Galaxy Nexus FAQ

For those of you new to Galaxy Nexus rooting, here’s our FAQ to answer some of your questions plus a guide on what to do first.

*Note – FAQ is updated frequently so please check back for more!

Q:What does rooting do for me?
A:There’s lots of things, you might want to watch this video that explains what rooting Android does.

Q: Is it safe to root my Galaxy Nexus?
A: Yes, it’s completely safe so long as you follow directions here at  There are many other instructions online but you might want to stick with one otherwise it’s hard for us to help you when things go wrong.

Here’s our tip on how to get started with Galaxy Nexus rooting, ROMs, and etc…

These tutorials work on all GSM/CDMA Galaxy Nexus models.

First, you will want to root your Galaxy Nexus, follow our guide on How to Root Galaxy Nexus.

Once you’ve rooted your Galaxy Nexus, you will want to install ClockworkMod Recovery, which allows you to install, backup, and restore ROMs.  See our guide on How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Rooted Galaxy Nexus.

Before you can install your first ROM, learn how to use the backup and restore feature on the ClockworkMod Recovery and make at least one backup of your rooted stock ROM.  See our guide on How to Backup/Restore ROM on Rooted Galaxy Nexus.

To install a new ROM, see our guide on How to Install ROM on Rooted Galaxy Nexus.

Need to get back to stock ROM?  See How to Unroot Galaxy Nexus!

Getting very bad cellular signals?  Probably not root/ROM related, try flashing the correct radio for your Galaxy Nexus.

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Galaxy Nexus Reference
You will need a rooted Galaxy Nexus to install all ROM/kernels.
How to Root GalaxyNexus!

First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Please see our Galaxy Nexus FAQ FIRST!
Galaxy Nexus ROMs
Galaxy Nexus GSM ROMs
Galaxy Nexus Sprint ROMs
Galaxy Nexus Verizon ROMs

114 Responses to Galaxy Nexus FAQ

  1. Keith says:

    How do you open up mobile hot spot once you have rooted a Galaxy Nexus ?

  2. Jarret says:

    What about network unlocking ?
    How is it possible to change provider network when the phone is sim-locked ?

  3. justin says:

    Hi there may i ask what rom would you reccomend? Thankyou for your work and site apprichiate it justin

  4. Jason says:

    I’m used the GummyNex ROM,how can i find the market

  5. Chris says:

    Any idea when the 4.0.3 upgrade will be released???

  6. Frank porter says:

    I’m really liking the current rom I’m using, Bugless Beast Nightly 2/12/2012 IML74K based on Android 4.0.3 Teh battery life is good but most importantly, the text resiszes to fit the page on the browser and you can pinch to zoom in on things. But unfortuantely, everything on the screen looks a lot blander and not very HD-like as the stock rom appeared. I don’t think brightness is the issue either cause it’s at it’s brightest during the bootup animation. Would chaning the rom’s kernel to something else fix this or do I just need to try a different rom? And if so, which one would provide me the same web surfing capabilities as this one? Using the GSM Galixy Nexus.

  7. Ms says:

    could you also post how to unroot galaxy nexus and restore back to stock rom ?

  8. michael says:

    I agree with Ms. Could you please post how to unroot galaxy nexus and restore back to factory?

    many thanks

  9. JB Revilla says:

    Hi Max, Im using Docomo Galaxy Nexus (SC-04D) and i want to change to Google stock having a hard time looking for a way im a noob at this. could need some step by step video or instruction.. need that hotspot tethering that docomo nexus lacks.. thanks!

  10. ZsK says:

    Tutorial on unroot and lock the bootloader!!!!!!!!

  11. Ar3an says:

    Ar3an says:
    April 10, 2012 at 4:30 pm
    Help! I followed the steps on the videos( the “how to root” and “how to backup” vidz) but i still get the exclamation mark when going into recovery mode. How come?


    • Chris says:

      You may need to flash Clockworkmod Recovery to get into clockwork recovery if you haven’t already. ROM Manager is the best at recoverying and backing up. The best when it comes to custom ROM’S as well. If you have Clockworkmod ROM Manager and still getting the error It sounds like you may need to flash Clockwork again. Do a reset and make sure your rooted, delete cache/dalvik after reset go straight to flashing clockworkmod. Then reboot and try revovery mode again. If you do not have Clockworkmod Rom Manager installed you will want to do that ASAP. Go here to see Zedomax’s full video instructions on how to flash clockworkmod to your phone.
      I hope this answers your question or helps you in any way.

