Android 4.2 ROM + Root for Galaxy Nexus!

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Android 4.2 is HERE! For those of you rooted with a custom ROM installed, you can easily upgrade to the stock Android 4.2 by flashing this Android 4.2 ROM, which also comes rooted.

This is for GSM Galaxy Nexus only but there is a ported Android 4.2 ROM you can also install for Verizon. For Sprint GNex, you will have to wait a bit longer (sorry!).


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Download Android 4.2 ROM + Root for GSM Galaxy Nexus

Download Muzzy’s Android 4.2 ROM + Root for Verizon Galaxy Nexus

For those of you coming from Android 4.1.2, most likely you can flash this over without data wipe/factory reset like I did. If you are coming from any previous versions of Android, data wipe/factory reset is recommended. Also make a backup ROM just in case!

Credits – XDA

Also, for those of you wondering, root method has not changed for Gingerbread, ICS, Jelly Bean, and Android 4.2!

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50 Responses to Android 4.2 ROM + Root for Galaxy Nexus!

  1. khabear says:

    Cool! Thanks Max!

  2. Alfred says:

    Need some help asap…. I tried this and now my phone keep restarting itself. I would see the lock screen for 1 second and it would restart itself. PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Alfred says:

      OK nevermind… needed a data wipe…. won’t work without it… I think I came from 4.1.1 not 4.1.2… Sorry… (to myself too cuz I freaked myself out…)

  3. Isaac says:

    Great! Wiped my 4.1.1 VZW Galaxy Nexus and then installed this. No problems

  4. Abe says:

    Help. I’m stuck on startup. It’s just Google…

  5. Abe says:

    Nevermind. I think I got it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Submit2darkseid says:

    Thanks for always getting us the good stuff in an easy to find location. This ROM is great.

  7. sadiq samm says:

    Is it worth a while to forget about my latest cynogenmod mode rom and flash this?

  8. RBruggeman says:

    YEAHHHH you the day just started and you already made my day! I can try this rom al day long ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Mikkobey says:

    what does flashing mean in android

  10. Abe says:

    It works beautifully! Thanks so much!

  11. Willie says:

    having issues……….. flashed a 4.2 stuck on boot loop… it also wiped saved recovery files… created a storage/sdcard0/0 …….. I came from 4.1.2…………I flashed with and with out data wipe nothing………….. also once its up it wont connect to the verizon

  12. Len Kiat Leong says:

    After playing around with MIUI, CM M2 and AOKP Milestone1 and now back to stock google 4.2 ROM (downloaded from this website), I’m so glad that i flashed this ROM. Everything is so buttery smooth and so far i can’t a major bug yet. Definitely my daily driver. Thank you Max for this lovely ROM. You are the best.

    MIUI 2.11.9: is almost perfect. I love MIUI music app where i can stream and download any song. The themes are great.or the best so far. Buttery smooth. But google latitude won’t work. Big no for me as i use it daily.
    CM M2: Not buttery smooth. Jerky when i enable live wallpaper. Force close several apps many times. Not as daily driver for me.
    AOKP Milestone2: Buttery smooth like stock but cannot connect phone audio to my car audio via bluetooth. Not as my daily driver.

  13. Vyom says:

    Thanks… worked for me..

    I was on 4.1.1 and flashed it ..

    But where are the developer option in this ROM ?

  14. Rahman says:

    Loving it so far.. only downside for me is the battery life.. or Im too used to custom ROMs.. anyway thanks Max!

  15. smileyanz says:

    For anyone with those nasty boot loops etc WUGS TOOL KIT. Sorts everything including going back to stock

  16. smileyanz says:

    Stick with my sorcery 4.1.2 . Just tried it but to be honest I love custom ROMs because of all the dif addons etc. Anyhow apart from stock if u want flawless like butter then the B B or baked will be my choice. Or if u want an whole package with all the goodies to play with then SOURCERY is a must!!!!!

  17. Liam Hurwitz says:

    Is this the exact Version As an OTA update

  18. carlos says:

    Data and cache wipe are needed if flashing over cm10?

