AOKP ICS ROM Build 39 for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint][Best ROM]

Yippee! AOKP ICS ROM build 39 is out for your rooted Galaxy Nexus, comes in all flavors including GSM, Verizon, and Sprint. I think AOKP Team has built themselves as the best ROM devs for the Galaxy Nexus series. Of course, let’s not forget Cyanogen Team also since AOKP is based off CyanogenMod9.

The new build 39 comes with a ton of new features including support for AdHoc Wifi, meaning you can connect to any AdHoc Wifi networks to tether your Galaxy Nexus (if needed).

If you are satisfied with your AOKP Milestone 5, you don’t have to upgrade but for those of you who want to best of the latest, give the AOKP Build 39 and let me know what you think!


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Credits – XDA

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74 Responses to AOKP ICS ROM Build 39 for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint][Best ROM]

  1. Nadji says:

    thanx dude you do as always a great job, i am on the latest paranoidandroid (your rate :4.95/5) and you didnt rate this one, I trust your rom rating

  2. jeebus says:

    I’m coming from build 38 and would like to upgrade. Should I only wipe caches and flash? Or should I wipe data as well?

    • SaeiD says:

      better to wipe all cache ,,data…

      also wipe “dalvik cache” and “battery stats” from “Advanced” menu…

  3. sean says:

    I’m on milestone-5, I was wondering can I just install the new aokp build 39 rom over milestone 5? Or do I still have to wipe data and reset everything?? Help me please!!

  4. Oscar Lopez says:

    I put this rom and on my lock screen I have eight apps but the bottom one is being blocked by my navigation bar any suggestions for that?

  5. sean says:

    just put the rom on and i try to charge my phone and nothing happens what do i do??

  6. Richard says:

    Only issue so far is getting Facebook to sync up. I’ve wiped the dalvik and started from a complete wipe and install. Any help?

  7. Brandon says:

    Hey Max quick question……..why do you highly recommend setting it to 1350 mhz? Does that not decrease battery life?

  8. Chung Han says:

    Hey, I would like to ask a question. I actually use AOKP build 38 before, but the battery life just too suck. How is the battery life in this build?

  9. Aykutt says:

    Hey, i just installed this rom but i cant install google maps. How to install google maps for custom roms?

  10. Mario says:

    The AOKP before had a problem going back a page when in the browser. it just kept reloading the same page every time you hit the back button. has this been fixed?

  11. alico says:

    İ am just writing sms i rotate keyboard but it dont turn. How to i can rotate keyboard on this rom

  12. Simon says:

    How do I remove the annoying Google bar on the homescreen (and add an extra row)?

  13. Trevor says:

    Would have to say the best rom is the AOKP build 38 linaro built in. build 39 with linaro has some issues. But 38 is So fast!!! Just amazing. This is why android is better than IOS

  14. Richard says:

    has anyone else had an issue syncing Facebook?

  15. micky hunt says:

    I personally had an issue with the Verizon download – kept getting bad Rom on install. went to akop site and downloaded build 39 and it installed fine. also downloaded the gapps from there as well. all installed well. did a wipe and factory reset first although that may not be needed.

  16. mod says:

    It’s great but where there’s no DSP the nexus volume is too low we all love to make it little bit more

  17. Shawn says:

    Why dont any of these damn roms have built in music players?

  18. iDucatillon says:

    Hi there!
    Following you from over here in Spain!
    New to the Galaxy Nexus, but not new to Android. Your video tutorials are the best I’ve seen on the net! I rooted and installed custom Roms on my Nexus as soon as I got it, and it was a doddle thanks to your tutorials. Keep up the good work!
    Now on the latest AOKP rom and loving it!

  19. Bryan says:

    i installed this rom and i dont even have a play store app and i cant figure out how to get it on my phone.

  20. Leandro says:

    i’ve made a backup in titanium backup for all my apps and system data. if i wipe the files to install the rom, will i be able to restore my apps and system configuration?

  21. lakshay g says:

    so the only concern and question i have with this ROM is that I can’t get the actual icon (picture) of the app in navigation bar. Like in this video, Max has got gmail and camera app in navigation bar and you can see the icons for them. In my phone, if i choose camera and gmail, it just shows me like a filled icon with same color and the outline of chosen apps. for example, anyone else had this problem? how can i fix it? pls help. thanks.