  12. Willie says:

    HELP as well. I did everything that the tutorial showed me and everything worked very well. my only problem is that my backup assitant app is no where to be found. what should I do or do you know where I can get the apk

  13. kgraphics says:

    first let me congrats u fror this amazing site that i jusdt found,, im about to root my GN but i just want to ask u as u seem to be an expert .. is there anyway via rooting to fix my GN signal issues? thnk u so much

  14. Daniel says:

    the Clockwork-recovery-mode only works ONE TIME
    !?!?! I have allways to reflash the clockwork-recovery-image to start it. If i dont do it, i get the error android, if i start the recovery mode. So, it is not the problem to flash first the clockword-recovery-image and than the ROM-image, but do you know a solution for this problem?
    Thank you for your help and this great site.

  15. Abdoon says:

    I believe you have covered favorable almosost important items in this sit however process of how to install or update KERNEL for Gsm nexsus is not covered .if possible please provide us easy very detailed mechanism how to update on kernel wou
    D be highly appreciated in words and Vedio .lots of hanks

  16. Petr says:

    Hi, thank you for this site. It has been really helpful, I have learned here how to root and flash roms and also I have tried many of them (currently running latest APEX as Gummy (very fast though) had some wierd settings I was not able to change (such as screen rotation)). What I am missing here is something more on various kernels and their relations to roms. Is it only about trying it all out together or is there something that could guide me to know what might work best together? Also something more on various GAPPS… Why for example the gapps-ics-20120422-signed is missing Gmail and Google maps? Are 4.0.4. roms compatible with older gapps packs?

    Anyway, thanks a lot


  17. EffingAcotton says:

    I have rooted many Samsung phones and this has happened before, but this time I can’t seem to fix it. I cannot get my computer to recognize the Nexus when I have it at the bootloader screen I believe it is because adb won’t run. I obviously have tried to run it separately but have had zero success…Any ideas?

  18. Batka says:

    I have problem Network unlock code. what should i do?

  19. Blas says:

    I’m having the first problem, running windows7 64b, the driver installation does not recognize anything, with or without my galaxy nexus gsm on the usb. I can’t update drivers from my pc nor thru the web. Whith the phone on standard mode it connects and transfers data whitout problem. Where can I find the correct drivers ?

  20. Blas says:

    I found the solution…. thanks to google….
    I had no end of problems getting adb and fastboot working for GN due to the usb driver problems.
    I installed PdaNet on my laptop and this installed all required drivers in the process of installing, you can then un-install PdaNet and the required drivers are still on your system.
    I now have adb and fastboot working for both my Nexus One and Galaxy Nexus phones on my Windows 7 x64 laptop.
    Hope this helps!

  21. Malcolm says:

    Max, how many background apps can the galaxy nexus handle??

  22. Blas says:

    Hi, now I have my Gnexus rooted I am willing to install the liquid smooth rom but I have a silly question, does it have the posibility to use the spanish language? or does it only work in english?

    • Max Lee says:

      Yes just change language to spanish.

    • Petr says:

      I do not think so… With liquid rom I only see the english language, there are no others… I can install custom keyboard, that has spanish support for writing but the phone will only be english unless you undergo some radiculous procedure to install some other language pack… The same goes for google voice recognition – it wont work…

  23. Blas says:

    I made a backup of my stock rooted rom and I still have the problem of having to flash again every time I want to use the CMR, I guess that this ends when I use a custom rom but I still want to live a while whith the stock rom, I read that by means of renaming something with .old it would be fixed. I’ll read it again and try to do it so.

    • Blas says:

      No way I still have the problem, I can not rename the file and still have to flash the CMR each time I want to use it, not a big problem, I guess I’ll leave it this way until I flash a custom rom. But I still don’t understand why I can’t rename the file with my file manager.

  24. arkar says:

    i wanna know how to install fonts on rooted GNexus… they said to install a font, go to root folder and copy the ttf file and paste it into the font folder.. but the system doesn’t let me.. what should i do ??? help…

  25. ryanmilton says:

    I am having a tough time installing the AOKP for the GNex. I was able to unlock the bootloader and root. Afterwards, I cannot even move the aokp file onto the internal drive without using something like AirDroid, and at that point when I go back into Clockworkmod Recovery, I get an explicit error that the install was aborted.

    I have rooted phones, but never installed ROMs, and I followed instructions–I thought. So I have no idea where to go next to get this to work.

    • Max Lee says:

      Probably a bad file try downloading it.

