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Android 5.1 + Root for Galaxy Nexus! [CM12.1 ROM]


Looking to revamp your good ol’ Galaxy Nexus to latest Android 5.1 + root?

I’ve been looking actually for the last few weeks but finally I can say there are some Android 5.1 builds I can recommend as daily driver.  These builds aren’t perfect by any means (you may still encounter some bugs although I haven’t found any) but you will finally be able to upgrade your Galaxy Nexus to latest Android 5.1 OS and enjoy the best of Android without upgrading your phone’s hardware.

These are unofficial CM12.1 builds but they work nearly flawless out

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Android 4.4.3 + Root for Galaxy Nexus!


Android 4.4.3 is finally HERE and for those of you who have a rooted Galaxy Nexus, you will be able to experience the best of the latest Android OS with custom ROMs.

For this week, check out Shiny ROM, which is 99% stock ROM with Chrome browser and restart menu added.  This is going to be nearly identical to what would a stock firmware look like if Google released Android 4.4.3 for Galaxy Nexus.

Shiny ROM is available for GSM or Verizon Galaxy Nexus but if you have Sprint Galaxy Nexus, you can try

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Android 4.4 KitKat ROM + Root for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon]


Although Google has announced Galaxy Nexus will not be updated officially to Android 4.4 KitKat that was released last week, thankfully we have great developers who have already ported Android 4.4 to Galaxy Nexus.

Currently available for GSM or Verizon Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.4 KitKat ROM brings lots of new features, here’s Top 10 features you can expect from KitKat:

Basically, you will benefit from Android 4.4 KitKat as it has been designed

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Android 4.3 ROM + Root for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon]


Android 4.3 was officially released this morning for Galaxy Nexus and for those of you rooted, you can easily get it using the Android 4.3 ROM.  This is a totally untouched, official ROM just in CWM-flashable format (for GSM version).  Also you can easily root it by flashing SuperSU zip file after installing ROM.

I know many of you want to upgrade to the latest Android 4.3.  This will make your life easier as you won’t lose root and no need to unroot either.

Currently, this is only available for GSM or Verizon Galaxy Nexus but Sprint version should be availabl

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Android 4.2.2 ROM + Root for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon]


Android 4.2.2 was just leaked 2 days ago and being *slowly* updated to many Nexus devices right now. Well, one of the first (if not the first) Nexus device to get a fully, rooted version is the Galaxy Nexus.

Currently this is ONLY available for GSM and Verizon Galaxy Nexus users but it shouldn’t be too long before Android 4.2.2 is spread all over custom ROMs by next week.

Some of the major changes include performance improvements and also quick toggling WiFi and Bluetooth by doing long-press.

I don’t recommend any one to unroot to get the lates

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Android 4.2.1 ROM + Root for Galaxy Nexus! [GSM/Verizon/Sprint]


Android 4.2.1 was just announced for the Galaxy Nexus, for those of you who want to get it and also keep root, you can install a stock Android 4.2.1 ROM with root using your ol’ friend ClockworkMod Recovery/ROM Manager.

The new update doesn’t have major changes other than added bluetooth HID support for gamepad/joystick and changes to overall platform. But the changes to platform should mean faster and more stable software than ever.

And the other good news is that Android 4.2.1 is available for all GNex variants including GSM, Verizon, and Sprint.

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Android 4.2 ROM + Root for Galaxy Nexus!


Android 4.2 is HERE! For those of you rooted with a custom ROM installed, you can easily upgrade to the stock Android 4.2 by flashing this Android 4.2 ROM, which also comes rooted.

This is for GSM Galaxy Nexus only but there is a ported Android 4.2 ROM you can also install for Verizon. For Sprint GNex, you will have to wait a bit longer (sorry!).


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Download Android 4.2 ROM

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