AOKP Milestone 1 for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Sprint/Verizon][JellyBean]

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For those of you who want the latest Android 4.1.2 and the power of AOKP ROM Control customizations, certainly it’s a happy day as AOKP Build 5 has been released as of yesterday. Milestone 1 has been released as of two days ago.

The Milestone 1 adds some new features:

  • Adjustable NavBar width for Tablets
  • Allow “Vibrate on Touch” behavior for Slide unlock
  • Toggles can be hidden like in ICS – long press on the Settings button!
  • Clickable (short & long configurable) Clock and Calendar in the Notification Slider

And also this marks a first “stable” version for AOKP.

The new version is faster than ever before with some more features added so you can tweak all day long.  You can watch the video above for some of the highlights/changes made with the latest version.

After running it nearly a day, I have to say AOKP Build 5 is more stable/faster than its previous versions and probably one of the best Jelly Bean ROMs out right now with Android 4.1.2.  If you are on Build 5, try out the latest Milestone 1, no data wipe/factory reset if coming from Build 5.

So, go ahead and flash it on your Galaxy Nexus and let me know how it goes for you!


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To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset , install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, reboot!

Credits – XDA

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41 Responses to AOKP Milestone 1 for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Sprint/Verizon][JellyBean]

  1. Smileyantzz says:

    Lol your a bit behind the times. I’ve flashed 19 dif ROMs and in all 62 times. If anyone wants a really good kernel go for the glados. Its over a month old but sound as a pound . After that the leankernel and trinity worth a flash. Obviously u need to get the kernel settings rite according with the way you have your ROM set up and your be on ya way. Happy flashing? Anyone looking for a really pro theme won’t go far wrong with cm10 elegant blue. Take a gander and give the guy his due!!!!

  2. sadiq samm says:

    Kindly give me a tip on how i can download the glados kernel and install it. I have flashed several roms but always on stock kernel. I will really love to flash kernels and see how it improve my phone performance.

  3. Smileyantzz says:

    Google play my friend. Just put in glados and once downloaded have a read up. If you are going to over clock 1400 is in my opinion a safer bet. I actually under clock when I’m on my travels commuting. Trinity is great for battery life to but as always its hard to get the best when wanting high performance and long battery performance take your time and set it up according to your needs. Tips on long battery. Brightness . GPS. WiFi. Use 2g instead of 3g.

    • sadiq samm says:

      Nagode.(means thanks in my language). Kindly give me a tip on how i can download the glados kernel and install it. I have flashed several roms but always on stock kernel. I will really love to flash kernels and see how it improve my phone performance.

  4. meteriso says:

    …..I’ve tried most of all JBROMS Verizion and found out that i’ve had the most stable w/CodeName 3.8.0 v4.1.2 has all the great features of most all roms…..

  5. Smileyantzz says:

    Yeah I’ll go along with that along with paranoid. Unique is another pretty much bare bones minimal extras and arguably about the fastest one out there. Lol there popping up all over and the more I flash the more they come out, well for the gsm anyhow.

  6. dan vanderveen says:

    how come google play isn’t installed and when installed wont run?

  7. Daniel says:

    What about the kernel? I’ve read something about Glados. What would you recommend? → keeping default AOKP, flashing franco.Kernel one or trying Glados? Why?

    Thnx in advance…

    • Smileyantzz says:

      The default is the one by choice of the builder and obviously must be OK . The guys who build the kernels are normally specialized in that field and can get that little more like any chosen field you work in. I’m a Luthier and give me a a piece of quality timber and I’d make you a guitar the same as a Gibson but I would be that much more carful to the specifics of the make and build and sound. The Google question I find a complete wipe is the safest action delvic included. If by any chance it dissent do it take battery out plonk it back in then wipe again and fix permissions. Lol make sure u have rite tools, goes without saying I know lol. The glados has had some of the best guys working on that one and I reckon any updates are not needed coz of how sweet the running of it is. If u want to try something blazing fast and average on your battery FRANKOS. and TRINITY for the life of it. But I will ad a penny to it, it really does matter on combination and set up of the kernels and ROM.