      • ryanmilton says:

        are there other files that should be on my phone prior to installing? Like above mentioned busybox, etc? I am trying to figure out what else may be missing that would abort the install.

        • Max Lee says:

          Could just be a bad file.

          • Ryanmilton says:

            Yup. It also wasn’t clear before about how to get the gapps and Verizon apps back on. I got it. Very nice. Now I see, one could actually go back and forth between stock and a rom without much of an issue, as long as he has a nandroid and maybe a titanium backup. Thanks

  26. arkar says:

    hey…help some1…i wanna know smth…i juz can’t go to play store.. it says “Authentication required. Please sign in with your google account.” i already signed in with my account..why can’t i ???

  27. Richard says:

    Is it possible to take my rooted G’Nex to any carrier or does it have to be an unlocked version

  28. Matt says:

    do you need to be on android 4.0.4 to install roms based around that version? dont want to screw anything up since im new to modding

  29. arkar says:

    wonder if anyone can tell me how to fix the wallpaper to the screen.. now it is zooming too much.. can’t see clearly the foto..

  30. arkar says:

    can someone please tell me how to uninstall a custom rom already installed… ???

  31. Erwin says:

    What does determin if you have GSM/Verizon/Sprint? are those USA providers? cause i bought it whitout any provider so its simlock free or doesnt that matter?
    in short do i need to use the GSM of the Verizon img?


  32. John Marsh says:

    Question: I rooted my then phone (HTC Thunderbolt) through HalfCab123 with Liquid Smooth. Unfortunately, when done the GPS on the phone no longer worked. They were unable to fix the problem. Is it common for a new ROM to disable GPS on a rooted phone? I’m new to all this and want to go with the one that’s the least ‘buggy.’ Any suggestions you could give would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • John Marsh says:

      I should have said in the previous post that I now want to root my GNex and install the most stable ROM. Thanks.

  33. John says:

    Great site!!! Please max can you make a video on how to unroot the nexus.

  34. Ricky says:

    hi I installed the paranoid ROM and followed all steps to install this room, I am using a GSM galaxy nexus. Few days ago my phone was frozen so i took the battery out to restart the phone then it won’t turn on for few hours and won’t even hold a charge, then suddenly a few hours later my phone allow me to turn on and everything was fine. Then yesterday it happen again, my phone got frozen and i took the battery out since then my phone won’t turn on and won’t even charge….. is there a away I can turn back on the phone and solve the problem ? thanks

  35. John says:

    Please is there any way you can show us how to unroot the Verizon CDMA version of the nexus… I need to return my phone and I will lose my warranty if I can not unroot it… Your site is amazing and has helped me a lot, please help me out

  36. arkar says:

    hi all.. wonder if someone can please tell me how to uninstall a custom rom… and can i use NFC in rooted Galaxy Nexus GSM.. plz… answer me.. someone…!!!

  37. Manuel Coronel says:

    I recenlty bought a Galaxy Nexus and I installed this ROM CF_YAKJU_IMM76D_full and rooted it, my question is Is there a better ROM to install in my device, I live in Mexico.

  38. Blas says:

    Manuel, try Fexus v 13 rom. I use v12 and it runs perfectly.I posted the page, if you want I can send you the dowload and instructions by mail, regards.

    • Manuel Coronel says:

      Please do so…I want to get the maximum out of my divice…

    • Manuel Coronel says:

      Dear friend:
      Please send me by e-mail the site and instructions to load the Fexus V13 ROM to my Galaxy Nexus. Just to test what you have recommended me.

  39. Brad says:

    I’ve followed all of the steps to the updated root video for my macbook pro, and I have to flash the recovery every single time I try to put it into recovery mode, and no matter what I do, I cannot get a ROM to install. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for all of this awesome information.

  40. Rob says:

    Just rooted and flashed new Jelly Bean ROM vicious V1 today…. first time ever rooting etc. Used this guide and it worked really well, with some minor tweaking…

    Just wondering if someone could tell me the best Jelly Bean ROM out there right now. Vicious V1 seems good, but I am seeing problems with WIFI strength and GPS. Windering what I should go to next…?


  41. Kareem says:

    I have flashed Jelly Bean but what happens when the OTA update comes out? Do i install it or not? Will i lose root?

  42. Manuel Coronel says:

    Max Lee, question what is, in your opinion, the best ROM for a Rooted Galaxy Nexus?, and if you have the information of the site to download the ROM and the instalations instructions please send them to me by email.

