading do not power down target”.

    i am new to ROMs, but successfully went between stock and apex and back today no problems, i have the drives installed etc. i also tried downloading the android sdk and tried to kick my phone from the command line “adb reboot bootloader” but it says it cant see my phone (both in fastboot screen and in pink unicorn screen, i think because it is in the middle of a boot process.)

    I’m guessing this was because i didnt wipe my phone with clockworkmod before loading this ROM? probably someplace somewhere someone has said that was important. was that really it?

    my phone seems to be pretty pink unicorn brickmode now. good thing i didn’t brick it before getting a new one from my insurance, but it sounds like there are some other people who may have bricked ther only phone. if someone could point us to a resource for undoing this that would be great, like a no-boot powerup method so i can reinstal stock from command line or something (if it would just stop trying to boot and listen to usb is all i need i think).

    thanks for your help, we all are noobs at some time remember.

    • Ray says:

      When you get stuck on the unicorn loading.. you have to reboot to recovery, delete the cache portion and reboot it again.. this time it willload the rom… sometimes the roms get stuck just clear the cache portion and reboot. 🙂

  38. ban says:

    huh, always pays to read more. i “solved” my problem by actually loading fastboot, by pressing volume up AND down while pressing power, where i could load recovery from that menu. i said “whip my data” and rebooted and got in this time. hope you other brickheads loaded clockworkmod or something before you unicorned your phones to death, lol.

  39. Will says:

    I installed Aokp (milestone 5) on my GSM galaxy nexus and I’ve loosing my data connection quite often. If I get to a place were there’s no data signal, and then went back a place that there is, it wont come back by itself unless I reboot it… Max, what should I try?

  40. dean says:

    Love the app but why is the camera shutter so LOUD and can it be adjusted?

  41. Malcolm says:

    is there no stock music player in this ROM??? :s

  42. Malcolm says:

    can someone please reply 🙁

  43. Malcolm says:

    Google Music doesn’t show up on my Ply Store, Max. Please help me with a lonk or something 🙁

  44. Nexus User says:

    How come none of your MD5 checksum codes are accurate after downloading multiple roms from your page??

  45. Gavin says:

    This ROM is awesome! I have one problem though, my bluetooth doesn’t work. Tried it on both my Bose soundlink and my plantronics wireless bluetooth, no joy.

  46. Justin says:

    Tried several on my bionic & thunderbolt, all buggy shit or just didn’t have even as many features as the stock rom.

    Got a nexus, rooted it & and it was buggy. Reset it, updated to 4.0.4, rooted it & then installed AOKP.
    So far just from messing with it for a day its amazingly awesome.

    Fast, responsive, tons of features & customization.

    Very impressed.

    One thing though, wanting to replace the previous button (to right of home button) with a shortcut to rhapsody. It gives me the option to choose rhapsody but only to play a playlist or songs not just to open the app. Anyone know how to fix this?

  47. James says:

    awesome rom but has anyone encountered a mms not being able to download? every time i get one it says download so i click it and it says downloading then it just goes back to download

    • James says:

      Nvm guys I just flashed the North American radio and all is good now the connection is like night and day now

  48. maddmechanic says:

    So…I’m the only person who can’t run SU or get root access for my apps? W T F. Next.

  49. Micky Hunt says:

    Great ROM – having issues with VZ GN *228 seems you cannot dial the 1 or 2 to answer their prompts to program your phone – dial area is black

  50. Tom says:

    I flashed this ROM no problems and its great other than the stock camera app doesn’t work.

    You press the shutter button and it looks as though its taking a pic but it doesn’t save anything…

    Anyone have any ideas?

  51. Mario says:

    first random reboot. Been using since Max dropped this post

  52. Richard says:

    Just curious to see if anyone knows where I can find theme packs that work with the nova launcher or if I have to pay for one on the market place.

  53. Victoria says:

    Has anyone run into the problem where it shows roaming all the time?
    i did a search on Google, there were a couple people with the same issue but I haven’t found any solutions to it. I can great signals with stock ROM, but with both AOKP and APEK roms I get roaming notifications, which is the little R on the the signal sign.
    Any help with that would be really appreciated!!!

  54. juan says:

    Everything seems to be fine except for the camera… looks like its taking photos but it is not saving it

    i used AOKP build 39


  55. Ato says:

    Do i need to update to stock 4.0.4 before flashing aokp or can i flash it on 4.0.2?

  56. alex says:

    Might be behind the times but I rooted and use this Rom to get hotspotting… had stock jb 4.1.1 but am not disappointed going back to ics… one click root then this… Made my phone better in 15 minutes.. love it

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