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Galaxy Nexus GSM ROMs

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EaglesBlood ROM for Rooted Galaxy Nexus! [GSM][Android 4.0.3]

Want to put Android 4.0.3 on your rooted Galaxy Nexus NOW?  You can, there’s a bunch of Android 4.0.3 custom ROMs out now, you can try EaglesBlood ROM for a start.

This ROM is faster than your stock ICS ROM, upgraded to 4.0.3, and other goodies that will help you better your Galaxy Nexus experience.

Download ROM here:

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Download EaglesBlood ROM

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How to Install ROM on Rooted Galaxy Nexus!

If you want to get most out of your rooted Galaxy Nexus, you will certainly try out custom ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus Custom ROMs?

Galaxy Nexus custom ROMs can include additional features not included in stock ROM, give you better battery life, let’s you overclock your Galaxy Nexus, and a whole lot more.

Is it safe to install custom ROMs on the Galaxy Nexus?

Yes, only if you made a backup of your rooted stock ROM.  If something goes wrong or you

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