  43. Hamlet says:

    Does anyone here uses Paranoid Android and has been able to play FIFA 12 or GTA3? Cause every single time I’ve tried to open those apps they just crash or won’t start, it’s no big deal, but I would love to feed my inner gamer in those ROMS as well.

  44. Darren says:

    Hi Max

    I followed your guide for rooting nexus. It was great no problems … now i got a rooted Nexus 🙂 I guess now update for Android for Nexus is out 4.0.4 and i get a message for system update but the update fails i guess because the phone is rooted… Is it possible to update the phone when the phone is rooted? Will there be a guide for that? 🙂

  45. Ronan Chagas says:

    Hey Max,

    im brazilian, so im sorry if im telling things with no sense. I would like to know how can i do to mount my sd card on my Galaxy Nexus Maguro, once this device dont have external sd card. Im trying to install a new rom but i cant find the file on the Recovery Mode cuz it says: E: cant mount sd card or something like this. I hope could understand what im trying to say. Pls help me, thanks!!

  46. Arash says:

    Bro I am waiting for your video for upgrading to android 4.1.1 . I upgraded my GN to 4.1 with your suggested way and its great. but i couldn’t upgrade to 4.1.1 yet and I know your videos are the most reliable ones. So, please upload a new one.

    • Max Lee says:

      will do I am listening!

      • Arash says:

        Thanks a lot man. btw, another issue is recently I got a notification asking for upgrading to jelly bean!!!! My android is 4.1 but I tried to upgrade as the notification asked but after restarting nothing happened…. an android symbol with open stomach and a red alert mark inside!!!!!! 😐

        • Max Lee says:

          Not sure man, I haven’t tried that yet. You can however reinstall CWM and try installing custom ROM or restore ROM.

  47. carl says:

    anywhere I can find flashing the correct radio for your Galaxy Nexus now that Youtube zapped the link on this page?

  48. Kareem says:

    I have flashed the codename ROM and it is PACKED with features and performance improvements!! I think you should review so everybody else can try it. (it sounds like im advertising haha)

  49. demigod says:

    can someone please tell me how to share apk files on galaxy nexus… i juz can’t send it with bluetooth… thanks..

  50. Manuel Coronel says:

    Max, please can you tell me how to fix a Galaxt S that only boots on Download Mode and when I try to flash it the Odin Software returns it hangs when is installing the SBL.BIN archive

  51. Rodney Bell says:

    My Nexus 7 tablet is stuck in Cyagogen9 mod

    I going to fully charge it up… I cant gain access to it on my computer….

    Is there anything I can do or its a no way and need to get rid of it….

  52. Cryus says:

    Help…My rooted nexus,,,4.0.4 can’t turn on wifi now..please help…….:(

  53. JR says:

    Just rooted and installed the codename android 4.1 rom. Great straight forward process, had a little trouble getting my pc to recognize the phone with the samsung drivers so I ended up using some third party ones. I also kept having to re-flash the clockwork recovery because every time I would try to re-boot into recovery I would get the little android dude with the caution sign. After wiping and installing the rom I think that issue went away.

    My one issue now is I frequently am having my display go pixelated, similar to when a display goes all glitchy. It will come and go and once I swipe the screen or click something it ususally goes away. Has anyone else had this issue, I haven’t been able to find much on this. after messing with some settings in kernel controls > zRam I set it to 18% and that seemed to reduce the pixelation a bit but it is still there. Any suggestions?

  54. Ed Powell says:

    Is there a Jellybean rom for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus that gives the reboot option in the right button menu instead of just the power off? Just performed the Jellybean rom and was hoping it would be there. Would like to have without using aftermarket app.

  55. Kumail says:

    i updated from stock ics 4.0.4 to jellybean 4.1.1 and now i wanted to flash aokp rom on my nexus and i did so, but after flashing when the device reboots and reach the lockscreen a pop up appears saying “unfortunately system ui has stopped” and email has stopped and contacts has stopped and the navigation bar and the notification bar are gone, again i flashed jb soucery rom and same happened.
    i wiped all data and wiped the cache and dalvick cache as well but same message appears, i have to then restore to the backup i made to make the phone go back to normal.
    plz anyone help i want to use more features …

  56. demigod says:

    you have to lock the bootloader or unroot your device first.. or just flash the stock jb..

  57. Ahmed says:


    I just want to remove “battery”, “Download”, “GPS data” tapes from “ICS settings”. can you tell me how? I have Samsung Galaxy Nexus 9250.

