AOKP MR1 ROM for Galaxy Nexus! [Android 4.2.1]

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AOKP MR1 has just been released for Galaxy Nexus! Based on latest Android 4.2.1, the AOKP MR1 brings the stability/speed of Android 4.2.1 and AOKP ROM Control customization into perfect harmony.

One of the major features added in AOKP MR1 include the ability to add unlimited/any widgets to the lockscreen. This is very useful since you don’t even have to unlock your phone to check your e-mail, watch your stocks using stock widgets, check out weather in other countries you travel frequently, and much more.

I also feel like the latest AOKP MR1 has improved vastly in speed, definitely this is a ROM you must try if you haven’t yet.

Right now it’s only available for GSM and Verizon Galaxy Nexus but should be available for Sprint variant soon. (I will update this post when that happens.) You can also try Xylon ROM, which is “very” similar to this and just as good in my opinion if you don’t have GSM or Verizon GNex.

What are you waiting for? Try it out and let me know what you think.


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Download AOKP MR1 ROM for GSM Galaxy Nexus
Download AOKP MR1 ROM for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

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Credits – XDA

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14 Responses to AOKP MR1 ROM for Galaxy Nexus! [Android 4.2.1]

  1. Ruben says:

    I can’t install this room, when i instal from zip, by clockwork the start screen continues to the infinite, my nexus is a gsm but not works, im doing anything bad? thanks a lot

  2. Priyank Chauhan says:

    I love this ROM.
    There is only one major problmlem is that I cannot go back to stock root still I have stockroot backup in my phone.
    But When I do restore it says unable to open directory.
    What to do now…
    I want to go to stock again.

    • samer says:

      first use latest cwm, second move clockworkmod file to data/media using file explorer with root access, then restore from cwm.

  3. Daniel says:

    I’ve waiting some months to get AOKP 4.2.X done. Am still on rooted stock 4.1.1 with franco.Kernel.

    Do you recommend the change to AOKP in this new release? Worth doing?

    Everything working fine? Battery performance also?

  4. aindey says:

    Max? It this has a network mood like 3g and 2g? I need a network mood.

  5. adam says:

    How is the volume on this rom? I am using the AOKP ICS rom with volume+ because I just can’t stand how quite the stock gnex is. Is there a volume enhancement in this rom or could you recommend a kernal that would enhance volume?

  6. jerome says:

    this is cool but paranoid 2.99 is better in all aspects cant say any thing. .. waiting for the linux mobile. since it will only available on galaxy nexus horay soon on febraury hoping to it first here, but im not expecting so much since max lost love on us gnex user.hehe emo emo!!!!!!!!

  7. Alessandro says:

    hi, how can i install AOKP on my galaxy nexus? i’m already root but that steps should I follow? can someone help me? thanks in advance.

  8. erick says:

    Hi MAx! the rom works fine but sometimes a pop up shows and sain google.apps.process has stopped or has stopped. what can I do?

  9. samer says:

    try to fix permission

  10. Lehi says:

    I downloaded and installed, after rebooting my nexus the “Initiating Swagger – Pink Unicorn” continues to keep running. What’s the deal here?

  11. astra; says:

    If your device stuck’s at pink unicorn remove battery and put it again … it should boot fine 🙂

  12. astral says:

    And if you get that process error (android.something..) clear data and cache in apps – > contact manager (hope you backed up first) 🙂

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