  19. amith007 says:

    do we have to flash gapps separately??? if so pls provide a link for 4.2 gapps…

  20. lida says:

    hey max i have screw up my phone
    i updated my nexus to 4.2 n then i removed the zip from sd card
    then i flashed a navigation mod which was 4.1 based
    now i cant reboot
    i feel like crying
    please help me
    what to do
    can i copy the zip into the phone but my phone be recognize
    im scared
    please helppp

  21. lida says:

    please can anyone reply…….any android guru has any idea about it
    please helpppp

  22. lida says:

    im in the recovery mode…dont know what to do……my pc detects the drivers for the device but no device is shown in the pc…please help maxxx…….

  23. Works perfectly. Thanks a lot.

  24. KiatLeong Len says:

    Camera frooze. Have to take out battery to reboot.

  25. durgesh says:

    Try to download gsm rom three time but each time download stop after 60 to 75 % .plzzz solve this problem i just want to try ur new work and in advance thanks for great work.

  26. Paul S says:

    Totally fucked up the process :(. Made my backup and everything but when I factory reset it deleted everything! Now I cannot even see the 4.2 zip from recovery because everything is gone. The phone has a clean slate…

    Kinda have no idea what to do because I can’t even restore to the backup I made because that is gone too.. I was running Black Bean but since that was discontinued I was going to go back to stock. I hate to be that guy but can anyone help? My phone is stuck on “Android is upgrading”. But it’s not going anywhere because there’s nothing on the phone! :(. I will scour the interwebz in a desperate attempt to redeem my brick, but any advice/ help would be appreciated. Thanks :/

  27. Blas says:

    I’m downloading this rom right now and tomorrow morning I’ll do all the wipes and flash it on so I can enjoy it, now on 4.1.1 on my Gnexus gsm, workin fine but I want the latest version so I don’t get more update advises.

  28. Clem says:

    What if I have a custom kernel on Jelly bean, can I still update to this rom?

  29. Blas says:

    As I told you yesterday, this morning I finished installing acounts and personalizing programs on my GNexus running 4.2 smooth and fast, it’s awesome. My wife’s iphone sucks, let’s see with ios 6, to me it doesn’t matter, I don’t hate it but I like gadgets you can personalize at your will, giving the oportunity to developers to do their stuff and enjoying their work on our devices, that’s all about it. Thanks Max and the guys at XDA.

  30. Waz says:

    hi I have a rooted nexus phone on 4.1.1 how can i upgrade to 4.2 JB?? can someone give me step by step directions?

  31. erick says:

    Do Iยดve to flash any version of google apps?

  32. Thank Max
    Gnex from Verizon
    Download the file
    Upload the file to the SD partion (GNex)
    Reboot on recovery mode
    Wipe Data factory reset
    Wipe Data cache
    Wipe cache Kalvin
    Install Zip form SD
    Enjoy Android 4.2 on Galaxy Nexus Verizon CDMA

  33. Daniel Godoi says:

    First, thanks Max for this rom!
    But I have a problem. I flashed the rom and everything goes perfectly, unless one thing. When I’m going to add a widget on the lockscreen, it says “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped”. I don’t know what to do. Please, someone help me ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Chuck says:

    Thanks a ton for the ROM!! We all know how frustrating it can be to own such a great phone on Verizon…However, anytime I try to launch my phone in recovery mode, it says, “Downloading, do not turn off target,” or something of that nature. My only option is to start the phone, so I’m not sure how to access CWM recovery on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

    • Chuck says:

      Never mind, it turns out I wasn’t booting into recovery correctly. I forgot that I had to hold both volume keys, not just one. Thanks again for the ROM!

  35. Vik says:

    Updated from custom 4.1.2, but now after the 4 minute nexus sign bootup, it takes me to the setup screen where every 6-7 seconds the screen goes from black and shoes the actual setup screen for 1 second.. and then goes back to black (screen and power button is not responsive)
    any ideas? I did not format before updating

  36. imran says:

    After installing thia rooted rom of 4.2 I received an system update today and when I tried to update it.
    It rebooted my phone and the android logo came with an error what to do now I can’t update it please help…

  37. aindey says:

    please help me…since i update from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 i cant open my play store also gmail when i open that app it automatically closed…ii cant open it…please need a help..?

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