    Do i need to root the device take these actions?


  58. Ahmed says:

    can I have you email address please?

  59. sudhirk496 says:

    plz help… my brother entered wrong pattern for multiple times and now it says “to unlock sign in with your google account”… i did that but it wont work….

  60. Cas says:

    Hey Max, thanks for all of your help in unlocking and rooting my gnex. I want to install AOKP on my phone but when I do, my google apps and google play are not there. I have clockwork mod and gApps Launcher. Can you please help me get them on my new rom? Thanks a lot!

  61. Cas says:

    Nevermind Max, found it on your site. Thanks!

  62. Dirk says:

    Hey max do you think I should sell my Galaxy nexus and get a Nexus 4? I just recently renewed my contract so buying a phone with a deal involving a new contract wont help me which is why i was thinking the nexus 4

  63. Ahmed says:


    I just want to remove “battery”, “Download”, “GPS data” tapes from “ICS settings”. can you tell me how? I have Samsung Galaxy Nexus 9250.

    Do i need to root the device take these actions?


  64. tom taylor says:


    I blew it and installed what seems to be a bad 4.2 file. I created a nandroid prior to be safe. Now, when i try to go to restore it is unable to find files?!? (all files missing for that matter) I am unable to boot my phone as the setupwizard and ROM controls keep failing. How can i at least gain access again?

  65. saz says:

    hi I’m using galaxy naxus version 4.0.2 and I’m unable to open camera its says camera is using another apps anyone help me out of this promblum plzzz

  66. Rainbow Swag says:

    Hey, thanks for the guide, I rooted and installed 4.2 as soon as I received the phone! It didn’t want to go further than 4.1.1 and I was impatient.

    I do have a question: directly after applying the 4.2 ROM and it started restoring my apps, a system update was promted, I installed it and it failed to install after automatically booting to CWM. Does this mean I can’t get OTA updates anymore and have to apply the updates myself every time?
    Restoring the 4.2 ROM from here to the phone again unbricked it and it loaded normally again.

    And again, thanks a lot!

  67. Isaac Del Bosque says:

    i updated my cdma phone to jellybean 4.2.1 and my back for the stock rom got erase and now my phone doesn’t connect to my laptop or desktop please tell me what to do.

  68. Miguel says:

    Lately, as I try new ROM’s, the file system adds a /0 each time. I currently have a /sdcard/0/0/0. The next time I flash a ROM I’m going to have a /sdcard/0/0/0/0 location and this does not make sense to me.

    The ROM and GAPPS zip files are now located in the /sdcard/0 folder instead of /sdcard.

    Each new /0 has a set of backed up older files. Freshly migrated apps in the new ROM are unable to access previous files in the /0 archived location.

    Can somebody make sense of this?


  69. Isaac says:

    I got the ota version for the Verizon galaxy nexus 4.2.2 and is there any program I can root it with

  70. sandeep says:

    i have a galaxy nexus gsm version wihich i have recently update to 4.2.2.i able to connect to wifi but i cannot acces the internet what might be the problem please help.Thank YOu

  71. Murtaza says:

    Hey ppl..
    I have a galaxy nexus in which i tried to wipe out all system data through clockwork recovery mode.. now my phone does not want to turn on.. it gets stuck on a black screen showing “google” and an unock sign at the bottom of the screen..

    please please help…!!!!

  72. Please let me know one thing,, is it possible to mount usb storage devices (Pendrives) if we root the device…
    Kindly help me i am confused…

  73. sandeep says:

    @Murtuza even i too had the same prob bro ……..try to flash the stock ROM available in download this image try to flash the ROM , doing which i had overcome the prog bro cheers….

  74. Tyron Grose says:

    I’m trying to root my sprint galaxy nexus running jellybean 4.2.1 and everytime I try to so into stock recovery so I can root it would stick. When I release the power button it just turns off. I need help asap cause my phone , I think, also has the sleep of death.

    • Isaac says:

      Okay so let me get this straight your running pure android,non-root, and your trying to root it? And that your phone powers off when rooting or when putting it into recovery mode?

  75. Mike says:

    I’ve downloaded the drivers and checked to see if they were in device manager which they are. When I go to fastboot my device manger changes and says under other devices Android 1.0. I then go to the cmd prompt and try to unlock and it just says waiting for device.

  76. Dat_Florida_Boi says:

    I’m running C-Rom on my GSM Gnex. Does anyone know how to flash/install Allshare apk (SGSll version) on the device?

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