  8. Rodrigo says:

    I dont understand nothing.
    The topic is about AOKP that I think that its a ROM. Or this modify the kernel too?
    ANd some users are asking about kernels. Its to use “along with” this mod rom (aokp)?
    Or the glados (kernel) is other “like rom mod”?

    I am really confused. ><

  9. smileyantzz says:

    Rodrigo get yourself over onto the xda developers forum and reg because you will get the drift of it and you will be able to get a bit of time in and read up. And there really good for guys who have little understanding honest m8 . There be lots of guys putting u in the right direction.

  10. jerome says:

    this rom sucks max. it ruin my battery in gnexus gsmversion. 🙁 wifi also sucks. i like build 4 but not this. now on paranoid coz aokp eats alot of ram. im always out of ram. free ram is only 200 in start up.. thnks for all max ur the king of the android hehe

  11. smileyantzz says:

    Franko updates from Google play and won’t go wrong with goo manager for your ROMs as the updates are good. Anyone who has a problem with battery running out whilst on stand by or off. Do a clean wipe of all three and also fix permissions then turn it off and take battery out. Put it back on into recovery and repeat the process but not the permissions. This will get u back on track and it will fix all sorts of problems. If anyone wants better battery stats BUGLESS beast or unique. Hope this is helpful to some of you.

  12. smileyantzz says:

    To my last reply if you have important stuff u need to keep and want to save then u will need to have programs such as titanium etc which are available on play store. But a clean install is needed and not a dirty install. You can do a dirty install if its the same ROM but if not your asking for trouble.

  13. Max says:

    Great ROM. I’m on stock kernel. Only problem is it seems to have that “lock of death” sometimes. I lock my device and it turns off. This sucks cause I use my phone for my alarm and if the phone turns off in the middle of the night for no reason, I don’t get woken up. Anyone know of any fixes? reflashing, different kernel? Thanks

  14. smileyanz says:

    Yeah flash leankernel from franko updates or the glados both found on Google play. Just flash auto flash it. If by any chance it does the same go into recovery and what I and many others prefer to do is a clean wipe and start from scratch. Backup using titanium if u need if u need to backup SMS etc there’s some good ones also on Google play.

  15. Jeremy says:

    Milestone 1 is out and apparently no more releases until 4.2 is out.

  16. smileyanz says:

    4.2 been out for a while and milestone 6 kernel on Franko updates has also been out for sometime. I know Google has there stock ROM out now on updates as from 28th. Unless your on about something I don’t know about?

  17. smileyanz says:

    My apology I’ve just seen the update on akop m1, my thoughts were on something else at the time lol again my apologizes

  18. tredmond48 says:

    Just in time to be one OS update behind the curve… Here’s to waiting for the first experimental 4.2 AOKP builds 🙂

  19. Daniel says:

    So, now that weekend is coming, what would you recommend me? Flashing AOKP with Glados, Trinity or franco.Kernel?

    Which differences would you point out for each one? Does it in any cases get a day-long battery life?


  20. smileyantzz says:

    First off it really does matter what your phone is used for. Myself I use it for all round type purpose but that doesn’t mean I’m going to use a all round setting. All three are real quality and have used all three of them and have determined using frankos milestone 6 works for me. I use his custom settings and not my own custom purely because he’s a better judge of getting your pennies worth from a kernel then me . I also found this out by having side by side tests with friends at work and my sons one as well at home at the weekend messing with games and browsing using WiFi. When using power save on milestone 6 there was no impact what so ever with the feel of it and browsing and was still butter unlike the other 2 but hardly noticeable. Have to say this it also depends on the ROM . I’m using xenonhd stable as can be. Others. unique and codename and many more are well worth looking at. Hope this had been of some help

  21. Basil Mirza says:

    I downloaded the rom a few hours after this post was posted. Now it is mentioning the “milestone 1” thing….is it a different rom or is the build 5 and milestone1 the same thing?

