AOKP Jelly Bean ROM Build 1 for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint]

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For those of you who want the best of Jelly Bean ROM and the legacy of AOKP customizations, check out the latest Build 1 of AOKP Jelly Bean ROM for your GSM/Verizon/Sprint Galaxy Nexus. The newer versions are looking better on every new build and Build 1 looks like another hit from the AOKP team.

Some notable features including LED colors, notification wallpapers, ringer modifications, and more.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


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25 Responses to AOKP Jelly Bean ROM Build 1 for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint]

  1. JD says:

    Question: if you already have a rom installed (codename jellybean) can you just boot into recovery and over write the old one with this? no questions asked?

    or do you have to revert back to the original os (ICS)?

    • edjones says:

      you’ll have to wipe data, cache and dalvik cache again…just like you did when you installed codename.

    • Max Lee says:

      You might be okay without data/factory reset on most jelly bean roms, I’ve done them fine without it. But there’s a risk you take so make a backup ROM if you want insurance.

  2. edjones says:

    Thanks for the review. Was wondering when you were going to review AOKP JB!

  3. Abubakar Saminu says:

    Have to wipe data?

  4. H.Reality says:

    Honestly Ive liked AOKP in the past but I think its a little sad that after all this time they are just now getting this out and it still has so much that doesnt function. I mean Pete has been on this and doing dailys damn near from the beginning and they dropped off the map until now? I’ll give the ROM a shot of course but I doubt I’ll be staying with it if for nothing else due to the length in their keeping up with the rest of the scene.

    • H.Reality says:

      Also… are there any themes that actually work 100% for this. All I tried are missing one thing or another and don’t work correctly.

  5. mike williams says:

    Does anyone know if this build has Screenshot built in?? The last one did not and that is why I flashed back to the EvolutionJB.

  6. KyoKeun says:

    AOKP build 1 is amazing 🙂 Sure, it doesn’t have ALL the features that ICS had, but at least it’s finally stable!

  7. Gregory Dean says:

    I had a problem I couldn’t overcome with the AOKP JB-1 version and that was My Verizon stopped working. Ya know that app that lets you monitor minutes used and what not? Launching the app gives you a missing client logon error, so I went and found that component (com.motricity.verizon.ssodownloadable-1.apk) and executed the file. The error went away, but then you couldn’t connect with Verizon and their icon kept spinning around until it timed out.

    I was forced to go back to the rom which works well, but has no cpu tweaks or other cool stuff. Also, don’t waste your time with the Verizon update because that one is lame, and tries to unroot you, which stopped my Titanium Backup from working.

  8. Paul S says:

    Which Rom is better, Black Bean or this one by AOKP? I’m currently running black bean and I love it and this looks super similar, ha. Any differences between the ROMs? Besides the color schematics.

    And what other ROMs are recommended for the gsm Nexus? I just rooted my phone recently and don’t want to trial and error every single ROM until I find a good one.

  9. Pascal says:

    I installed this ROM on my Galaxy Nexus, but the playstore gives the message: error processing purchase df-bpa-09. This happens when I have to click the last click “accept & download”. I noticed that after a reboot the problem is solved for one download only and then it starts again. Any idea how to solve this?
    Except from that, this ROM seems to work fine for me so far since the installation date, that is 1 day until now.

  10. kk Ma says:

    Dear Max,

    my gnx is rooted and I have followed your steps and flashed the from form 4.0.1 to 4.0.4 to 4.1 and 4.1.1.

    Today I would like to try the AOKP Jelly Bean ROM Build 1 , however once I enter into the fastboot mode, I find that the fastboot mode is changed.

    This is what I have found once I enter into the fastboot mode

  11. kk Ma says:

    please ignore my retard post.

  12. SaeiD says:

    i have problem for Downloading GSM Version …
    already i have try 5 times to download .. but it’s stock on different percetages like 59 % … 11 % … 27%… and so on … any other Mirror or other Link AVAILABLE for download ?!?!?


  13. Anthropologist Fragger says:

    This ROM is not completely stable. It has a few bugs. For instance if you switch batteries or turn off the phone in properly, it will take the boot loader 15 minutes just to load the ROM.

    Hope to see the features from ICS come to jellybean really soon.

  14. avid user says:

    How can I get Google Music on my phone? i tried Google Play but its not there.

  15. I am the only ont that is missing the Picasa / Google+ sync on the gallery? The photos are uploades, but I dont see them on gallery.

  16. Zafar says:

    please can someone advise, where do get this awesome red theme.

  17. Guy says:

    Is it possible to minimize the navigation bar with this rom?

  18. Jonathan Carrion says:

    I rooted my phone Nexus Galaxy while rooting i seen fail radio-cdma fail version baseband My network is gone where setting it does not let me turn on and off. Plus my phone info under Baseband Version is Unknown. Please reply back I am looking everywhere online with no result or answers. Thank you

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