  22. Erik says:

    Been rooted for about 3 months and tried about 8 different ROMs, all with bad battery until yesterday when I finally re-calibrated my battery, so far in one day it has double to triple the life of before.

  23. Sneexus says:

    WOW! Awesome Rom i come from the Milestone 5 and with the Build 39 i hat really great Performance with the latest nightly version of the franco.kernel 7380 points in the antutu benchmark really really great rom!

  24. J says:

    Hey do you need to download and install the GOOGLE APPS???

    if you do NEED to, how do you?


    • iDucatillon says:

      Yes, you do. The link is up there under the links for the Roms and you flash in the same way you flash a rom… always after flashing the rom itself of course

  25. Valentino says:

    i cant flash franco kernel. starts flashing than crash. i installed AOKP 39, google apps and than tried to flash franco kernel. where did i go wrong. thx guys.

  26. Dirk Diggler says:

    Can I somehow remove that damn unicorn?
    Btw max, your website is the best for nexus!

  27. Aron says:

    I installed te rom on 2 pones last night. The Rom control crashes on my phone very often and the other phone that I installed it on crashed 4-5 in the 15 minutes that I had it after installing the Rom. It’s most of the time when I try and change certain things, like adding the weather. Can you please help me?
    Thanks in advance.

  28. Mario says:

    great rom seems legit. just flashed Franco kernel to see if it helps with battery.

  29. Simon says:

    Been using it for a week now and LOVE it.

  30. namah says:

    hey max… I wanna ask onething that im in europe.. I heard that google has released android 4.1 Jelly bean for takju version .. I guess mine in yakju version( in europe) . Is it possible to install this Jelly bean on my gnex which is now having AOKP ROM ?

  31. Mario says:

    Build 40 is out and it ROCKS!

  32. Jay says:

    Ok would be kind enough to post a video of how to install on the phone? because i am having a really hard time. Or if you can point, would be nice.


  33. Ahmad says:

    I have a rooted nexus running on stock rom 4.0.2, is it safe for me to install AOKP Build 39?

  34. Erick Mezzoni says:

    I´m running JB 4.1 on nexus gsm, but i have an issue with the keyboard that I don´t like. can I instal this rom over the JB directly from recovery mode or do I have to wipe all data?

    • Max Lee says:

      You should be fine but do make a backup ROM just in case.

      • Erick Mezzoni says:

        Hi max. I´ve install the rom but it´s looping in the loading unicorn animation. I´ve restore the phone to JB backup. But i wanna change it. What aould I do? Thanks.

        • Max Lee says:

          Try wiping cache after installing ROM. Make sure you’ve installed the right one for your phone.

          • Erick Mezzoni says:

            All ready hace and the same looping animation with the unicorn. I´m flashing from optimus prime of the universal root tutorial. following the same method. flash from sdcard.

  35. Adam says:

    milestone 6 is out baby. woooo

  36. mark smith says:

    i just flashed this, does the picture mail work on it?

  37. Kelvin says:

    @Max Lee; I went through root guide (very easy instructions BTW), but since wiping all stats/cache and installing AOK b39, my phone sits on the boot screen (unicorn with AOKP logo). I’ve wiped and reinstalled twice with same result. Should I try another ROM? (Sprint Galaxy Nexus)

    • Max Lee says:

      You will have to do wipe/factory reset then install this ROM otherwise you will end up in a bootloop.

    • saeeid says:

      Remember to do 3 part wipe… data/factory wipe … ( Dalvik Cache wipe … battey stat wipe under Advanced menu)
      Surely you will be done
      Remember the first boot may takes about 2 or 3 minutes !!

  38. Ruben Garcia (@alienvartan) says:

    I just find a little issue in this ROM, FOURSQUARE & INSTAGRAM don`t work good, i install de ROM build 40 and everything goes fine

  39. Hon says:

    I just put this build (39) on my Galaxy Nexus, but it wasn’t able to see a WiFi ad-hoc network I have running on another device. Is there a setting I need to enable or something?

  40. Zafar says:

    how do i get this red theme

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