  22. smileyantzz says:

    Milestone 1 is the latest from them no 5 is the one before OK. Someone said it’ll be the last from those guys until 4.2 comes out in a week or two

  23. edmund jones says:

    Why is the video posted not on Milestone 1 but still on build 5?

  24. smileyanz says:

    Lol always the same from anyone running from a company involved in lots of other bits and pieces .there prob tell u they haven’t enough time lol . I’m only joking guys? To be honest there is so much going on in open source its hard to keep up. Unless u specialized in 1 or 2 things at a time. Think what we find in many cases its cut and paste without looking to far into something. And obviously its about getting a little forum or the likes going!!!!!

  25. Matt says:

    I went back to stock ROM because I found that HSPA+ data would stop about one a day/2 days, and I would have to enable airplane mode and then disable to get it back while on many of the ROMs I’ve tried here.

    Does this one help with those issues?

    Also, I am a heavy picasa user, so I did not like CM10 since it did not work with picasa due to their custom camera app. Is that the case here (does Picasa work in this ROM)?

    What would really help in your reviews would be what does and does not work compared to stock ROM.

  26. smileyanz says:

    Also Matt on the hspa it should be fine , have been asking around and it seems somehow you have had this problem ” little strange” anyhow try the baked bean ROM its a blinder to and pretty sure it’ll come up trumps for u. And as for the picasa yes it will work . I gave in my last comment where to get info but I don’t think they like addresses being plastered on here. Anyhow its called(reddit dot com forward slash r forward slash android. Lol have a look. Hope it helps matt

  27. Len Kiat Leong says:

    This ROM is the best that i’d tried. I’m surprised to learn that its as buttery as google stock JB (4.1.1) ROM. Other 4.1.2 custom ROMs did not perform well (jerk, freeze a while and lags) when i have Nexus live wallpaper running but this ROM does not lag at all and runs like stock . On top of that, one could enjoy all those AOKP customisation!! I was procrastinating whether to flash AOKP or not and i’m glad i did.
    OTOH, my battery life suffers. But i have Mugen 4000mAh battery. So no problem in this respect.

  28. jacob says:

    Practically none of the apps are compatible with this rom…

  29. smileyanz says:

    Jacob m8 they are most people I know are on this or the baked. And a lot of them are using milestone6 Franko kernel with it and is smooth as stock and with obviously lots of added lvlys. Have u come from a dif ROM . Or a dirty flash or along those lines coz honest mate its a really good one

  30. Jason says:

    Thanks for the review. As much as I enjoy AOKP … the last few roms have been difficult to use.
    -Random signal drops and an overwhelming increase of dropped calls.
    -System UI crashes multiple times per day.
    -Picture messages sometimes never send.

    Other than those few issues on the Verizon network, AOKP is the best I’ve used. For those who argue it’s either my phone or the towers….. I live less than 500 yards from a Verizon 4G LTE Tower (i’ve spoke directly with the guy installing the hardware on the tower) and I’m currently using ECLIPSE Rom with zero of the above issues. I don’t like Eclipse because its too dark and the mimic CM10 softkey button style is stupid …. I’m willing to look past this until AOKP releases something that works for me.

    Thanks for the great review.

  31. Efim says:

    thanks for a review!! That rom is awsome for real!! Performance is perfect even in 1200 mhz) Sound volume is.. o God I don`t shame of my phone now when playing music to my friends) Battery life is just great compering to custom. Guys, if you are custom.. don`t even think and flash it. Because ccustom is really sucks. Why just Google not hire that gods from AOKP?!!
    Video is cool!! You show basic featurse to people to understand what to choose) and that`s great) Thanks again!! And make donate in AOKP website!)

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